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  1. The article is good but I would; say it is bit higher level for SL. First of all there are lot of many points to discuss in article which will be very difficult to condense into 750 words. Next you to discuss on futures trading which might be tougher to explain for SL. Thirdly cartel is supposed to work as a group, and now US Senate passed a renewal of sanctions (ISA) which only imposes sanctions on Iran. So then the politics is involved which is only targeting a member thereby complicating things . Fourthly you will need to explain the shale gas's feasibility as a substitute and you would need to analyze in detail the impact of its demand if the cartel cuts down the production of oil. The article is overall good, but I would go for a simpler article for SL, which involves tariffs, or quotas. They are much more simpler to write and explain.
  2. Yes you should stick to newspapers. Its best to stick to well known and reputed sources like BBC, Reuters, FT or any national and well known paper of country. And the date of article should not be less than 2 years also.Its not worth to take unnecessary risk when you already have other good options.
  3. Predicted grades are good but in top places like Oxford they would look for Olympiad winners, student council leaders, active international NGO volunteers, huge trophy winners and other academic honors and lot more. So these type of people are more likely to get into such places (even if they score 38 or above). In fact, my both friends got rejected from Cambridge (despite having 42 predictions but had poor extra circular records) and in TSR I have seen lot of people who got into Cambridge, with strong extra circulars with some of the scores like 38 or 39 (much lower than my friends). So if your personal statement is good and if your extra-circulars are impressive, then you might getting into Oxford but remember admission officers are nowadays are looking for multi-talented students and many a times they favor them over academically bright students. Hope you achieve your dream of getting into Oxford.
  4. Doing such thing is strictly prohibited and if they caught you then you will be in trouble. If you fill all the questionnaires yourself chances that the moderator will find some pattern in your surveys and they will become suspicious. Usually as far as I observed, most of the data collected are not perfect and the responses are usually mixed up. Also my assessor said that all then supporting documents and the survey findings must be authentic as the IB can ask your school to furnish evidence if they find your survey finding suspicious. If you really want to do IA on your topic, distance won't matter if you have determination to complete your IA. Firstly you should interact with your uncle and you must explain that your work will benefit him, because in BNM IA's you are supposed to analyze the strengths and weakness of the company and you will also give solution to the management. (In fact my business sir said that if my IA turns out to be excellent, he might give my report to Nissan, {my topic} once my IB is over ) So you could give this reason to your uncle and win his trust to give all the primary data. You can give soft copy of your questionnaire to your uncle and ask him to give it to his customers. And this is not related to IA, but just I will give you a suggestion to establish a close relationship between your uncle. Talk to him weekly, enquire about his business and you can even give him present during his birthday! By doing this you will be breaking the ice between you and your uncle and you might also gain confidence while interacting with him. Hope my advice helps. Good luck for your IA!
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