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  1. JackalJack

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Like the title says: shout your recommendation in favour for your favourite bands out into the internet skies or towards your fellow people on this forum :3 Let's expand our music libraries!! I recommend the following for people to check out: Imagine DragonsOf Monsters and MenWeird Al YankovicThe Foo FightersThe KillersThe Lonely IslandThe BeatlesBlink - 182ParamoreLindsey StirlingWeezerYellowcard
  2. Well I think interpretation does kind of matter for that score in understanding the text but I think its a combination of identifying, analyzing features and being able to back up your interpretation with evidence and technique but I have no idea what the rubric is because its out of 20 marks... Don't be so hard with yourself, i think you will do fine as long as you're able to analyze your lit devices effectively with your theme. You never really did go into depth of what your points were so I can't really help assess if your points are agreeable or not, maybe you don't remember and I don't blame you because exams; if you do then you should expand on what you said for others to critique on what you said. I like your theme because it looks plausible since I've seen that kind of transformation. Confidence, avocado, Confidence is what I'm told by my teacher and honestly I do much better when I'm confident If you're interpretation is unique then that's a good thing. If its not common then that means you stand out from the rest of the IB students which means you provided your own voice and thus scored points I'm thinking so because the rubric changed.... It seems like you haven't really mentioned a theme of the passage; that's death, that is death. Maybe you haven't mentioned it also I think you should expand your points so I as well as others will be able to help critique on it. (if you have exams then just whenever u finish) Your interpretation of the protagonist being gay sounds interesting and I want to hear more.
  3. TZ1 Brother and Sisters Unite! To be honest, I thought aced Paper 1. I do admit they had tricky questions and when reviewing over my answers I caught them, oh IB you suck. I think Paper 1 was my forte so that's why I thought I did so well. For Paper 2, I had a bit of trouble with this one question that talked about intensity... I looked through my text and realized that intensity was in my options. I don't know if that was taught in the core or not, can anyone else confirm? I also chose Question B2 because I thought I would be able to tackle that easily, I was so wrong haha.
  4. JackalJack

    Physics HL Paper 3 - Options, What and Why?

    I'm taking Option A and Option G A being something with vision G being Electromagnetic Waves. Teacher gave this to us and I'm a bit lazy to look at other options, I enjoyed Option A very much and Option G is merely an extension of what I learned. Therefore I don't see a point in changing. That paper 2, huh. That dang 24 hrs rule. I'm hoping to do well on my paper 3 to make up for paper 2 as well.
  5. JackalJack

    English A Literature HL paper 2 Discussion

    Yeah that's the question I chose because one and a half ( ) of the plays we did could fit. I thought the other 2 were harder to do since only 1 play worked for them. I also used the Crucible but along with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (x.x). Your points are good and shows that you have an understanding of the works. The IB examiners are going to think I didn't even read it but I did use about 4 quotes so hopefully they don't go that far lol. I answered the question using points such as setting/ allusion, existentialism in R&G, foreshadowing, and dramatic irony. I won't even explain them because I don't think I answered the question - it's so depressing! Anyways, I hope you get the grade you are expecting! That's good to hear of my points . For those other two questions in the drama section, I seriously did not get the other two first questions and my teacher before the exam advised me to do a drama question if I get the chance; luckily there was that one question. Like one talked about pacing and rhythm and that was not necessarily my forte and there was that other one I don't remember but I knew I would suck answering any of those questions. Well in terms of you not knowing if you answered your question as long as you discussed methods of how the authors tried to create drama with their characters during conflicts then I think you will be fine because that's how I perceived it. I think with your points as long as you were clever enough with how you spin it then you probably answered the question. Anyways, I hope you get the grade you are expecting as well!
  6. JackalJack


    A smart move is to change that English from a standard level to a higher level because my english teacher told my class that you don't get credit for English SL here in Canada but English HL. Also my teacher told us that the content is almost the same for both courses and that its not really wise to choose SL. Maybe its different over there. I'm not entirely sure about English SL because I haven't taken it so sorry about that who knows I could be wrong some clarification by another would be appreciated. As for the other subjects, I've taken SL for almost all of them haha.
  7. JackalJack

