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  1. faith

    University Offers 2011

    Predicted grades I don't know what my predicted grade is... it should be somewhere between 41 and 44 Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.) SAT: 2280 SAT II: Bio:780, Chem:800, Maths II: 800, Japanese: 750 UK Other countries: Australia: Bachelor of Science at U of Melbourne (my safety in Australia) US Harvard- rejected Yale- rejected Princeton- rejected Stanford- rejected Dartmouth- rejected Cornell- rejected Johns Hopkins University- Wait-listed Duke- wait-listed Northwestern- wait-listed Washington University at St Louis- wait-listed University of Chicago- wait-listed Boston University- accepted University of Rochester- accepted University of Pennsylvania- accepted MIT- accepted Comments My university/college offers are very puzzling, to say the least. I got wait-listed at some colleges that I felt I had pretty good chances at (WashU, Northwestern) and accepted at colleges that I have never dreamt of getting into. (MIT and UPenn) MIT and UPenn are two of my top 4 choices (along with Harvard and Stanford), so perhaps my interest was obvious to the people who read my applications? Anyway, I'll be heading off to MIT. I heard that the classes there are pretty difficult... hopefully I'll survive! =) I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!!
  2. faith

    SAT II - which ones?

    I only used collegeboard's official guide for SAT I so I cannot give you much advice there. For my SAT IIs, I used Kaplan and Princeton review and I managed to get pretty good scores off them. (800, 800 and 780 for maths II, chemistry and biology respectively) I'm not quite sure whether that is due to the books or the IB though. (Those three subjects are my HLs) Also, you should get collegeboard's official subject test book because it is the only source of official tests.
  3. faith

    SAT II - which ones?

    Actually, Harvard only requires two subject tests now. However, it cannot hurt you to take more than two subject tests. (I personally took 4) I think you should definitely do subject tests on subjects that you are good at/that relate to your proposed major. From your subjects, I think Literature, Chemistry and Maths might be some possible choices. (With Maths, you get to choose between level 1 and level 2. I don't know about the difficulty of level 1 because I haven't looked at it before. I personally found level 2 quite easy but I did Maths HL instead of SL. I think you should look through the practice tests on collegeboard to decide which ones suits you more) Regarding vocabulary, I suggest you look through some of the books on Amazon. Look for SAT vocabulary books that have good ratings. =) Good luck!
  4. faith

    Harvard , MIT and the ivy leagues

    I don't think the interview play a big part for Harvard- I had one a few weeks ago and the interviewer himself told me so. It is definitely far less important than your transcript and SAT scores.
  5. faith

    Poor IB score for US universities.

    I don't know the other colleges that well, but based on your sat score, I think USC is a reach for you. Are you planning to take your SATs again? Sorry I just realized you are taking your exams in may, so it is probably too late for you to take your sats again. How are you sat 2s? Regarding ib scores, I heard that college in the US do not really care about it. They care more about the transcript- your grade trends, etc. If it helps, my friend who is studying at the university of Chicago right now told me one of her classmates got in with a 29.
  6. faith

    November 2010 IB results thread

    I still can't get over the fact that I got a 6 in history instead of in Japanese. Granted, the essays I wrote in the exams weren't the best I've ever written but I've been getting 7s in history for the past two years, even with worse essays. I guess I'll need to look at the score break-downs to find out why. Four people from my school got 45s two years ago and this year four people got 44s- my school attracts people by giving out scholarships and those with scholarships tend to choose IB. To be honest, I think in many cases little separate people who score between 40-45. The person with the 45 could be getting low 7s and the person with the 40 could be getting high 6s. Had the exam papers been a little different, the outcomes could have been very different. Good luck Gene-Peer!
  7. faith

    November 2010 IB results thread

    My scores are the lowest here so far but I'm just glad I don't have to stress anymore=) Maths HL 7 Chemistry HL 7 Biology HL 7 Japanese SL 7 English SL 6 History SL 6 TOK B EE- Biology- B =42 I'm VERY surprised that I got a 7 in Japanese. I thought I did better in history than in Japanese but apparently I was wrong.
  8. If you are getting 7s in all your other subjects, wouldn't it be better if you switch to another HL? It is considerably harder to get a 7 in HL English than in SL. I'm an ESL student who did A1 English as well. I understand the frustration of not doing as well in English as you are in other subjects because English was also one of my worst subjects. Like what Marsupilami said, you can try to borrow essays from some of the better English students in your class. I don't think that's against IB rules because our teacher strongly encouraged us to do that. Lastly, don't be so pessimistic. =) Don't say you can't improve because you can!
  9. faith

    English A1 EE - Lower limit?

    To my knowledge, there is no lower limit when it comes to the extended essay. However, at my school, we were advised to have at least 3500 words because anything lower than that probably means there aren't enough content. In our first extended essay meeting, many of us were quite alarmed by the fact that the maximum word count is 4000. I remember thinking to myself: what?? 4000 words? There's no way I can write an essay that long since I did my EE in biology. However, in the end, most of us had to cut down words. I have a friend who had to cut down from 8000, and I personally had to cut down from around 5000. So don't worry about meeting the word count. Just write as much as you can- you probably will have to worry about having too many, instead of too few, words in the end.
  10. faith

    Average Total of IB Scores

    Last year, almost 50% of the students at my school got 41+ so I think my school's average is around 40. However, the students who take IB at my school belong to a self-selected group. People generally believe that IB is much more difficult than the state curriculum so not that many people opt for IB. Also, the school only lets students who meet certain academic criteria do IB- after the first year, some of my friends received calls from the IB co-coordinator, who told them to think about quitting IB. And they were by no means doing 'terrible'- I think they were averaging between 30-33? Some of those students listened while some didn't. My other friend was advised to not choose IB because she was averaging Bs in year 10. I don't feel the system, probably the school's method to maintain its high average, is fair.
  11. faith

    EE help in history

    I really like the sound of 2) as well. I haven't looked into this but I'm pretty sure there will be heaps of historiography on the subject. It can also be a paper 2 question (topic 5, cold war). =)
  12. faith

    Math HL Options

    @ Larry: I left 2)c blank I think. It's something about proving the convergence of the square root of n+1 over something. I knew it is convergent but I just couldn't prove it.=(
  13. faith

    Math HL Options

    I did series and differential equations as well. It was a lot better than what I expected it to be.=)
  14. faith

    History paper 1 and 2

    @Xelar: Yep it's HL maths. I only do SL history so I don't have to do paper 3.
  15. faith

    History paper 1 and 2

    I think my description on the comic was quite short- something along the lines of what others above me had said:L that France wanted an alliance with Britain but Britain is taken back because of France's militarism; Britain didn't want to get dragged into another war. Good luck guys for paper 3! I have maths instead of history tomorrow. Even though the paper is two hours shorter I'll argue that it's equally as draining. =( Thanks Xelar but I still can't get over how I managed to get the Munich Putsch and the Munich Crisis mixed up lol. I guess I'll laugh at myself once I get over it.=)

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