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  1. Flomer

    May 2014 Results thread

    Hi all! I just received my grades and I got a 36. I am really happy about my points (I thought I would get in the low 30s). However, I am 4 marks away in English and History to reach a higher grade and 1 mark away in ToK to get a higher grade (would give me 3 bonus points). I know the final decision is mine, but would you recommend me submitting for re-marks?
  2. Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone know schools in Sweden where you can do retakes in November?
  3. Hello all, We have been covering quite a bit in IB history and exams are now a month away. However, I would like to know, what is the minimum I need to know to be able to tackle the exams? - How many wars do I need to know? (How many different regions? Types of wars?) - How many dictators? (Right wing/Left Wing)
  4. Hi, Our teacher told us to do three trials for one of our IA's, but I thought you had to do five. Especially since you can't use SD or t-test with less than five trials, right? Edit: I don't know why the thread was posted twice :/
  5. Hi, Our teacher told us to do three trials for one of our IA's, but I thought you had to do five. Especially since you can't use SD or t-test with less than five trials, right? Edit: I don't know why the thread was posted twice :/
  6. Hey guys, I am higher level Literature and Language student and I just had my IOC. I feel decent about it... i guess you always think of other things you should have said. Anyway, I am a little bit worried about the length of the IOC. My teacher told me to round it up at the ten minute mark for questions. In total the IOC was about 13 minutes. Is this ok? Or should I have talked longer before questions?
  7. Some browsers do not work very well with the candidates website. Try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  8. Hello, My economics teacher told us that if you put your name and candidate number in the header of the commentaries it counts towards the word count. She also told us adding the word count at the end also adds to the word count. Is this true?
  9. Hi, How does it really work with internal assessments? For the following list of IAs, what is graded by my own teacher? Will all of these be sent to the IB? English and Swedish Written TaksEnglish and Swedish IOCEconomics portfolioBiology labsHistory investigationMathematical InvestigationThank you.
  10. Hi all, I'm taking Swedish A: Language and Literature at a higher level and I was wondering what to do with the learning outcomes for WT1 and prescribed questions for WT2. Both the learning outcomes and prescribed questions are published in English and not available in Swedish. In my rationale when referring to the learning outcome, should I translate it to Swedish or use the English version? Similarly with WT2, should I translate the prescribed question I'm doing or use the English version? How did you guys do who take languages where the learning outcomes and prescribed questions are not available in that language? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm using a Mac with retina screen and since Microsoft Word is not fully optimised for retina I prefer to use Pages when writing documents. I usually export my documents from Pages to a PDF so my teachers who are not running OSX can open the documents. I have done this for most of my IA's but I was wondering if the file format matters for the IB? Can I submitted my IA's as PDFs or are they scanned and sent? I can also export documents from Pages to docx. but graphs and images tend to end up blurry.
  12. Thank you guys! I also noticed I posted this topic in the wrong section. Sorry.
  13. Hello all, I have found a video where the topic I'm writing my WT1 about is discussed. However, through my WT I want to challenge this view point and I was wondering what the best text type would be? If it would have been a news article I would have used a letter to the editor, but since it is a video I'm not entirely sure of the appropriate text type. Any advice is appreciated!
  14. Okay. Thank you! So if I have the total amount of gas produced and the time it took to produce that amount, do I just divide gas produced with time? For example: Gas: 60 mL of O2 Time: 30 sec Would the rate of reaction be: 2 mL/sec Is that the correct unit?

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