    English A Literature HL paper 2 Discussion

    Assuming that TZ1 is the north america one which is what I'm deducing from the past few posts in this forum then yeah I did. Was it about like how playwrights create drama by placing ordinary characters by each other in situations of crisis? If so, I did that and discussed the following points: 1. How the character has a motive towards a goal in mind when in the situation of crisis (characterization) - Abigail towards replacing John proctors wife (Crucible) - Amanda trying to get Laura married (Glass) 2. There is a sort of stake for a character in the situation thus creating drama (characterization) -John Proctors name! (Crucible) -Tom had no stakes in Laura's relationship status and leaves a result, by doing so caused self-inflict pain and a little drama... I don't know if this did well but I panicked. (Glass) 3. A flaw is being emphasized a lot on a character and that flaw sparks the drama (hamartia) -Reverend Hales naivety towards sparking witchcraft fake charges on innocent people (Crucible) -Tom's obsession with movies and tension between him and his mother (Glass) A close outline of what I have done, I mentioned some little tid bits in the paper but I don't remember them now Part 3 Works (Plays): - The Glass Menagerie by Tenesse Williams - The Crucible by Arthur Miller I screwed up the name of the first play and possibly the author's name =_= so I lost some points which I'm pretty sad about. I felt like I did awesome when writing it because I knew characters and how they're used considering I watch a lot of television, movies, etc. Its all different mediums but the characters are all the same. I didn't really necessarily talk too much about lit devices which saddened me and I hope I don't get docked too much in appreciation of lit devices because I couldn't necessarily stem too much from setting, diction, or the usual. Oh man, I could have probably mentioned tone or mood as that's how the reader feels the drama.... damn it. IBisfun, what do you think of what I wrote and how did you answer it?
  8. JackalJack

    The marking system (Help Urgent)

    So as I will use your formula and the first posters formula: Paper 1(RAW) * 0.2 + Paper 2(RAW) * 0.32 + Paper 3(RAW) * 0.24 = marks 50(0.2) + 50(0.32) + 50(0.24) = marks 10 + 16 + 12 = marks 38 = marks And since my IA is 24% of my mark it is worth 24 marks out of 100. Since I know for a fact that I got 22 marks out of 24 from my IA i will add 24 to my score Final I.B score = IA marks + Papers marks Final I.B score = 22 + 38 Final I.B Score = 60 Since 60 is in the ream of a level 6 my grade on my report card will be converted to a 90%{a level 6 in academic terms} (thats how the Ontario IB grade conversions work). SO hence my final grade for I.B physics which will be sent to universities is 90%+ Do you agree with the math? Math checks out for me.
  9. JackalJack

    Paper 1 & 2 topics

    Its best to search for the 2009 syllabus guide because it displays all the outcomes of the course and you can cross topics you already know (best to checkmark imo since that's faster). You can find this guide on the web.
  10. JackalJack

    This or That!

    Definitely Cadbury. YouTube or Netflix?
  11. JackalJack

    Guess something about the next poster

    Nope not yet at all I hope, still yet to find one. NP had broken a bone in their body.
  12. for a minute i wanted to end the commentary by saying. ``I scream, You scream, Ib screams, Gass screams, we all scream for ice cream`` LOL This made me really laugh out loud haha, good show good show! I feel like a like is not good enough to express how much that made me laugh.
  13. I'm really happy with what you wrote to me because it boosted my confidence very dearly. I was confused with what you said by ripped but I get it now haha . Hopefully you're right with what you said From Fiorella's comment, I feel confident now with what you said. um... now I hope I was able to pull it off correctly instead of writing something unclear. Tunnel Prose is for North America & Latin America time zone I believe. (sorry for double post I want to multiquote ) Thank you! I was literally having trouble on analyzing my stuff so I'm glad you were able to agree with me, I didn't get analyzing until the very last day before Paper 1 exam (Whewww!). No joke I was getting 10/25's straight, so this comment is helping me feel reassured of myself. I actually loved this prose because it talked about ice-cream I mother ****ing love ice-cream.
  14. I wrote about he prose passage called "The Tunnel" by William Gass. I looked at the poem and I said, "Noooo nooo." Then prose I'm unsure if I went way too literal with my analysis because I discussed my theme about how much a good thing can actually be a bad thing. I talked about the juxtaposition of the ice-cream flavours between Rainbow and that other flavour when that character was describing the taste and then talked about how this character loves the Rainbow ice-cream because he advocates for it so much. Then I talked about the symbolism of the Rainbow representing popularity and redundancy as its been repeated so many times throughout the piece and that the reason the father is so mad is because he makes the Rainbow ice-cream so much and he considers the ice-cream as terrible. Finally I talked about how Gass juxtaposed the pro-rainbow to the non pro-rainbow ice-cream and backing up my point of how the character is now sick of the ice-cream. I don't remember exactly what I wrote but that's close to it. I know I forgot some stuff though, like tone, lit devices, some plot points, quotes, etc. I should have mentioned that the character was on the verge of getting sick of the ice-cream but oh well. I also had no time to incorporate why the prose cut off at that last line so that was a bummer. I'm thinking I did terrible on this because my analysis sounded so literal, someone correct me if I actually went in-depth or not because I'm at a conundrum and will discover how I did when I get IB mark back. I'm border-lining at a 4 I think, I have no idea but I was predicted that and I hope I can make it and get that uni credit.
  15. JackalJack

