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  1. Even if you have not specified what exactly you need help with, I will give you a few pointers. The question asks you to refer to two areas of knowledge, so I think you should focus on two that you have chosen. I recommend two quite contrasting ones. With each AOK, explain how it describes the world, and how it transforms the world. If you would like to incorporate all AOKs, explain each one briefly and concisely in connection to the two main ones, but be careful not to go over the word limit. Here is a very useful site on how to structure your essay: Google 'how to structure a theory of knowledge essay' by Tim Woods. It certainly helps me. Next time, please remember to specify what assistance you need, otherwise it is difficult for others to assist you. Good luck!
  2. That sounds like a very creative exploration, I highly commend you. Unfortunately I am not fantastic at maths explorations and software, but I am familiar with quite a nice program called Geogebra that may help with your diagrams. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Your teacher and your textbook are your first point of call. Revision notes and summaries are not recommended for learning new information, but rather for REVISING them. Keep that in mind for next time. However I have endeavoured to help you. If you look hard enough you may be able to find some on the internet, but here are some that I found to get you started. http://ibchem.com/IB/ibnotes/brief/pdf/optF.pdf https://sites.google.com/a/ybc-nacka.se/chemistry-sl/option-f-food-chemistry http://www.pearsonhotlinks.co.uk/9780435994402.aspx (Click Chapter 17) http://www.contentextra.com/bacconline/bacContentFiles/chemistryFiles/ChemquizHL/Chem_hl_C17_v2/Intro.html http://www.amazon.com/Chemistry-Revision-International-Baccalaureate-Diploma/dp/1904534805 Looks like a great resources, but you will need to buy it. http://www.oxbridgenotes.co.uk/products/chemistry-hl-notes/samples/food-chemistry-1 (sample) Also if you write enough posts on IB Survival you will gain VIP status and be able to access the many relevant files on the forum that will be useful to you. Best of luck, and message me if there is anything I can do to help.
  4. Hello there! I do Japanese B as well. I have been told very explicitly that the ONLY PUBLICATION FOR JAPANESE B, EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF IB, is this: http://books.google.com.au/books/about/IB_Diploma_Japanese_B.html?id=YYEIOQAACAAJ&redir_esc=y I am unsure of any free online resources though. PM me if you have anymore questions about this, Japanese B, or life in general. Always happy to help when possible.
  5. Yes, I probably should have realised that relaxing is almost completely foreign to some IB students. What I mean is, what do you do to take your mind off IB so that you work more effectively when you come back to IB? And yes, it can include CAS or TOK if that is what relaxes your mind or what you enjoy doing.
  6. Both people above me had some excellent ideas. I totally agree with BlackViolet about the physical exercise - according to university studies, one should make time to do some physical exercise each day. Exercise helps your brain to stay agile and is one of the best ways to enhance learning. It also releases serotonin, which, by definition, boosts your mood. When I am in a low mood like this, I try to sleep earlier at night (often doing the ABSOLUTE minimum amount of homework I need to do before the next day). I would also suggest, if this low mood continues for a long period of time, write down your thoughts - you do not need to show anyone. I often treat paper like a friend, as silly as this sounds. Paper does not judge you, give (unwanted) advice, ignore you, discriminate or pretend - it only listens. Also, talk to a trusted friend, adult or professional (I see my school psychologist often, which is quite helpful). It is unbelievably helpful to 'unlock' your feelings. My IB coordinator stressed to me that school is not worth being unhappy for. It is EXTREMELY difficult to stop your mood spiralling downwards, and I know it takes effort, but it's either that or getting back up again. You can do it. Please PM me if you have any questions, as I enjoy helping with this sort of thing and I am relatively experienced with it myself (yes, I even had great admiration for teachers, regardless of their ignorance of me.
  7. 1) F 2) every day *cringes* 3) 1-3 hrs daily 4) no 5) not anymore 6) not anymore 7) Yes, nearly daily. Good luck!
  8. Hello all! The title is self-explanatory, really. How do YOU take breaks from IB? CAS activities? Sports? Playing music? Meditation? Coffee? Self-hypnosis? Other? Or do you never relax at all? I am interested to know how each of you cope with the stresses that IB may put on you WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY coping with the work load and handing things in on time etc. I have heard MANY a time that taking a break and having a 'balanced lifestyle' is important if academic success is your goal. So, post post post! Thank you and all the best, Deidara. (P.S. I only occasionally post on here so apologies if this thread is in the wrong subforum/place. )
  9. That is a very interesting perspective, thank you for that! I think I would agree - one is more likely to see a group of female friends together in public places (cinema, malls etc,) than a group of male friends. That is only my observation. And there is no 'wrong life' in my opinion; only different ones! Very well said Arrowhead! The very definition of one's 'friend' is somebody who trusts and accepts one for the way one is. Friends are not trees that you need to be committed to looking after and watering - friends are like Grow your own Magic Crystal Trees (http://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-your-own-Magic-Crystal-Tree-or-any-other-sha/) that will effortlessly blossom and stay true for you no matter what. I can definitely relate to that, IBidiot, good on you! Sometimes I think I have lost my friends when I push them away in my pursuit for decent school grades etc. but somehow they seem to bounce back and never really get offended.
