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  1. If you are even minutely considering applying to the US, Eco B&M and Math together is suicide. They hate it simply because the spectrum of learning is streamlined into a definite direction and partially goes against the whole "holistic development" thing that IB encourages. It is a difficult combination and definitely will help later on, but colleges don't buy the deal. It's either B&M and Math or Eco and Math. If you are not taking a career path with math, I suggest that you switch the B&M with something else. Take something that is germane to your career options in the future. If psychology is the way you want to go, then taking something like English HL alongside won't be too bad.
  2. The reason I suggested you to have another look at your combo was not to detract you from it. It was just to make sure if you have what is right for you or not... Looking at your Chem Bio HL combo, I assume you want to do something like Biochmistry or become a Doc, and as an Indian, you must have noticed the number of Med students who completely drop maths in an attempt to streamline their studies into what they require and nothing more. While I do not advise you to go to that extreme, I think you should consider the position of Math HL in your combo. It may be a bitch at times, so just see if you actually need it according to your career goals. You should think about lowering one of your HLs into SL of you do not need it, otherwise you will be making it tough for yourself. And if you do not want to go with that, I seriously think you should switch French with Hindi B SL no matter how interesting you may find French. IB is about finding yourself, not killing yourself. What I basically want to say is that with your present combo, your workload is going to quadruple compared to anything you have faced in the past. You can ease it for yourself. Just analyse and see what you need.....VERY carefully!
  3. I had posted this when someone else had also asked a similar question and I think it will do you good too. 1. Do what you're told to do. When you're told to do. I know the IB Survival motto is 'Helpful Procrastination', but trust me, it's never really helpful 2. Choose your subjects carefully. 3. Never underestimate yourself. This is an integral part of the ground rules. Don't ignore this one. IB is just another system of education. Don't put it on a pedestal and think it to be something ethereal. If you just treat it as something you have to do everyday, responsibly, you'll get the better of it About the social life bit. Like I said, Do what you're told to do efficiently. You need efficiency with the IB. Social life doesnt just die out if you handle it well, but you may find the number of all-nighters you pull increase by a little bit! Internal Assessment and CAS may be a bit of a hitch, so you need to get on with them as soon as you gain enough knowledge and footing to.... Your subjects. Tread carefully. You have a HARD combo. You not only have Math HL with a science, but with two sciences. Get ready to dedicate some serious gray matter to it. If you delve into things that interest you, you WILL have a blast, so choose carefully and wisely. Consider switching French for Hindi B SL. You may find French way more interesting, but just consider if you will be able to handle your HLs along with a new language. Hindi is DAMN easy. You do not have to study. At All. Also, the fact that you have two sciences means double the Lab Reports. Lab Reports are a lot of work and you need to get on with them as soon as you begin IB because of the time requirement you need to meet. The good part (actually GREAT part) is that if you can actually handle your combo, colleges will love you. Seriously. You will get huge advantages and your subjects will alone ensure a second glance at your application everytime. Never underestimate yourself. It is just another thing you have to do! Go forth and kill the IB
  4. I suggest that you take Economics HL. First of all, the maths is really easy...you just need to know what to apply where, and the second most important part of this whole thing is your college admissions. Add your second language to your HLs and read the list. According to me, it will not lead to much. You only have Bio and English HL and thus will not have too many career options open, but if you simply replace the language with Economics, it will shift the whole paradigm of your subject structure. You will open liberal arts quite entirely to yourself. You need to define a career path through your HLs and with two languages, it does not add up to much. Plus, colleges are very particular about students who challenge themselves. While IB is considered a challenge, they do not really appreciate the fact that some people find an easier way out of that also and do not perceive it in the brightest of lights. Even if it is tough, I say it is worth the effort for your own future....take the challenge!
  5. If you notice, you have extensively gone into the domain of WOKs. Your point of bias blends in beautifully with the ways of knowing; aural communication, or written communication. The manner in which the method is implemented makes the point of bias effective. Another point that I think may be excavated from here is that of the premise that this method is based on. Is it based on past experiences, intuition, assumptions, emotions or personal beliefs? More than a focus, can we say that there is a propaganda behind the knowledge being given? The use to which it will be put will borrow heavily from the premise that the knowledge imparted is going to be based on. AOKs: 1. I think you can also go into the arts. We all know that there are jobs concerning art education, eg: A curator, but how can one really TEACH art? What is method which can be used to teach art? 2. You can also go into ethics, but you can do so once you state that creating convolutions in the process of imparting knowledge is possible. You can talk about how it is unethical not to teach a subject in its pure being and how it is not ethical to have a propoganda (refer to an aforementioned point to mine) in teaching. Hope this helped a bit!