    How to make others Happy?

    1) My friends some times uses some unpleasant words during conversation. But I act as if I don't understand that word ( I don't want to use abusive language nor do I want to learn it.) When my friends tries to teach those meaning of that words I purposely act as if I don't understand and my friends gets irritated at this. 2) I am not a fan of music, sports nor of any movies. I just like to read books, collect stamps, play chess, don't make fun of any teachers and I only like badminton as a outdoor sport. When my friends ask which is your favorite movies/sports etc and I say I don't like any and my friends once again they become irritated. 3) They think that I am too obedient and disciplined and when they don't seem to like it. 4) They usually talk about girls saying that I went to that school and saw many beautiful girls and all of them would agree except me. And the same question when they ask to me "Don't you think they are beautiful?" then I always says " Better to judge the girl by character and not by beauty which drives them crazy. ------ 1) I think that you're scared of misusing the word and offending people by accident or something and if you are just "face the danger!" I know its a bit stupid to think like that but you're facing fear head on... I'm just speculating though so I have no idea if I'm hitting the right points. For me, I know where you're coming from a bit and also just live a little with the vulgar swearing thing. However, the way you act with denying you don't know it is I guess a bit "childish" you're kind of yelling "la la la la" when someone is trying to tell you a spoiler to a book, movie, or story. Plus, try to get into their shoes and you'll understand that you will also be frustrated when you're trying to teach somebody something like a word/concept; and they purposely act they don't understand. won't you frustrated as well? I know I would. 2) I think in friendships, you have to meet people half-way because while your friends are trying to discuss common topics. I think its best for you to have something to talk about, it doesn't have to be something super duper but it doesn't hurt to have a back-up so there's not like any awkwardness or whatever. Plus, maybe you could steer the topic towards something you like and if the friend is interested then the topic can blossom however most people generally talk about movies, sports, or television mind you that and may get bored of what you're interested in. You shouldn't blame them for not liking what you like. Also I don't like making fun of teachers as well, some people make fun of them and critique so bad; I seriously dislike it because you can't blame them for that. Plus they do it behind their backs and wow........... its high school though so hell maybe that's just normal. People have different maturities, I got to remember. 3) That issue is their problem, not yours. If you like being the obedient and disciplined one, then be that person. I don't think your chemistry with theirs mix well so they're a bit irritated by you in comparison to them I think 4) Maybe you haven't matured enough to appreciate a girl's beauty, don't take this as an offensive because the time I started liking girls was in Grade 9 while all my friends started in like Grade 6. Maybe you have a one sided view of a girl, try to expand your horizon. Have you really not looked at a girl and become fascinated by her beauty? (Or maybe you have no hormones! Haha! That was mean, sorry.) Honestly, this is all speculation on what you just said, so they don't take everything to be true. This is what I think of you. (HA, GAAAAY - it's a meme) ---- No one has really mentioned this but you need to start being empathetic when handling this type of situation; it can really help you understand the situation better by you going into their shoes. If you tried to deal with yourself in their shoes then maybe you'll understand their frustrations. By doing so, you shouldn't change yourself into what they want but by doing so you're trying to retain a grander idea of the conflict. Its kind of like trying to get two sides of a conflict but you're merely speculating the other side, so don't take your speculation as fact You're question, it hit my soul so I thought of taking out my study time for my exams to type this up even though I have very little time... oh boy... 30 minutes took to type this up.

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