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    Notes on the causes of the Spanish civil war and the results. Also included are the reasons for foreign intervention, and the impact of the foreign intervention. Several historian views are included throughout the document. This is good for revision not if you are just learning about the Spanish civil war right at this moment.
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    Some notes on the causes of discontent which led to the creation of the Mau Mau and the ensuing results of the Mau Mau revolt.
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    Notes for Nyerere Rise to Power and a few in power. Also notes on how Tanganyika gained Independence.
  4. Maputo, Mozambique pH of tap water = 6.1---> too acidic to drink Water is soft. It corrodes the plumbing pipes and all that. My friends did a project on the tap water and apparently there is a lot of coliform and in rare cares Hepatitis A. The Embassy advises us never to drink the water so we have distillers instead.
  5. This is the email they sent out. Our teacher forwarded it to us: The IB Assessment Centre acknowledges that mathematics SL paper 1 and 2 contained errors which may have caused difficulties for candidates. This of course is very regrettable and I wish to apologize for the discrepancies in these examination papers. During the marking of scripts and grade awarding for mathematics SL, steps will be taken to ensure that no candidates are disadvantaged by the errors in these papers. Further details will be available in the May 2013 subject report for mathematics SL. Graeme Donnan, Head of School Delivery. I guess it means that they will count the paper but remove those questions.
  6. there were many parts for that titration. first that it was a systematic error obviously. and one of the answers for MnO2 I said that maybe Mn04 it wasn't reduced/oxidized (cant remember) properly because they needed to stir for a longer period of time.
  7. 1) TOK really expanded my philosophical ideology 2) Why is Math Studies so damn difficult? 3) Chemistry IA is do tomorrow, so I'll just start if after school and get to sleep at 9. 4) If I could I would take 3 science HL's. I just love Chemistry, Bio and Physics. 5) When the invigilator told me to look check my pages to see if none was missing, I actually checked my page numbers only to see if any were missing. 6) I don't need anymore time for my History P2 essays and I don't think 2 hours is enough time for me to finish my English P2 essay with appropriate detail.
  8. I talked to my chem teacher. He said the first result which was like 2.6 is just a preliminary test and the other numbers like 2.4 2.2 and whatever where in proximity of eachother by 0.2 and thus its precise but inaccurate. What about the meniscus for P2. Why did you say it was measured from the top or bottom?
  9. For the traits one I said sex-linked. Because I noticed every male had it. But I'm not sure. What did you put. And for the segmented joint appendages think did you choose annelida or anthropoda
  10. I have this but on a larger fold. For Paper 3 African History, I was writing the best essays in my whole class and my teacher recommended me a 7 for sure. The Paper 3 exam covered 1 out of 9 of the topics that I learnt in avid detail. While I was expanding my knowledge to several topics in order to make sure I was prepared for 3 essays, I had an All-Nighter. Most of my friends went to sleep at 9 and I was like wow that;s crazy. Don't you know how much this exam is worth.? The exact topics they studied "European Imperialism In Africa" were given in the exact form that the questions were 2 years ago. Usually everyone does European imperialism in Africa because its an extension of Europe and even if the questions are hard they can scrape through with a 4 or 5. Of course I ignored this topic because I knew it was banal and I THOUGHT that the IB examiners would make them difficult seeing as the topic always comes up. I studied patterns from mock papers and realized this was the case. My mock exam was the November 2012 P3 (not available to students at the time). Everything I studied was included Nkrumah, Kenyatta, Nyerere, South Africa everything... in the exam. I could have done 5 or 6 essays. And I received a 7 on that mock. Only 1 proper question came up. It was so hard seeing everyone writing so intensely while I only had one essay to write. I wrote really slow and did it in an 1 hour 45 minutes. Then I slept.. Funny thing is Paper 3 just has to be paper that's worth the most. It's been like a week since the history exam but I can't get it out of my head. Anyone else that does history knows that type of detail that you need to go into for a 7, as well as the different historian interpretations and i memorized atleast about 5 for each topic. All for no reason. When my history teacher find out the questions he went and complained on the IB forums about the questions.. Ironically I did really well on Paper 1 and Paper 2. Ones that I was pessimistic about getting a 6.. I honestly feel like I've wasted 2 years of my life with it.. My point is don't get mad over a couple of missed points. Someone else (me) is always in a worse situation. #RantOver
