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  1. Yeah... I did that too... I really should have just stuck to the last name... Oh well, I learned my lesson
  2. Hey, that's what everyone at my school hopes too! I'm in TZ1 and I absolutely HATED paper one; I went in all confident and came out felling like I say goodbye to my 6/7 and hello to a 3, no matter my grade on Paper two...
  3. Zasxee

    HL A1 English ~ Paper 2 (MAY09)

    I did TZ1 General Question #12 about "good or bad" and how they depend on the perception of the reader. I used As I Lay Dying and Beloved because, well, they fit, and the main plot of Beloved is all about that. I'm not sure if I included anything original in my paper... but I liked it And I was happy I was different from everyone in my school; most of them did #5 in the Prose/Short Story section
  4. Um... there is no IB Theatre exam. Unless you mean that the syllabus for the 2008-2009 is different from last years, which it is, or the paper requirements are different, which they are. Good luck on all your Research Comissions
  5. TZ1 poetry. I went into the exam planning on doing prose no matter what and changed my mind five seconds before the exam began. It was a really good poem...
  6. Zasxee

    Lucky clothes and charms in exams

    I actually have a lucky pen that I've been using. Unfortunately, it broke today... Hopefully I can fix it
  7. Zasxee

    Theatre PPP

    can we really focus on anything, from movements to stage construct to costumes? You're supposed to focus on all of that. What you do is you come up with an idea of a play and you write a 250 word pitch for section one. In Section Two, you illustrate the costumes, the blocking (if you want), the set, etc. You should support all your illustrations/visuals with text, but it should not be written as an essay. So you're coming up with an idea and then illusrtating the visuals of the "play" based on the stimuli. Good Luck
  8. My chemisrty teacher never really taught us anything, so I'm worried about that.... Other than that, I'm actually sort of excited to take these exams (you know, just to get them over with) Yay! Go exams! Well... maybe not that excited... Good luck everyone!
  9. Zasxee

    World Lit Paper 2

    I didn't read "A Doll's House", but I read "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" I agree Ruan Chun Xian's post; the first one sounds the most interesting but would not work unless not made explicit (and even then, you never would know the reader's reaction) I personally would do the second one, but I would somehow tie in the murder of Satiago Nasar into the interview (since that's the basis of the story)
  10. Zasxee

    Dadaism Research Investigation

    Well... I would research the costumes used in Dadaism since masks sort of fit under costumes (and I'm obsessed with costumes). You should definitely talk about the characters in the play and how the masks would/should be in order to fit the character's personalities. Colors, size, expressions (if applicable), etc. should be looked at too (like color symbolism). I've never actually read the play you're using, but it sounds like you have an original idea
  11. Zasxee

    Passing the English IB exam

    I have also heard that the English A1 Exam is the hardest to acheive a 7 in. My friend who graduated last year actually obtained a 7 in English A1 HL (the only one that year). But he had an almost perfect score on his World Lit. papers. If you want a 6 or a 7, you have to get 7's on both Paper One and Paper Two (or perhaps a 6, it depends on your other grades as well) so no slacking off (especially since Paper One is only a few days away....) Random/Off topic: I do agree with Aboo and others; Global site = international terms (real IB terms/names).
  12. Zasxee

    Help me?

    I fully agree with the posts above. No need to worry; pre-IB just makes you worry about the real thing (that's one of it's purposes) You should do fine, just don't stress, and remember that those tests really don't mean anything
  13. Love that novel. Good points, original observation about the relationship. Just make sure you cite (direct quotations = amazing) I also agree with the post above; the tradition is important.
  14. Zasxee

    Practical Performance Proposal

    Thank you! I did not know if there was a max or min... Also, the images do not nescessarily have to be drawings, they just have to not be in essay format and have to display your idea.

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