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  1. yansari

    Who will grade CAS hours?

    In my school, it's the councillor
  2. any form of sports counts if you have a supervisor
  3. I don't think it would because it has to an out of school activity
  4. yansari

    CAS Creativity Help

    or you can do a small part in a school play
  5. yansari

    Are these good ideas for CAS?

    yeah I think all of these are fine but double check with your counsellor
  6. yansari

    Struggling with Math HL

    I'm in the same situation as you, what helps me is practicing questions from the word bank and getting a tutor on ib oxford
  7. I just think of how accomplished I'm going to feel when I finish my hours, plus I want to get rid of it as soon as possible
  8. yansari

    How do teachers write predicted grades?

    They see how well you've done and how you've improved
  9. yansari

    Where to study International Relations?

    I'm heading in the same way and I'm also applying to King's, Imperial, London Business School and UCL. My safety school is City University.
  10. yansari

    Summer courses? Online?

    I know there's IBguides but it's not really a course, it's more like notes
  11. It's actually not that impossible if you actually work hard

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