  10. Dear all, My father mentioned today after I asked to go to a family friend's house that 'she has other commitments to other friends, not just you' (or something to that effect). I personally disagree with this statement - being 'friends' means trusting each other enough to be together in spirit, as opposed to constantly having to see each other or communicate with each other (which may be due to reasons like school, work, geographical distance etc). In other words, a true friend would not leave you just because you do not make a conscious effort or 'committed' to talking to them and/or meeting them ALL the time. Let us take what I call an antonym of friendship: work. Work is a commitment in which colleagues must communicate regularly to achieve a common goal. So, my question to you is: Is friendship a commitment? What are your experiences with this notion? Do you think it depends on the friend's personality? What are your general thoughts? Of course it depends on one's definition of 'commitment' - so I would like to hear yours.
  11. Dear all, Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated! So interesting to hear your different views. I think procrastination is my main (perhaps only) problem as well as the moment. I think I will need to invent a machine that hits me every time I do something on the internet unrelated to schoolwork. You are all amazing for being able to lead such non-school lives parallel to your IB lives. I will need to try that. Did you write study schedules? Sometimes I find it helps, other times I cannot be bothered making one as it takes too long/too much mental effort. Sometimes I would feel guilty for not having done what was on my schedule. What are your thoughts? And... Was/Is being positive and optimistic a factor in your success? Did you tell yourself "I can do this" or "This task is not so hard" continually? Taking control of your mentality is essential in school, I know that for sure!
  12. How interesting! What do you do to relax? Good luck with your exams! The problem is that we all know that time management is essential, but so many people I know just cannot be bothered changing their study habits (that may or may not include me!). So what wise advice do you have on time management (as I tend struggle with it)?
  13. Dear all, I shan't beat about the bush. If I got a pound for every time I heard the words "didn't have a life" (or something to that effect) in relation to IB, I could probably buy my whole textbook list now. So, tell me about the daily life of an IB student! Now is the opportunity to pour out the thoughts and musings deep within your heart! Did you consume a lot of coffee? Did you learn to survive on three hours of sleep? Did your mental and/or physical health decrease? Were you incredibly stressed? Was your social life on hold or even gone? Was it all worth it? This is a factor in the pro- and anti-IB argument that I hear the most often, so I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts. Personally I am starting IB soon so would like to know what is in store for me. Thank you!
  14. No problem. And also - arguably the analysis is the only worthwhile bit! That's actually what I meant. You're going to analyse texts to death, especially for English Lit. for the next two years. You can read these books easily in your own time - or even just as you're analysing it in class. Basically unless you're feeling super-keen, there's no reason why you should need to read them now. To be honest, you'll probably end up just having to read them again later because you read them too far in advance to really remember what happened. At least, I find that with things - if you put the work in too early, then it's almost like you never did it at all because you don't recall it! That is very interesting, Sandwich, but my experience seems to be the opposite. Things always work out better when I read them before we study them. My teacher always says one should read a book at least three times: for pleasure, for noticing points and then for close analysis. I think my plan is to get the pleasure part done with rather than doing it during the school term while I could be reading it the second two times! What texts did you do for Language A?
  15. Great advice and tips ! The latest physics syllabus is the 2009 one I believe you can find the other syllabi in the resources section of this website Dear Rainbow Connection, Thank you for your reply. When I click Files at the top of the page I see that I do not have permission to download any files from this website as I am not a VIP. What can I do? I love your display picture by the way! I have some friends in Australia. Which state do you live in? Hmm, I believe you can download the syllabus documents without a VIP subscription: Here is a link to all the uploaded syllabi from ibsurvival: http://www.ibsurviva...14-ib-syllabus/ Aww thank you! I live in NSW feel free to pm me because this is starting to steer away from original topic Excellent, thank you very much for that link! I just tried downloading random articles but the website just displayed a message saying I did nothave permission. Back to the original topic. Aside from what has been astutely covered by the original poster, Fellow IBSurvivalnauts, what Physics advice would you give to a student starting the Diploma soon? Importance of practising formulae? Exam revision tips? Links to useful sites? Easiest and most difficult topics? Thank you all.
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