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  1. Mrs.Pattinson

    Body Mass Index

    can anyone help me do the second part i have the points, data, and graph. i dont understand the function model business and drawing a new set of axes. i have the same porfoilio, and its due so soon =(
  2. Mrs.Pattinson

    Art :D

    Wow love, at first I thought "trite" but it is an emotion, and that's pretty broad wow. Oswaldo Guayasamin. His work is about suffering...but if you look into his middle age work, you see him doing portraits of poor families, and it shows "LOVE" because regardless of all the poverty, the mother is still in care and love for her sons. It's a great way to show love in my perspective.
  3. Mrs.Pattinson

    Post Pictures of Yourself!

    I really don't have any new pictures of me, so these are supa-old
  4. Mrs.Pattinson

    IB Slogans

    If you are sleeping, you are slacking IB = Its Bull****
  5. Mrs.Pattinson

    How did you find out about IBSurvival?

    this super kewlkid told me about it
  6. Mrs.Pattinson

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    First, I will marry Robert Pattinson. Realistically speaking, I would want to be an architect, because it seems like easy money for me...since I wont be a famous painter Or maybe an archeologist...
  7. Mrs.Pattinson

    No social life = IB diploma?

    Naw, we have social life. This year, I personally don't, but that's my own fault. If I had a car, I'd be out partying. Pshh, my school is full of IB skanks
  8. Mrs.Pattinson

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    Supposely, at least one person in the top 10 rank in high school commit suicide. One of my friends told me, and I don't know how accurate that is, but I wouldnt be suprised. I know naturally intelligent people who ARE happy, and some are probably suffering more than anyone could know. This is a very moot point for me. I think I shall remain neutral on this.
  9. Mrs.Pattinson

    How many hours do you sleep?

    I go to bed at 1am, and wake up at 5am. On weekends, 1am-7am. So uhm yeah, I don't sleep much But this is the life of a true IB student No just kidding, I just choose to sleep less I guess.
  10. Mrs.Pattinson

    What do you guys are up to?

    I just have a bunch of hw, but nothing else. I'm a 2010 candidate But I am sure by next year, I will have hw ****ting all over the place.
  11. Mrs.Pattinson

    Photography and Computer Art

    Maybe I am just close-minded, but Computer Art is not Visual Arts. Visual Arts is painting, drawing, ...traditional art, right? If it goes further than that, I apologize, but in my 10 years of doing Art, I have never heard of graphic designs as "visual art" My school just opened a new class this year "IB Photography" which I find to be ****. The people are talented, sure, but seriously? A couple of my friends and I in IB art agrees with me on this. But that's just our opinion. We don't feel like its fair. Photography and traditional art. We do so much more work in our class, painting, drawing and it takes us forever. But those kids in IB photo gets the easy life. Sorry if I offended anyone, but that's just my input. I frown on it, and certain IB graders frown upon it, but who knows....things change.
  12. Mrs.Pattinson

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    Hands down, I am probably the biggest Twilight Fan on this forum. It's been over a year since I became crazy-obsessed with the series. But with the kind of books I am reading in AP English? I came to realize that The Twilight series is great for entertainment, but in comparision to other literature, it isn't a fair contrast at all. Now, The Host, on the other hand...oh damn! But after seeing the movie, I am terribly dissapointed. I used to read the books everyday, for 10 months. And I was actually a major fan of the movie, I counted down, I watched all the behind the scenes, every picture, clip published for the movie. Then BAM, the movie was an utter dissapointment. However, I remain a faithful fan to Robert Pattinson. I hated him in Twilight, because it was such a degrading role for him. He's a perfect Edward, but he shouldnt have to put up with a script that ****ty. I think my love for Robert has grown to be greater than my obsession with Twilight. I actually got a personalized signed autograph from Pattinson himself I love him.
  13. Mrs.Pattinson

    MIT Decision

    Wow! Congrats! Only 500?!!?!??! Oiii man, two of the IB senoirs at my school got in Whoa, the competition is insane!!
  14. Mrs.Pattinson

    favorite actors

    robert pattinson is my husband hated him in twilight, love him in any other movie. he's so amazing.
  15. Mrs.Pattinson

    Single gender classes

    Hahaha, well I have never heard of single gender classes before. As pathetic and sad as this is, I would probably drop out of IB if my classes were single gender. I cannot stand working with girls around me all the time. I would go insane. Sometimes, I feel like boys are just so much more easy going and fun to talk to. Who cares about *focusing in your studies* all the time? IB needs some relaxation. Some opposite sex in the same class. I don't see how gender role can affect one's learning ability either Well that's just my input.

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