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  1. What is the logical relation between the existing four ways of knowing? I've pulled an all-nighter and I am having lots of trouble in retaining my clarity, so I need someone to help me out (this is the second night.) I need to have this question rephrased as it is unclear to me what it means by "logical relation" between the WOKS. Please rephrase this in order help me gain insight to this question SO THAT I MAY SLEEP SOONER! Many thanks.
  2. Do you have any suggestion for what Areas of Knowledge I should use. I am stuck because imagination is so broad...
  3. Our school wants it on the 4th of March. Ways of knowing (WOKS) are: Sense perception Language/Authority Emotion Logics/Reason proposing a new one of these, Imagination. I would say if knowledge is 'true', imagination by definition is not 'true' Da vinci used imagination to come up with submarines - I should find the source for this- but it's useful right?
  4. Hi all, I am doing the following ToK question: The traditional TOK diagram indicates four ways of knowing. Propose the inclusion of a fifth way of knowing selected from intuition, memory or imagination, and explore the knowledge issues it may raise in two areas of knowledge. Here is my essay structure: 1§ Introduce how imagination can be considered a WOK 2§ Argue for it being a WOK (differentiate imagination from other WOKS regarding what it offers that the others don't) 3§ Argue against it being a WOK (conflicts with other woks) 4§ Evaluation/Criticism (include conflicts with AOKS etc) 5§ Conclude "I believe.."/"I don't believe..." refer to paragraphs in their respective numbers, I need help regarding how to open up this question, I think it is very broad and I need to focus in on what I want to talk about. Anyone interested I am willing to elaborate on my approach. But for now please help me regarding my structure and what to include thanks A lot!
  5. Alright so my maths project / IA question is: Does a person’s height and weight correlate with how fast they can swim 100m? Clearly, I am measuring the height/ cm, weight /kg and recording ones time taken to swim 100 meters in the front crawl swimming stroke. - I am sampling 20 people (is this enough people?) - Please help me find a sophisticated process? Also, because this is somewhat near the deadline: Any tips regarding structure, what to include or not include what to criticize-- Anything!-- would be much appreciated Thank you
  6. Okay, although the school's IB coordinator said it should be uploaded to turnitin.com by the 4th of march or else it results to instant failure in IB. know anything of the other subjects' deadlines?
  7. Hello, does anyone know the external deadlines (the date teachers send off coursework) for the following pieces of work: Theatre: PPP - Practical Play Proposal IPP - Independent Project Portfolio and Maths Studies SL: Maths Project - Internal assessment I know that the ToK Essay's external deadline is 4th of March for my school, is this the same for all schools?
  8. Well, generally as a student I've always been told I have/had the tools to score very high, so there's nothing really limiting me other than my laziness. I take a sport, which I love and I use as a way to avoid working - I should quit it just for 8 weeks to make a serious comeback (tell me your opinions). Also, the ib co-ordinator said she was worried I would fail IB most probably regarding my mock exam grades. but I need to find a general way of revising. Something to really motivate me.
  9. Okay so I have recently found out that my coursework in my psychology is a 3/7. Mock exams have just finished and I will be writing in the 2013 IB exams, seeing as this site is called ibsurvival I figured I would ask: Does anyone have any good method of revising? I am extremely lazy and do almost anything to avoid working. (However when a subject is of interest to me I learn it well. ) -We have 8 weeks until May, the end. I need to begin formulating a method of studying or revising to get me to become consistent in improving myself I NEED TO GET GOOD GRADES; my IB co-ordinator said she is worried that I might fail the IB... I do not know why this might be but I sure as hell don't want to find out. Please, please help me
  10. Hello everyone, as the title may have made clear, I am doing my extended essay on Theatre. and I have had colossal (to say the least) trouble in finding sources for militarism as a theatrical genre. (P.S: My EE supervisor/ theatre teacher does not know of militarism because it unfortunately is not in her exact line of work) It all began when I went to London for a Theatre workshop with my school and I recall Mrs. Maggie Young showing us "the different -isms" in theatre, which she had, neatly printed on a laminated A4 paper. My partner and I were assigned "Militarism" of the -isms listed on the sheet-- and since then I've wanted to find more information on it as it fascinated me -however- I have been unable to trace any militaristic plays on the internet or in books--yes, I am aware of what militarism is but that is not related to theatre! please help me! IB is giving me a rash! panicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanicpanic
  11. Hey all, I am doing my presentation on the Moon landing conspiracy theory I want to basically evaluate for and against the theory using the four ways of knowing (as much as I can) I need help on formulating my knowledge issue!!!! (and any other tips would be much appreciated!)
  12. Hey guys, I am doing my presentation on the Moon landing conspiracy theory I want to basically evaluate for and against the theory using the four ways of knowing (as much as I can) I need help on formulating my knowledge issue!!!! (and any other tips would be much appreciated!)
  13. Try incorporate the four ways of knowing into your subject: Sense-perception Reasoning Emotion Language
  14. What would you propose as the structure for my presentation; I have to use the conspiracy theory of the man on the moon, however I won't be using the conspiracy theory of 9/11 mind you.
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