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  1. I don't get why you need to know more than the study guide. It says in one of the pages, Everything needed for the IB diploma programme is in this guide.
  2. Pod

    Bio Study Guide or Course Companion

    I found the studyguide to be more of a help than CC
  3. Pod

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    As long as you keep up with the pace of your teacher, your fine. you start getting overloaded when you get a lot of work from other classes which prevent you to do your chem homework or whatever.
  4. Pod

    Do you like CAS?

    I like the idea of 150 hours of community service but all the reflections that come with this piss me off.
  5. Pod

    Chemistry Metals Design Lab

    Well, I would investigate both chemical and physical to make my life easier. I think you would compare different type of metals like Alkali vs Alkaline earth or something like that. Ask your teacher to clarify some of the doubts.
  6. Pod

    Which subjects are you taking?

    HL: Chem, Bio, Eng SL: Psych, French, Math
  7. Pod

    Kahneman and Tversky (1973)

    You can e-mail the actual ppl? O_O that i did not know.
  8. Pod

    Design Lab: water treatment/analysis

    I'm not too sure but the teacher is not supposed to provide you with the topic. He/she just has to give you a subject area (water treatment) and you have to think of a something within that subject area.
  9. Well, French should be relatively easy. I am going through french right now and it seems fine. What I do is watch a movie that I like (ex: Dark knight) in english and then watch in french with eng subtitles and then only in french with no subtitles. You may not think so, but it helps a lot when it comes to your tests.
  10. Pod

    Matrix Binomials

    Well, I think he means a formal justification. Instead of an informal one, where you just test different values, he is asking you to algebraically get your general statement. This is called a formal justification. Hope that helps.
  11. Pod

    Rant of the day!

    I don't think there is enough bandwith for all my rants. Yes, I complain a lot
  12. Pod

    Interview the person below you

    I'm in first year I.B. never took TOK What was the best part in I.B for you so far? mine was the psychology IA. I absolutely loved the idea of conducting an experiment.
  13. Pod

    Error Bars on Graphs

    If you have excel 2007, it is really easy to input the error bars. Once you have your graphs go to design (or insert not sure) and you should have error bars tab. Click on it and insert error bars. the catch however, is that sometimes, excel inputs the error that I don't want (well to me anyways) and you can change it by manually inputting your errors.
  14. Pod

    Enzymes Lab-Report

    wait. You carried out your experiment WITHOUT having a purpose?
  15. Pod

    Possible Biology IA labs?

    I finished Enzymes, Rate of respiration, and a design lab on factors affecting photosynthesis. Did really well on all three.

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