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  1. hey guys! For the sentence: they are losing.... would it be ils sont perdent or ils perdent? can anyone explain which one is correct and why? If neither are correct, can you please provide a correct explaination. thanks for all the help
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering, what are some good topics for the french orals and what would you recommend from past experiences? Any feedback would help thanks
  3. moe23

    Medicine and Drugs Option

    Hey everyone, what are your thoughts on this option fo hl chem? and what Options did everyone end up doing and what would you recommend? any feedback would be nice thx
  4. Hey everyone, I need your help! Does anyone remember the subject of the composition (the written part) for paper 1 of the may 2009 French B sl exam? & thx for ur help
  5. moe23

    EE in English A1 Help

    hey everyone, i have a question of the format for the english ee's. Is the format of the extended essay supposed to be in standard essay format or is it just anything that you want to be (for example intro,body and conclusion but you decide how many quotations and the structure, etc). Can anyone please eleborate? Thanks
  6. hey does anyone know what the term "absurd hero" means? i've tried searching but havent really got a clear idea of it...? This is for any essay on the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Thx
  7. moe23

    Nov09 May10 Title 7

    hey everyone, what kinds of counter arguments would there be to emotion and perception ? i was wondering....
  8. do graphs need to be drawn in pen or is pencil fine on the exam?
  9. moe23

    any tips...

    on writing a good comparative essay for HL English? Thx
  10. anyone know how women are characterized or portrayed in this novel "In the Skin of a Lion" ? Thx Nwm, found my answer
  11. hey everyone...what subject areas should one do for the last commentary...eg. international trade, development, micro, etc. & what kind of articles should one look for? Any ideas or suggestions about the last commentary would be appreciated. Thx
  12. moe23

    This or That!

    Pencil This or That: early mornings or late nights ?
  13. moe23

    Book Help....

    hey everyone! does anyone know any good books with the theme of justice or something along the lines of that? Any sugggestions or ideas will be appreciated
  14. moe23

    Locke Vs. Descartes

    hey everyone, i need some help...what were the main differences between John Locke's and Descartes theory of knowledge? Thx a lot
  15. THX everyone, that helped
  16. [quote name='Hedron123' post='37688' date='Feb 21 2009, 09:22 PM']Generally commentary #4 is based on Development Economics as it's the last topic of the syllabus and the commentaries are written along the course. I'm not saying that it HAS to be related to Development Economics but in my case it is.[/quote] Can u please tell me what kinds of things one should be looking for in a Developmetal Economics article?
  17. moe23

    What song are you listening to?

    Numa Numa all the way lol
  18. moe23

    a small question...

    hey everyone, i have this lab to do and the problem is that when finding the uncertainty for concentration, i only have the uncertainty available for volume, not for moles since C=n/V. So, my question is: does my uncertainty for concentration equal the uncertainty of the volume or do i have to do something else??? thanks for any help ....
  19. moe23

    quick question

  20. moe23

    quick question

    hey I just wanted to know, are we allowed to compare two books if you are doing an English A1 essay?
  21. moe23

    need some help....

    hey everyone...i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for english extended essays...i have a topic but i cant seem to make a research questions out them ??? or i might not be able to make 4000 word out of them....any ideas would help thx

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