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  1. That question confused me at the beginning, everyone was confused by it since the first, second and third statements are all valid. But the question specifically asked for the statement concerning Avogadro's Law, which gives the relationship between the volume of the gas and the number of moles of the gas. That being said, the correct choice would be C: (V/n)=constant. Since the volume of any ideal gas is 22.4 dm^3/mol at RTP according to Avogadro's law. Suhweet - that's what I put! At one point, did you guys get a lot of B answer in a row? I thought Section A of Paper 2 was doable - I liked the rocket fuel question, and the eggshell question, as well as the questions about periodicity. (I did question 6 & 8) I much preferred Paper 2 over Paper 1!
  2. charlotteee

    I'm really scared - Chemistry HL

    Hii - a fellow IB Chemistry HL victim here! For starters, I am HORRIBLE at Chemistry, so I know the position you're in! Use the IB Chemistry Syllabus (you can find it on ibchem.com), and annotate each "outcome" with how you would do it. If the syllabus "state what is meant by the term 'oxidation number,'" write down what is meant. The IB Chemistry syllabus offers a lot of hints, as to what they want to hear on the exam. For me, writing notes on each 'topic,' has really helped! After you've done a topic, do ONLY past paper questions on that topic to consolidate your knowledge. Lastly, don't do a full past paper tomorrow night (ie. the night before the exam), because if you do poorly, you'll only get yourself down. Hope that helps!
  3. charlotteee

    Maths SL Paper 2

    Haha, that was the TZ2 paper..! It had the rate of change, as 800e^0.13 or something, on the vectors question you had to find the value for a, given that the angle was 40! What did you get for EF on that?
  4. I got 9pi too! Nobody else in my class got that, but no one was sure about that question. You guys getting 9pi makes me feel a lot better about myself The probability table was supposed to be 0 3 6 1/9 4/9 4/9 There was a binomial distribution in that it was 1 2 1 (so 2/9 has to be multiplied by 2). The expected cost added up to 4 euro's, did you guys get that? Ahhh and the thing at the end, did you guys get something like (x^3)/2 + (x^2)/2 + (forgot what the coefficient of x was) + 10 ?
  5. charlotteee

    Language B HL Oral

    Hii I have my German B HL orals coming up in about 2 weeks, and have to choose a topic soon.. What topics did you guys do? Thanks!
  6. Yes! Even if you've merely used the information described in section B, footnote it again in your analysis.
  7. charlotteee

    TOK Essay Help?

    Thank you so much! I had started writing the first one and indeed realized it was too specific, and I couldn't write too much about it. Thanks for your suggestions - I'm writing the second one now
  8. This website has two sample History IA's, with official marks from the IB so you can see where they earned/lost points. Hope it helps! http://www.eca.com.ve/hsclassweb/DerekSmit...amples%2007.pdf
  9. charlotteee

    -is this a good hi topic?

    In addition to some of the advice already given, I would suggest choosing one side (Allied or Axis) to focus on so that you don't end up confusing yourself (and the examiner!).. Just some suggestions: "To what extent did conditions in the [nationality X] trenches cause more [nationality X] soldier deaths than the actual war?" "To what extent did conditions in the British trenches prolong the war?" (ie. if they had been better, would the war not have lasted as long?) Just as Zyvy said however, your teacher is the best person to talk to!
  10. charlotteee

    Danish law concerning marriage

    There is no Danish law stating that Danes must leave the country if they marry a foreigner. I don't know where your philosophy teacher got this idea but it's not true! I am a foreigner in Denmark due to my dad's job, (although I am an EU national) and I've been living here for 6 years. While it is true that Danes in general have quite a xenophobic approach to foreigners, there are many Danes married to foreigners here. In fact, most of the teachers at our school are foreigners married to Danes. It is indeed true that a foreigner who marries a Dane does not immediately receive citizenship (this is true in most countries!), they will receive this after a minimum of 5 years, when they speak fluent Danish and have passed the "National Citizenship Test" (a test on Danish history, Danish language, etc.-). Hope this answers some of your questions...
  11. charlotteee

    IB Students' Starter Pack - IB FAQ - Syllabus links

    Just some quick corrections/advice: Starting with the IB Class of 2010, the TOK/EE criteria have been changed so that an E in either subject (not just both!) will result in no diploma being awarded. Secondly, for the IB Class of 2013, for Language B, the IOP score will now be an average, not just your best score. Furthermore, the CAS Requirements starting with the Class of 2010 (currently IB1), have been changed to prevent what has been suggested above (finishing all CAS in the first year/over the summer). Each student must now take part in a Long-Term project/activity that last for at least the duration of the two IB years.
  12. charlotteee

    What was your IOP topic?

    I did biblical allusions in Frankenstein (there are surprisingly many), and got a 6
  13. charlotteee

    TOK Essay Help?

    Dear all, In about 2 weeks, I have a TOK Essay due (not the final, prescribed topic one) and was wondering if any of you could give me any suggestions/tips.. I can choose from the following two questions: "Which is the more important attribute of the historian: the ability to analyze evidence scientifically, or the ability to develop interpretations of evidence using creative imagination?" "One definition of knowledge is true belief based on strong evidence. What makes evidence "strong" enough and how can this limit be established?" For the first one, I was planning to write about how history is the hardest Area of Knowledge to analyze, as historians can never directly witness the events they research. I plan to write about how they are merely able to find facts through scientific method, but must use creative imagination to figure the rest out... For the second question, I'm entirely stuck, and don't have anything. Thanks again
  14. charlotteee

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    The footnotes have multiple purposes.. Firstly, you should continuously be using footnotes to give credit where it's due. You should do this by putting a full citation in the bibliography (Section F) but then using footnotes to refer to sources in the bibliography. Secondly, you can use footnotes to clarify any points you have made (ie. to define words, to give short descriptions of people you have made reference to, etc.-) Thirdly, you can use footnotes to link to things you have put in your appendix. (ie. if you have used a map in your appendix, you would footnote the section referring to the map and label it 'See Appendix X for map of Y" Hope that helps!
  15. charlotteee

    certificate vs diploma

    You can achieve an "N" by simply not showing up for the exam and then not handing in ANY Internal Assessments...

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