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  1. psychologystudent501

    Have you ever had thoughts of suicide?

    I have not ever considered it myself, no But I have had a friend who has, and a few years ago, attempted to commit suicide. Luckily, she didn't succeed and although she still suffers depression has not gone there again. "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem"
  2. psychologystudent501

    Psychology EE - forming research question

    annnushkaaa: Thank you! My EE got 30/36 (A). I included a variety of studies which I found in academic journals via Google Scholar or Google books. I would enter, for example, "stress and compulsive eating" into the search and read what came up. Then I selected studies which I felt furthered my argument or had good critical thinking discussion points. I also included arguments for other causes to demonstrate a more 'thought-out' essay. It was pain staking and time consuming, but make sure you reference properly and thoroughly any studies included. In Psychology EE's, you are supposed to use APA Referencing- you make your point and then have the reference in brackets next to it. For example, in a point about a Freudian theory: "Freud argues.......(Freud, [year of theory])" Hope this helps!
  3. psychologystudent501

    Should I remark my HL ENGLISH exam?

    I think remarks are £62 ish (not sure how that'd convert!) I'd say go for it Good luck with your remark
  4. psychologystudent501

    May 2014 Results thread

    CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND, hats off to you Thank you my dear, you did well too!
  5. psychologystudent501

    May 2014 Results thread

  6. psychologystudent501

    May 2014 Results thread

    Panic is officially starting to set in. I was already panicking, but now I can only feel full on dread about my results. I'm praying for the 37 I need to go to my favourite university...good luck to all my fellow survivors and congrats to those of you who have received their results-you made it! Hugs to everyone
  7. psychologystudent501

    Math Studies & Psychology?

    Don't worry about it! I applied to Southampton and Kent for Psychology and take Maths Studies, and got an offer from both. I also have friends who applied to the others you are interested in and got offers even though they do Studies...maybe it depends on your overall score/extracurricular that may make you more desirable a candidate? Hope this helps/reassures you
  8. psychologystudent501

    Helpful Apps you used in IB

    I used the BioNinja app, which is available for Apple devices and android for Biology, in addition to the website. It was helpful for 'on the go' situations where you may not be able to access the website. For History, a helpful website was http://rudbeck-ib-history-revision.wikispaces.com/, which covers most of the topics at Standard and Higher History. This website was useful in supplementing my own notes
  9. psychologystudent501

    Unreplied Topic #101

    We're now on 161 unreplied topics We may reach 200 posts before the problem is fixed
  10. psychologystudent501

    IA psychology

    Try either Google Scholar (I found some of Extended Essay material here) or Google Books as it will come up with all books mentioning what you searched... Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar?hl=en&q=dual+coding+theory&btnG=&as_sdt=1%2C5&as_sdtp= Google Books: https://www.google.com/search?q=dual+coding+theory&btnG=Search+Books&tbm=bks&tbo=1 These websites are brilliant for finding information without having to reference a webpage too, because you can simply reference the article/journal that you're taking the information from. Hope this helps
  11. psychologystudent501

    7th subject IB Music too much?

    IB Music is extremely tough. If you really want to do it, consider swapping another of your subjects for it. One boy in my year did Music SL, and he had to compose 2 pieces of music of his own and then play them. It is not going to be a fun ride as a 7th subject. As sameera95 says, you'd be better off doing music for CAS hours if you love music. With your subject combination, particularly your highers, you will not want the extra work it will need. TL;DR: Don't do it
  12. psychologystudent501

    Biology HL Tz2 May 2014 Paper 2

    Also did this question, also said salivary amylase. Overall, I was happy with this question but I may have dropped a few marks on part c, as I had a mind block-but I didn't know the other questions well enough to do them instead
  13. psychologystudent501

    Biology SL TZ2 Paper 3

    didn't the question ask about trypsinogen? or have i misread it Don't worry, it's probably that I remembered it wrong My friend told me the answer was enterokinase, so whatever that one activates I'm sure you got it right don't worry!
  14. psychologystudent501

    Biology SL TZ2 Paper 3

    I was so happy with it, especially after the first two papers. I really wasn't expecting such a nice set of questions! (Options E and H ) However I did make some silly mistakes like forgetting what enzyme activated pepsinogen :/ hopefully didn't do too badly though!
  15. psychologystudent501

    Math Studies 2014 revision

    Can anyone explain mapping to me? I find it really tricky!

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