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  1. Hi! I also take higher, and one website that honestly made me understand certain topics (Equilibrium, for example) in a way that it clicked in my mind is Khan Academy. Its basically a collection of videos about every subject we need to know for chem. Its super useful and I highly recommend them. You can also find the vids on youtube. www.khanacademy.org Good luck!
  2. Hi! Here's a few books that could help with your EE topic - The boy in the striped pajamas - In WWII Germany, the main character is a Nazi's son, the other character is in a concentration camp. Othello - The differences between Othello and Iago - there's a lot to talk about it. For example, Othello has a higher position, so he speaks in verse, while Iago mostly speaks in prose (its by Shakespeare) The Great Gatsby - New rich vs old rich vs poor vs in-between characters. Also gets interesting with the differentiation of the characters through the use of color. The Book Thief - What's interesting about this one is that its narrated by Death, who/which has a very distinct, almost nonchalant personality. It also takes place in wartime Germany, and the main character also has an interesting personality (Leisel). Death vs. Humans, for example, could work. Or even Leisel vs. others. Fahrenheit 451 - Main character going against the character everyone expects him to be. So this would be Main characters' appearance vs. himself. These are just a few you could use that I both enjoyed reading and found very interesting character - wise. I think it'll be easier to stick with comparing characterization in one book rather than between books - every author has a different background and a different view on the world, making their characterization automatically different from another author's. Some of the strongest character oppositions occur within the same novel, because the characters were written to be different. If you want to stick to the social status idea you could always try Les Miserables I personally haven't read it yet but I heard that it was also strong in characterization. Good luck finding a novel!
  3. I also opted for revision guides - they are really useful to use on top of the books that your teachers give! I take chem HL, and I bought the book Chemistry for the IB diploma - Oxford IB study guides. its by Geoffrey Neuss. Its been really useful, and separates what you need to know for higher and for standard. Also, each option is explained in detail. What's good about it is that it really provides what you need to know, with no superfluous things that textbooks can have. I have the same one for geo and I must say that its really helpful. They have the same versions of the book for most classes (not English/ other languages), they are thin, easy to carry around, and highlightable. They also have practice question after each chapter (at least for the sciences) that go over almost everything. Hope I helped!
  4. After reading this, I'm worried. I've never been good at memorization, and our teacher decided that we would do both further organic and human biochem. I've already failed my further organic test (I've never failed a test/quiz ever and this was so difficult!) and honestly i wish that our class would have had more input on the teacher's decision.
  5. We have it as well, but we rarely use it We do write up our reflections on it, though. And that's how far our manage-bac activity goes X)
  6. I take two B languages, and that problem has been hitting me hard in both classes. We are three students who take German B. We started off as two students, until someone from the A class dropped down because 'her writing needs to be worked on'. I had that problem once taking French A in IGCSE and I had a separate tutor for that. I don't see why that couldn't have happened. In Dutch B, we also have a fluent student. We do a lot of interactive orals, and he puts all of us SL students to shame. We also get intimidated by him, because he talks so fluently and for so long. All of the SL grades have dropped since he came into the class, because during the orals, he will include all of the simple points that the SL students come up with, so we end up not saying anything. I personally find it very annoying and unfair. Also, did you guys hear that the IB has put up the language B grade boundaries? For written stuff we now need a 90% for a 7 instead of a 82%! Our B teachers told us it was due to the huge amount of fluent language B students. I don't know about you but that put my grade from a 6 to a 5 in one day. There is a large gap between language A and B. They used to have language A1, right? Or do they still have that? In my opinion, they should take that into consideration again.
  7. elloh! I have a chem ia due on Friday. I'm technically done, but I can't help but think that I'm missing something something in my conclusion :/ I know that for the CE, we have to add any chemical explanation to the experiment - pretty much explain in through chemistry. I don't know what to write about for this! The reaction was a redox titration between Fe and MnO4- . Simple. I got the calculations, uncertainties, weakness/improvements, well, everything else done. My conclusion is written up, but what can I mention in my conclusion that has to do with redox? So far, I have: In response to the original investigation title, Determination of the Percentage of Iron in Iron Tablets, my experimental results have shown that there are 14.616mg of iron in iron tablets that claim to contain 14mg of iron. This amount of iron is above the iron RDA of a male, but under the iron RDA of a female. If we were to average the RDA’s of men and women, obtaining the value of 13mg[1], the iron supplements would give just a little bit extra iron than needed. Redox reactions happen when both reduction and oxidation occur in a reaction. Reduction is when something gains electrons, and oxidation is when something looses electrons. This usually results in ions. The main reaction is divided into two half-equations to show the reduction step and the oxidation step. For this reaction, the half-equations are; Oxidation – looses electrons Reduction – gains electrons The overall reaction is is the oxidizing agent, because it enables the Fe to oxidize, and accepts its electron. Therefore, Fe is the reducing agent, because it allows to be reduced, giving its electrons. Fe was the reducing agent, because it is more reactive than Mn – it displaced the Mn ion from it compound. [1] 18+8=26 26/2= 13 What else in redox chemistry would be relevant? Thanks sososososososo much!!!! Any little hint helps!
  8. Chem HL - Started redox, finished acids and bases Math Studies - Started Logic, finished further Functions Geography HL - in higher we started economics, and in standard we started resources English A langlit HL - Othello German B - started on education Dutch B - practicing for mocks nothing fancy =P
  9. Hi! So I have my TOK presentation on Friday, and I would like to get some opinions on this. My KI is is it ever right to take someone's privacy away for the purpose of security, and my RLS is the truth serum. The truth serum is classified by the UN and EU as a mean of torture, and by some agencies as a mind-control device. BUT ultimately, it does sometimes squeeze some elements of truth out of people, which can increase security. So My question to you is what do YOU think? Should we value privacy or security more? Personally I'm against the truth serum, and I want to see what others think. Thanks!
  10. Your topic sounds interesting! Here's a few ideas for your essay - Look up Camus' 'philosophy of the absurd'. It basically says that there is no point in looking for a meaning in life, since there isn't any meaning. People always strive to find their meaning even though it doesn't exist. Meursault is Camus' 'absurd' character, since he got the gist of not looking for meaning. You can link it to Sisyphus and the Rock (Greek myth)Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a good link as well Emotions - us vs. Meursault.Also, Meursault was not African! He lived in Algeria, which was highly influenced by the French at the time! Meursault is a French man living in Algeria, as well as most of the acquaintances he makes in the book. Hope I was able to help! Good luck on your essay!
  11. wings

