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  1. Monie3036354

    May 2014 Results thread

    Happy with my results overall but I was 1 Percent off getting a 6 in English A HL. A 6 would get me 6 hours of college credit at my university... Should I get it remarked? I was also 1 percent off of a 6 in history HL. This also would get me college credit.
  2. Monie3036354

    How to do this problem

    2HCl + Ba(OH)2 -> BaCl2 + H2O ?. So answer is 50. makes sense thank you
  3. Monie3036354

    How to do this problem

    Need help with this problem What volume, in cm of 0.200 mol dm− HCl (aq) is required to neutralize 25.0 cm of 0.200 mol dm−Ba(OH) (aq) 2 ?A. 12.5 B. 25.0 C. 50.0 D. 75.0
  4. Monie3036354

    Chem SL- any reoccurring topics?

    I am watching Richard Thornley videos, and doing past papers. Are there any reoccurring questions that seem to come up?
  5. Yeah I agree with you guys. I will not get much college credit, but I am still glad I did it. I think it helped my time managing skills a lot and helped me get into my university's honors program. And some of the AP classes at my school you learning nothing in. Thanks for your input!
  6. Are you glad you did IB? In July do we get an actual diploma?
  7. Monie3036354

    Online courses

    I'm not sure about online courses, but I took IB Psychology last year. My teacher lectured a lot and I didn't normally pay attention. However, I would go home and read the textbook and ace all of the tests. So I think online courses would work fine. Psych is a really easy class and probably would be easier than philosophy!
  8. Monie3036354

    IB EURO HL- Need help revising

    My class is doing Peacemaking and Peacemaking. And then Italian and German Unification, Cold War, Rise of Single Party States, and then the option that mirrors Paper 1. All the material is freaking me out. I feel like I don't know anything
  9. Monie3036354

    Help with a problem

    Thanks! Just seems hard to do without a calculator! Still don't really understand it but I think I am sleep deprived!!
  10. Last Day is 23rd and all the diploma kids are going on a trip!
  11. I would definitely try to find some primary sources. Otherwise you may be downgraded in criterion C. Perhaps ask your mentor, history teacher, or a local librarian?
  12. Monie3036354

    Help with a problem

    It could be because it is late from where I am from, and I am just tired- but I am having problems simplifying this problem.
  13. Are November exams normally similar to the following May exams? Should I study last year's november exam? What do you think will be the most tested on this year's exam?
  14. Monie3036354

    Help with this vector problem

    Ohhhh! Is (1,2,2) just the simplified form?!
  15. Monie3036354

    Help with this vector problem

    How do you know it is parallel? Why can't we just use (8,8,16)? Thank you for your help

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