  6. Then I would suggest the Oxford. It is better than the Cambridge one. Another suggestion....if you do find yourself slower and weaker than the rest, I think what you can try for practice are the revision sets in the Fabio Cirrito book.The difficulty level increases progressively and there are loads of questions to try. I do not know about the other books, but I am sure that this one also has a separate solutions manual with solutions to EVERY sum. If you find yourself not being able to cope with it, that book is perfect. It will help you when you are stuck eternally on that one crazy sum, or when you are just missing out on one trick to solve the entire question. As you are already in possession of that book, I suggest you buy the solutions manual also.....BIG help!
  7. Out of the two, I would go for the Oxford, but I personally think the Math SL book by Fabio Cirrito is much better than both the aforementioned. Have a look at the Fabio Cirrito. Here's a direct link to a pdf of the book - http://stro.ycdsb.ca/Departments/mathematics/documents/IB%20FILES/Mathematics%20SL%203rd%20Ed%202nd%20Imprint.pdf Hope this helped!!
  8. Go with Psychology. One very important aspect that you have to address is your load of internal assessment per subject. If you take two sciences, it may just run you down, because of the sheer number of Lab reports. I say go with psycho. I am not sure if it is easier or not, but the IA component will be much easier than having two sciences to handle..
  9. Its obvious. You need to look at this scenario from another perspective. You approach this question by exploring what factors made Hitler think that the justification for persecution of homosexuals was evident. You can analyse the causes and reasons for the persecution, rather than approaching a wholesome justification for the persecution. This way, you can look at it from the perspective of the Nazis, the victims and the global community. Multiple perspectives may do your IA some good, but remember not to state a cause or reason baltantly. Analyse, Analyse, Analyse!!! Thats how the IB loves it
  10. The IOC on the poem won't be that tough. You should take a more thematic approach to it and cut down on the physical nature of the poem. Concentrate on what the poem is trying to say and convey, not how. The time to get concerned with the 'how' is during your Paper I. In an IOC, you need to solely worry about making the intention of the poet clear. It's not as daunting as it seems... Don't worry if the teacher doesn't give too much guidance....that's what all of us are here for!!
  11. Thanks a ton! There's no need to apologize.....you helped enough and plus you're the only one who did!
  12. I got the links. All I need someone's help in, is some information on the musical purpose of their usage. I can't seem to find anything significant on Scottish Music and it's freaking me out. I've not got enough time to change my topic and do completely different research also!!
  13. Hi guys, I've started my Musical Links Investigation (SL) and tried to draw links between two elements each of Scottish Folk Music and a Hindustani Classical Raga. After tons of researching, I think I've found the ideal links: 1. Microtonalities in Scottish music and Shrutis (basically a Hindi name for the microtone) in the Raga 2. Usage of the pentatonic in both forms But now I have encountered a slight problem. While I am able to find information for the Raga in abundance, I am not able to come across any relevant information regarding the following (which I need desperately!!) 1. The significance, use and purpose of microtones in Scottish Folk Music. 2. The purpose of pentatonic scale usage. If someone has any knowledge regarding this musical form or has anything that can help me out, I would be really, really grateful!
  14. Arrowhead is right.....there are no parameters that have been drawn the limit the course of your exploration. To add on, the thing about an Extended Essay is that you have to do exactly as the topic says. So, if your topic is called How are nurses in the Vietnam War portrayed through the play, "A Piece of My Heart"?, be prepared to analyse the minutest of details, whatever they may be, if they even ostinsibly point towards the portrayal of the nurses. You need to round up the topic for your own good. You need to be specific. Not so much that you can't even write 4000 words sensibly, but not so broad that you engulf two or three things into one pool. For example, you can maybe write about how symbolism through inanimate objects present affect the portrayal of the nurses, or how (considering that this is a play) stage direction and technical aspects affect the character of the nurses present. Consider some of the specifics and think about your own capability to churn out 4000 words for these. After you've chosen your specific theme/topic, go forth and kill the EE
  15. According to my mood, it's either contemporary or western romantic piano. Contemporary: 1. Oh! Darling - The Beatles 2. We Are The Champions - Queen 3. Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd (I can't just listen to one song....I always end up listening to the whole thing ) 4. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 5. Happy Together - The Turtles I think music died somewhere in the mid-80s Romantic Piano (try giving these a listen....you won't regret it!) - All by Frederic Chopin 1. Valse Op. 64 No. 2 2. Valse Op. 69 No. 1 (L'Adieu) 3.Nocturne No. 20 C Sharp Minor Op. Posth. (This is the piece Adrien Brody plays at the beginning of The Pianist) 4. Valse Op. 64 No. 1 (EVERYONE must have already heard this one atleast once in their life. Seriously.) 5. Étude Op. 10 No. 2 (Tristesse)
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