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  1. Theatre: yes, I'm pretty sure quotations count in the word count. citations, if you are doing parentheticals, I believe so, if you're doing footnotes then no.
  2. Hi everyone, May exams are halfway done, and I just thought I'd share with you my school's tribute to the IB, featuring the entire graduating class of 2010! (We're trying to see how many hits it can get on youtube ) (And yes, I am in it. Guess which one I am.)
  3. You know that navigation bar that goes ? Hows about we have one of those at the bottom of the topic so that when you answer a post and want to go to a specific board, you don't have to scroll all the way up? Just a suggestion.
  4. A bit late, I hope you still have time! Try some foreign ones. Any of the Eastern or Oriental ones are good: Karagoz or Wayag Kulit (shadow puppet theatre), Kabuki or Noh theatre are four good ones. DO NOT DO COMMEDIA. IBO is sick of Commedia RIs.
  5. Hi! Yes, quotations in the main body of the text are included in the word count. Long quotations should be placed in an appendix and not included in the word count. Also, footnotes and endnotes are not counted. Hope this answers your question.
  6. 139 downloads

    This is one of the sample Practical Performance Proposals from the IBO Online Curriculuum Centre. It achieved a mark of 7. The student's stimulus was the play "Andorra" by Max Frisch. It should be noted that IBO no longer (generally) gives pieces of text. They instead opt for more abstract stimuli.
  7. How would the costume of __________ look like and how would it be used in the play _________? That is a perfect RQ. Use it if you are pressed for time. Remember (especially since you are using costumes) to include lots of visuals. IB loves pretty pictures.
  8. I would counsel against Butoh. That's what I did and without an extensive library and lots of time it will be quite difficult. Kabuki is a good choice, it's fairly easy.
  9. Yep, that's correct. It's designed so that not everyone has to make their own production (because that would be an unnecessary waste of resources, if EVERYONE had to do their own play).
  10. Jakebert

    Theatre RI- HL

    This is crazy! One of my classmates did this EXACT RI! Except I think he did Bunraku as well. Either way, he was fine, he had lots to talk about. You can even pick costumes AND make-up, since they are so closely related. Great topic!
  11. So your style is what? Victorian theatre? Be careful, because "shakespeare soliloquies" are not a theatre style or practice. And what aspect of performance? Acting? Be specific. That's a good IPP topic, although I'm not sure how we can help you with picking people, seeing as how we don't know who you are/where you live/who you know etc...Good luck!
  12. That is a truly fabulous RQ. The IB Gnomes absolutely LOVE images, so be sure to use TONS!
  13. This is running joke in my HLH class, but has anyone else noticed that every time a totalitarian leader goes on holiday something bad happens? Evidence: Khruschev goes on holiday: he is deposed Brezhnev goes on holiday: there is a coup Gorbachev goes on holiday: there are TWO coups and the USSR collapses Mao goes on holiday: 6 million people die Clearly, if history has taught us anything other than DEFEND YOUR FRONT WITH BELGIUM it is never to go no holiday.
  14. Recording Raw Data : /2 Whatever data you have from the experiment, put it into tables and such. Processing Data: /2 Analysis of the data. This means Excel. It would help if we knew what your lab was, but say you were measuring the rate of photosynthesis of a plant. Examples of processing would be finding the mean (average) rate, graphing the data (on excel) and doing things like t-test or standard deviation. Presenting Data: /2 Titles and uncertainties (+/- ##) must be perfect. How To Write IB Lab Reports will help.
  15. Go for it. But also remember to not limit yourself to your library. I had an insanely hard topic to research (butoh), and I had to order a DVD from Japan! Remember to use internet databases like Questia and JStor.
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