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  1. drserosa

    November 2013: Q3

    Hey guys, I'm doing Q3 on November 2013's TOK titles "Every attempt to know the world rests on a set of assumptions that cannot be tested." Examine this proposition in relation to two AOKS. I'm thinking of using Psych and Chemistry as my two AOKs, but I have no idea how to structure this essay. Any advice? Help?
  2. drserosa

    Should I take IB Bio HL or Ess SL

    Take ESS. Unless it's a prerequisite for university, you'd be kicking yourself later along IB when your spending so much time with biology, potentially having less time to study other subjects, when you take the easier option in ESS.
  3. drserosa

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. Darts is a sport, right?
  4. drserosa

    what is your pen of choice for the exams?

    For my exam, I just brought like 6 pens with me just in case I didn't run out lol. That's it, no need for speciality pens.
  5. drserosa

    Can you get expelled for...

    Well it depends on your school.
  6. drserosa

    November 2012 - Results thread

    Only did one subject, but I got a seven....WOOOOOOOO
  7. drserosa

    Iranian IB student

    I can speak. PM me, maybe I can help.
  8. drserosa

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because people are catching on to the fact that you are a sexual predator.
  9. drserosa

    Is murder bad?

    In Kantian ethics, it's not always bad. If you knew that a person was going to himself murder thousands of innocent people, and murdering him is the only way to stop the massacre, it is your duty to stop him and murder him in turn.
  10. drserosa

    Result date for RETAKES

    Time zones probably. In Australia its on the 7th. 12 pm GMT, 2pm in Turkey tomorrow.
  11. ^Thread title. Evernote, SpringPad, Friday, Toggl, and Habit Streak are what I use. Any suggestions?
  12. drserosa

    Which book do you use for Psychology?

    IB Pyschology Course Companion Pearson Bacc Psychology HL IB OSC Psychology Revision Guide
  13. drserosa

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because you're a Scandinavian sex addict.
  14. drserosa

    What's your favourite TV series?

    Is it wrong that I've never watched episodes of any of these? lol
  15. drserosa

    Is my topic International enough?

    IMO, your first topic is great. Stick to that one.

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