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  1. Would you say ethnocentrism is as subjective as relativism or mor objectove .... im really stuck on that one.. and does anyne know how to struce it?
  2. tinkerbell18

    How Much TV do you watch per day/ week

    Well.. since i am at an english boarding school it reduces a lot. Nevertheless... i used to watch loads... like 5 hours a day... dno...
  3. heya guys... i ve got a question. I read through the internal assesment criteria and it said that u just have to focus on 3 sections of economics. Hence i wrote my essays about macroeconomics , microeconomis and international economics. My topics were: law of demand etc; externalities; inflation; and protectionism. Now my teacher said i have also to write a commentary about developing economics. Do u guys now whether thats right. would be nice if u reply asap. THX yaz
  4. tinkerbell18

    Driving lessons.

    I am pretty sure it doesnt count at my school, but probably its different on everyschool ;-)
  5. tinkerbell18

    IB-first year, lose or gain weight?

    I stayed pretty much the same and i am now nearly at the end of the course. When you lose or gain weight drastically ( due to learning stress).. i guess IB is not really the right thing for you.. cause that shouldnt be the point. Although nowadays its really important to be acdemic, the most importnt thing is to be healthy.
  6. tinkerbell18

    When starting revision

    Thx.. for all ur responses yet..
  7. tinkerbell18

    How many posts to VIP..

    That would interest me aswell.. Hope you get an answer soon
  8. tinkerbell18

    When starting revision

    wow... ll that sounds to me that you dont actually have to start as early as i exspected;-)
  9. tinkerbell18

    How many hours do you sleep?

    i am always sleeping 7 to 8 hours. Guess thats the norm though... nevertheless, the closer the ib gets, the less i will sleep ;-)
  10. I talked about a teacher about that once and he told me that there is no real point in taking more higher levels than it is required, as it makes your work just way harder. Anyway if poeple are really up for that, they are no restrictions why you couldnt do it thpough.
  11. tinkerbell18

    Is boarding school beneficial or detrimental?

    I personally think that you shouldnt start too early boarding. Nevertheless.. in the age of 15-18 i think it does benefit a person a lot as u gain more independece and self-confidence.
  12. I did quite a lot of different activities. Creativity: Arena Arts, Young Enterprise, piano, saxophone Service: Teaching young children, show-arounds, babysitting, gardening ction: Tennis, football, netball, basketball i think it is quite cool how you can pick out of so many different things
  13. tinkerbell18


    Hi ;-)
  14. If you are not pretty confindent in math.. i really would advice not taking higher as it is really demanding...
  15. tinkerbell18

    When starting revision

    lol.. dont be so harsh;-)

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