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  1. topnotch5


    What does this count as? C? A? or S?
  2. topnotch5

    Put my post back up

    Its all good.
  3. topnotch5

    Urbandictionary.com definitions of IB

    Everyone of these entries screams frustration If you wanna laugh read these: [url="http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?page=1&term=ib"]http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?page=1&term=ib[/url]
  4. topnotch5

    Put my post back up

    Thats not what I'm here to do. Hell, cofc is not even in my top 3. I know its not that hard to get into however I know a couple people who got in and, i'll be honest, aren't as good students as I am. Maybe their SAT is what did it or maybe not, I just think the system is pretty flawed. IB plus my good grades were not good enough to get in, which really surprised me.
  5. topnotch5

    Put my post back up

    No that was not me. I complained about not making it into college of charleston honors college despite doing IB and posting a high GPA along with being an eagle scout....but whatever. I guess my 1250 SAT judges me as a good student or not.
  6. topnotch5

    Put my post back up

    I want to know if I'm not alone. I wanna feel better about this whole situation. Sorry about the cursing. Admin edit: We understand that you are frustrated but this isn't just a place to rant. If you want to rant, I've moved this to the chat forum where you are free to rant as much as you want (within reason).
  7. topnotch5

    Important Question

    Does every quote in the essay, even if its just one sentence, need to have a little citation thing at the bottom of the page? What if its not a book but a webpage that I got it from?
  8. topnotch5

    Good topic?

    The impact of P-51 Mustangs in WWII. Is this a good topic to write 4000 words on?
  9. topnotch5

    Extended Essay Questions

    [quote name='eblake' post='30770' date='Dec 20 2008, 06:12 PM']Find something in history that you`re interested in.. if it`s only the bermuda triangle then I suggest you do another discipline As for your other questions here and later, I strongly suggest you find a guide to writing research papers.[/quote] So you're sure the Bermuda Triangle won't work? And it'd be nice if you could just answer my questions here. I'm a senior and have written research papers before, it's just been a while. The title obviously goes at the top of the page but I'm not sure what the difference between that and the research question is. Maybe they go together I dont know. Please help me out.
  10. topnotch5

    Extended Essay Questions

    What are some good topics you think of from the subject area History? apparently anything with the bermuda triangle isn't going to work What all goes in the contents page? Nothing that is actually in the essay right? You are supposed to give a title and a research question? The title goes at the top of the paper right?, so where does the research question go? Thanks and please help me out.
  11. And what are some real world examples? I honestly don't know how to search for that.
  12. topnotch5

    I need your opinion

    Thanks for the help. Maybe I won't use "truth" but more along the lines of examining all the possibilities and stuff like that.
  13. topnotch5

    I need your opinion

    This is a topic that interests me so I have that going for me. I guess my title could be The Bermuda Triangle: An Investigation for the Truth or something like that. There are plenty of opposing viewpoints and Im sure it wouldnt be too hard to get 300-500 words out of each. I'll just have to make it work.
  14. topnotch5

    I need your opinion

    Do you think a decent essay could be written on the Bermuda Triangle and its opposing viewpoints? Is it possible to write 3000+ words on it. Thanks for any help.

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