    EE question

    Ok, long story short; My situation is kind of complicated - I have a 'supervisor' who isn't really supervising me, but is saying that I have to give all of my raw data from my Chemistry EE experiment. My chemistry teacher isn't my supervisor but she is helping me with my EE because my supervisor isn't supervising me like she should, and my teacher is saying that I literally can't put any raw data, just analyze my averages. So I'm getting two opinions from two different teachers on one topic. I went to see another teacher who told me to do what my 'supervisor' is saying, but my teacher who is helping me told me I would do bad if I added raw data. SO my question to you is For any science-based EE, is it recommended to add raw data and analyze it or not? Direct answers or just opinions are fine - my EE is due soon an any input would help a lot! Thanks in advance!
  12. Someone in my TOK class - sir, can we do a presentation on how un-ethical IB is toward students? We all laughed pretty hard at that Also TOK - Someone was doing a presentation about how video games can make people violent, so people shouldn't play video games Teacher - So how about this, one time, I was wearing yellow socks at school, and I shot the principal. Does that mean that every time I wear yellow socks I automatically feel violent? So I should be banned from wearing yellow socks? English - we were talking about the metaphor 'having butterflies in the stomach'. Someone in class - so it is two people who are... accomplices of each other. Class Next day, talking about Othello Teacher - So we become accomplices with Iago against Othello Someone else - accomplices with butterflies in our stomachs. Sounds weird but we laughed a lot!
  13. Hello, I'm doing it on the same topic, and might have some advice. Our teacher tells us to consider counter examples, and reply against those counter examples. This shows knowledge and understanding about the subject. Try to have a 3rd example, either another one in the natural sciences or in history. Hope I helped
  14. wings

    IA help please

    Ok I have to do this set of math 10 times today and I don't even know if I'm doing the first one right or not. I'm absolutely terrible at this and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out even on one part! I'm so confused and I don't want to get a zero because of confusion Ok so originally, I had 10 cm3 of 3M HCl, No water, no ethyl ethanoate, 1cm3 glacial ethanoic acid, 4 cm3 ethanol, to do a esterification reaction for our equilibrium topic. 25.80 cm3 of NaOH were titrated against the mixture, and 14.30 cm3 of NaOH were titrated against 3M HCl The questions are as follows 1. How may moles of ethyl ethanoate were there in your original mixture? 2. How many moles of ethanoic acid were there in your original mixture? 3. How many moles of ethanol? 4. How many moles of water? (take into account the water present in the dilute HCl. Weight of 10 cm3 HCl = 9.92g) 5. How may moles of ethanoic acid were there in the mixture at equilibrium? (This can be found from the volume of 1M NaOH needed to titrate the mixture, after subtracting the volume of NaOH needed to titrate 10cm3 of approximately 3M HCl.) 6. How many moles of ethanol were there in the mixture at equilibrium? 7. How many moles of ethyl ethanoate? 8. How many moles of water? 9. Work out the concentrations of water, ethyl ethanoate, ethanol, and ethanoic acid in the mixture at equilibrium. The total volume of the mixture was 15cm3 10. What is the equilibrium concsta of this reaction? I'm not trying to cheat or to get the answers to a homework assignment and going the easy way out. I've been working on this for hours and I'm more confused than ever and I have no idea if I'm doing it right!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SAVIOR!!!! in advance
  15. Hello, I have an idea for my tok presentation topic, but I dont know how to make it a knowledge issue and/or a tok-ish question. Here's a quote I have about an article i read called 'space versus time': "The route to a truly powerful theory of reality passes through an intimate understanding of space and time" Any ideas on how to make it a tok topic? And how to present it? Thanks
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