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  1. lindieeluieee

    Course Choices?... Is four HL's too much?

    No offence, but it's plain stupid to do that. Take whatever courses you think is crucial for your uni course, and nothing more. At the end of the day, no ones going to care what super hard courses you did, but only the grades you got for them. So it's just mislaid arrogance and ambition on your side. IB as it is is hard enough. Why stress yourself more? I should know, I'm doing my IB exams in less than a month.
  2. lindieeluieee

    How hard is geography?

    Depends on what you are switching from...? But I loved geography in my first year. But once we started some of the options I wished I never took geo (and i even applied to study geography ) So, no. I personally wouldn't take it again, I'd rather do Economics, or a subject from group 7 or 3 if this is your second humanities...
  3. And what are you going to do about it?
  4. lindieeluieee

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    I have read it. The thing is with English EEs, you should probably choose more than one book to compare elements of the novels (themes, structure, etc.). I liked the book though. It's a good read, considered to be proper literature and there are plenty of themes to analyse (superficiality, app vs. reality, the brevity of life, morals, curruption of youth, conventions, rebellion against the society, etc). You might like to compare it with other novels of the Gothic or romantic movement novels for similarities or existentialist novels for the contrast. A few of the other A1 languages use Dorian Gray in their world lit. studies I think (Spanish, French, I'm pretty sure). However, to be honest, while Oscar Wilde is a good author and I love his works, esp. this novel, I think he really meant this novel at a superficial level an EE might get a bit too overdone and cliché. Most of the good English EEs I've seen (at least in my school) tackle lesser known books, examiners also prefer a breath of fresh air (plus, you get the chance to score much better if the examiner doesn't know your book inside out). However, if you manage to think of an original research question, it might also help to redeem the cliché.
  5. lindieeluieee

    What kind of computer do you use?

    Buy a macbook pro and install dual operating system windows and mac - it's your best bet, if you have the money. Plus if you are going to college you can get a free iphone.
  6. lindieeluieee

    Environmental Policy @ LSE

    I'm getting 40-43 predicted, a friend of mine got 41-44 predicted and got into LSE but she's pretty exceptional. Yes, I want to go there because of the reputation and because of the high graduate prospects there, of course plus I am interested in the subject. I wanted to ask whether I would be able to also get good job offers with such a degree as the others graduating from an Economics or Law degree there.
  7. lindieeluieee

    Environmental Policy @ LSE

    I'm considering to apply to LSE for Environmental Policy. Would you recommend it? I know LSE is an excellent university and high employment rates, do you think this course will give me the same chances?
  8. lindieeluieee

    Predicted Grades

    Why would some people only get two points? Plus, I found the answer from my counsellor. He said he would write the range of points. That is, if you are predicted 38/42, your range would be 38-41 points predicted. At least that's how he does it...
  9. lindieeluieee

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    I stayed up for 48 hours to do the math portfolio once. I didn't even know what I was doing near the end. Still, 19/20 is worth it *brag*
  10. I'm having problems writing my personal statement as I am thinking of applying to different courses and in most of the personal statement writing guides, they indicated that you should talk about your interest in the course and any career paths. It may sound foolish, but I simply want to work in an office someday and do whatever people do in them, ie. I don't have any passion as of yet. Should I fake a passion for something in my personal statement or not? If I do not talk about the course and just my personal qualities would I be at a disadvantage to the same candidates applying who have written their personal statements specifically to suit the requirements of the course? I do have a general direction, that is either Economics, Business or Management but sometimes these course involve joint majors such as Geography and Economics. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  11. lindieeluieee

    Predicted Grades

    So an offer such as this one: http://www.bath.ac.uk/prospectus/undergrad/course/MUG-C1 It would mean that I have to achieve 38 points in total, excluding the additional 3 points?
  12. lindieeluieee

    Predicted Grades

    Are your predicted grades given out of 42 or 45. That is, if a university offer says 38 points, does it mean 35 plus the additional 3 points or indeed 38 points?
  13. lindieeluieee

    Change IB

    Simply remove maths.
  14. lindieeluieee

    ONLY SL Math

    Perhaps you don't have qualified enough teachers at hand. As with all other HL courses, the teacher must have some sort of experience or qualification in teaching Math HL. Otherwise, it may see Math HL as an unpopular subject and decided to leave it out in fear that only a few students will take it, transferring the possible funds used here to something else. Move to another school if you want it as an option or complain to the administrators of your school.
  15. There was a lot of competition for getting into MUN for our year so although it was not "officially" required, most of the students who got in did have a social science on their list. The supervising teacher also preferred history students, being a history teacher himself.

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