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  1. I did question 9 too, on god of small things and the awakening. What key things did you talk about for sympathy?
  2. I said it was DNA replication and DNA transcription as well.. did anyone confirm the correct answer for that question?
  3. I did D and E. What did everyone get for the Hardy-Weinberg answer for option D? The exam went well overall I think!
  4. Overall, paper 1 and 2 weren't too bad. Was anyone else bothered by the fact that there were FOUR drawings in section B? A drawing in every question. I couldn't believe it because I did so many past exams and none of them ever had that many. I ended up doing the kidney question and nerve transmission question. I said the cells in the tissue micrograph were Leydig cells and produced testosterone. What was the right answer for that? Paper 1, I was a bit upset because they turned the simplest outcomes to be confusing and strangely worded. Even the stem cells question - I said that "unlimited" amounts can be harvested from adult tissue, but I have no idea if that's right. And the precautionary principle question was the worst of all. I can't even remember what I put for that one - I just remember how strange it was and I hope they take it off or something. I picked 1 and 2 for the Cnidaria question (the jellyfish and the other round stinging tentacle-y thing). For the question about the development of males, I picked the one that had checked off X, Y, and testosterone.
  5. Yes, I did! I used TPCASTT as a model and talked about the connotations, shift, and theme. I had a really long paragraph for connotations where I commented on allusions, diction (use of sea specific words), imagery, figurative language and some other stuff like lack of rhyme scheme and meter. Then, for the shift, I talked about how the pronouns changed from one to we and our (if that's correct?) There was some pronoun shift and I talked about what its implications where. Somehow, although I wrote 8 pages on the poem, I'm having a hard time remembering what specifically I wrote about... What about you? Wow, I have no idea what TPCASTT is But that sounds really good, I don't think I mentioned anything about a shift! I talked about structure (the enjambment mostly), allusions, diction, and imagery! What did you say the main idea of the poem was? I talked to a lot of my friends and we all had different interpretations. I said it portrays humans as selfish, as their sole aims are to fulfill their own personal desires without considering the implications of their actions on the natural environment.. or something of the sort. I wrote around 11 pages double spaced. Also I think the examiners are going to be really frustrated marking my paper because I forgot to dot my i's... it's become a habit for me to write without dotting my i's and I meant to force myself to dot them as I wrote but I forgot.. oops. Overall, I enjoyed the poem, how about you? Also, for those who did the prose in TZ1: I'll be honest and admit that I never read it because I skipped right to the poem and quickly decided that's what I wanted to do. Is there any way I can somehow read it now? I'm curious as to what it was!
  6. Did anyone do the TZ1 poem, Watching for Dolphins by David Constantine? If so, what did you talk about?
  7. I think the reason I was so confused is because I'm also in Language A: Literature, not language and literature
  8. My class studied novels for our paper 2. I know that the layout of paper 2s has changed.... before you could pick from 2 questions under the "Novel and short story" category, OR you could also pick from 4 questions under the "General Questions on Literature" category, giving you a choice to answer 1 of 6 questions. Then, someone told me we still got to pick between 6 questions this year, except there are no longer any categories and everyone just chooses 1. NOW my friend is telling me that the teacher told her all the exams have changed, and this year you only get to pick between 3, per category, no more General Questions on Literature category.. so that means I only have 3 questions to pick from? If that was confusing: my question is, I studied novels, I have to answer one question, but how many questions do I get to pick from, for the May 2014 Paper 2 exam?
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