  11. TZ2/ Bio Paper 1 was terrible. Ok well not terrible but I probably got a 4. The question on what digests decaying plant material, I chose sapotroph, and others chose decomposers but it was really detrivores. The mRNA strand that was mutated. I said that both were mutated. I know its wrong... The question on what initiates a nerve impulse. I chose the neurotransmitter option even though it was probably depolarization. The question showing the carbon cycle and what leads to a reduction in green house effect. I chose the arrow pointing from animals to decomposers. Wrong again. I could go on and on about the mistakes I made.. P2. Cmon the analysis questions were kinda easy. It was on fructose causing health problems and all the data from the diagrams supported the theory basically. Surface area to volume area ratio always comes up so if you didn't study that shame. Section B I chose the first one Source: Pancreas: Substrate Lipids Ph: 7: Product: fatty acids and triglycerides ---> I know I messed up the substrate and triglycerides is not a product hopefully I get 2 points though. Gene transfer so easy. Just mention reverse transciptase, restriction endonucleause, dna Ligase Effect of temperature, pH, and substrate conc was the best. Cuz I do chemistry so I talked about Ea, frequency of collisions, and even collisions with the right geometry.. Paper 3 was also good today. So I have a question if I get maybe 15/30 for Paper 1 but then high 7's for Paper 2 and 3 and my IAs are at 6s is an overall mark of 7 still possible?
  12. I know we're not allowed to talk about Paper 3 Africa so I wont talk about it. That being said I failed. My question is. If I get 22 marks for my History IA--- 20% of overall grade 21 Marks For Paper 1----------------20% of overall grade 32 Marks For Paper 2.....................25% of overall grade 32 Marks For Paper 3.....................30% of overall grade What is my overall grade? Or atleast how do I calculate it? Cheers in advance
  13. I didn't have any of those. How was Paper 2?
  14. I mentioned that contrasting character attributes evoke irony in the play. Particularly with Linda Loman compared to every other woman in DoS. She unconditionally loves Willy and does not care about his financial situation. In direct contrast to the Woman , that Willy sleeps with that demands stockings. Even Ms. Forsythe who Happy pays the meal for. Thus its ironic that Willy would feel the need to even sleep with her.--> this has the effect of accentuating Willy's hamartia, his erroneous motto that "As long as you're well liked you'll be fined". Also I compared Ben and Willy. Although they are brothers, Miller uses apostrophe to give us some perspective from Ben. Ben is dead and succesfull "walked into the jungle and came out rich" in 5 years? (17-21) in stark contrast to Willy who is 63 and is far from succesful. Effect of this is that Willy's vacillations are established being inadvertent (as he speaks when other characters are on stage) as opposed to Blanche's who realizes that she lives in a illusionary world "After all, a woman's charm is 50% illusion. Stella and Blanche. Although they are sisters one embraces desire without shame "There are things that happen in the dark between a man and woman that make everything else seem- unimportant" (Stella). Blanche cannot do this without shame. Another one of Blanche's flaws is revealed. Mitch and Blanche -> contrasting and ironic because at one point in the play Mitch says "could it be you and me Blanche" as if they are in perfect symmetry whereas Mitch embraces the truth and detests alcoholism whereas Blanche is an alcoholic Which is apparent from the stage directions "Pours a tumblr of alcohol .- Drinking is essentially the first thing Blanche did in the play. (I only included the stage directions part for Criterion C points). Blanche and Stanley- Register/language is contrasted which reflects their backgrounds and thus has the effect of foreshadowing imminent conflict between the two from the beginning of the play. Stanley says "You Stella's, sister" Blanche speaks much more eloquently and with more complex sentences. Through this subtle dialogue we are able to foresee conflict between the two early on in the play and this is confirmed in the following scene when Stanley searches through Blanche's bag. I was kinda angry cause I didn't get to contrast Blanche as "daintily dressed in white" "moth" to the "animalistic" portrayal of Stanley. Also I kinda BSd my conclusion. I was like, Miller and Williams were able to succesfully integrate the aforementioned elements to form an eclectic and coherent plays that not only have won Pulitzers in 1948 and 1949 respectively but that will also be revered so several years more.
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