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  1. My school refused to offer this. People are failing HL maths ...
  2. I did English, but I haven't finished my EE yet. I'm about to hand my draft in though Anyways, I find english EE is actually fun but you can get confused at times ^^ G'luck
  3. Hello, just a quick question. With the graphs, I think you plot sequence equation and the y-intercept? But How do I do this on the calc or graphical analysis? Thanks ^^
  4. Does anyone have these? http://ibchem.com/download/index.htm If you do please share Thanks.
  5. It's pretty good without the learning perspective.
  6. Ok i was just asking, but what's the different between that and this? http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?showtopic=364
  7. I'm doing this too, someone have an example of what the final product should look like please?
  8. Someone please find me a simple revision guide for this, i have no idea about how to do this topic it's HARD.
  9. I did two in 2 months, but that's because I love TOK and we were forced to.
  10. I don't know, I just changed into HL english because Math is just horrifying. I'm getting Bs in SL, DO you guys think I'll last HL?
  11. I heard there's A1 and A2 English? what are they and what's the difference?
  12. Does anyone have a sample english IOP that I can take a look at? Ones that got a good mark. Thanks
  13. Could someone teach me how to do this on the Ti-84 Calculator i tried and failed.
  14. i just tried this, and man it was horrifying T___T i got nowhere, well i managed to get 2 rows with 0s and 1s
  15. Hey, I'm just wondering if there's any good program to graph physic graphs. Like it can do the maximum and minimum lines and the uncertainties.

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