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  1. hanatarash

    What song are you listening to?

    Hip Hop - Dead Prez
  2. hanatarash

    How tall are you?

    around 5'9 which is 175cm
  3. hanatarash

    Procrastination !

    How dare you steal my middle name! >x
  4. hanatarash


    haha, I'm gonna do the exact same courses, only English SL and French SL if I really have to. But yeah. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? You're swedish so I guess you're blonde? What does Smorra gurs mean?
  5. hanatarash

    Israel vs Palestine

    If its not religion, what is it?
  6. hanatarash

    What song are you listening to?

    Go with the flow - Queens of the Stone Age.
  7. hanatarash

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    Get with the times, Edward. I guess the only good things that came out of twilight are the hilarious anti-icons as well as the funny gifs. This one for instance!
  8. hanatarash

    Interview the person below you

    Eat it of course! Not all of it at once though. Maybe put them all in the freezer and eat it slowly... Do you have evil thoughts? (I'm pullin' these outta my butt now, seriously.)
  9. hanatarash

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Sihaam, yes dweeby. Don't mention it. 2. Where are you from? I'm of afro-asian descent and grew up in Germany. Currently reside in the UK. 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? via wikipedia. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I don't know. It seemed very interesting at the time. It still does. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? No Idea, couple of days ago. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? History and Biology and Physics, non-IB wise. 7. When are you graduating? I enroll in August/September. And I would graduate in 2011. I haven't started the course yet, you see. 8. What are your plans for university? Medicine, Neurology. 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Reading, Videogames (particularly the Fable series!), studying foreign languages, travelling - even if its only past the next town! Also shopping and chillin'. 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I'm new too. No Idea.
  10. hanatarash

    Where do you live?

    Born in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, grew up in Ruesselsheim, Germany and now live in the UK where I do my IB!
  11. hanatarash

    Interview the person below you

    Something in Neurology. Where do you want to be right now?
  12. hanatarash

    For bookworms and bibliophiles...

    The Bell Jar by Silvia Plath changed my life.
  13. hanatarash

    Interview the person below you

    I'm online usually around this time, most weekends. Sometimes earlier or later. What do you enjoy doing the most in your free time?
  14. hanatarash

    Interview the person below you

    Hopefully, I'll get the grades that I need to get into the college I want. And resting, catching up with my friends (I have been neglecting them since exam season started) et cetera. If you could have super powers, what would they be? (personally, shapeshifting. don't ask why, lol).
  15. hanatarash

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    It is, beyond a doubt, simply glorified fanfiction. It has all the characteristics: concepts taken from other, better-written sources, one-dimensional self-insert characters, and horribly written purple prose. For those of you who doubt that Bella is a Sue, just look at her name. Essentially "Beautiful Swan." Wow. Even Robert Pattinson concedes the following point, having said: “When I read it, I was convinced Stephenie was convinced that she was Bella, and it was like a book that wasn’t supposed to be published. It was like reading her sexual fantasy, especially when she said it was based on a dream and it was like, ‘Oh I’ve had this dream about this really sexy guy,’ and she just writes this book about it. Like some things about Edward are so specific, I was just convinced, like, ‘This woman is mad. She’s completely mad and she’s in love with her own fictional creation.’ And sometimes you would feel uncomfortable reading this thing. It’s kind of a sick pleasure in a lot of ways.” I agree with the comment that Bella and Edward are not in love. There is (or rather, should be) a huge gap between Bella and Edward, with him being one hundred and her being, what, sixteen? But, of course, Stephanie Meyer chooses to ignore that and skip to OMG!ROMANCE. Again in the case of wanting to skip past problems and get to the romance, Meyer totally defaces vampirism. It's one thing to have a character that sparkles in the sun, but it's another thing entirely to claim that that makes them a vampire. Stop ruining my fandom, plz. I also believe that feminism was set back a hundred years by this book.

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