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  1. thirdculturekid

    trouble logging onto IB site

    I'm sure it's just because there are so many people logging on at the same time. Maybe try again in a few minutes? If you're still not able to access it after a few hours, send a message to your IB coordinator to let them know and maybe they can fix it. Good luck!
  2. thirdculturekid

    May 2014 Results thread

    Congrats! How did you do in English ? I got a 7! Two points away from a 6, but a 7 nonetheless! Ahhhh what a relief
  3. thirdculturekid

    May 2014 Results thread

    40 points! LSEEEEE!!
  4. thirdculturekid

    Geography HL Paper 2&3

    I reaaally liked it. Paper 2 was absolutely perfect for me! Paper 3 was as well, I did the first question about losing distinctive national identity. Overall I felt really great walking out of the exam room for both papers!
  5. thirdculturekid

    IB final results

    You will get the electronic results on July 6th, around 12:00-12:30 GMT time. The actual, physical diploma, I believe you would receive in September. You'll have to talk to your IB coordinator to find out if it can be delivered to you directly.
  6. thirdculturekid

    SL/HL Geography Paper 1

    woah, shouldn't you be in TZ1? Are they using the same exam for all of the timezones?
  7. thirdculturekid

    SL/HL Geography Paper 1

    What did everyone think of this paper? I think it was a good start! I was quite happy with the essay question; did the one on rapid population growth being the main cause of soil degradation and loss of biodiversity. I'm just glad that all the core content is finished and done with!
  8. thirdculturekid

    Math SL Paper 2

    I do agree!! I found it to be such a relief... One question, for the bacteria question 8, when they said after how many nth hours is (A) greater than (B), did you write 5 hours, or 4.78 .... What I undertood is that they wanted full hour. I can't remember :/ Sorry! For those of you who did get the binomial expansion problem, did you get K = 2?
  9. thirdculturekid

    Math SL Paper 2

    I was quite happy with how it went, actually. Thought it was much easier than paper 1, that's for sure!
  10. thirdculturekid

    How much did you study?

    I've just passed my halfway mark so I've still got a bit to go! I studied all my content for geo and bio about 4 times (once per week), English I started about 2 weeks before the exam, math I started about a month ago (few past papers per week) and French I'll start next Tuesday!
  11. thirdculturekid

    Biology SL TZ2 Paper 3

    Yeah me too! I am really happy about how paper 3 went. Everything was so straightforward, for once!
  12. thirdculturekid

    How do you keep motivated to revise?

    I find exercising really helps! I do intense 25 minute workouts, take a quick shower, and then I feel energized and motivated to work. Only a few days left, keep going! I also find that eating chocolate and bananas helps
  13. thirdculturekid

    SL Maths 2014 New Syllabus help !

    Here's a website that goes through the changes: http://ibsuper.com.sg/changes-to-the-ibmathematics-sl/ Good luck!
  14. thirdculturekid

    Biology SL - Papers [1] [2] - Discussion!

    I hope paper 3 will be more reasonable...
  15. thirdculturekid

    Biology SL - Papers [1] [2] - Discussion!

    Yeah that's what I put too. Ouf! Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it true that to get a 7 in Paper 1 we can only have 2-3 questions wrong? Does anyone know?

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