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  1. abel

    Chinese History

    Can anyone briefly explain how did the new culture movement transform into may fourth movement? What is the reason for this subtle transition? Thanks
  2. hey=) I take chinese A1 at HL, whereabouts are you studying in?
  3. abel


    tried messaging you:)!!
  4. Yep=) I've actually done it, but I'm hoping to see if I've missed any one.
  5. Hi there, I am looking for any descriptions of Tess' eyes. I've found one which is her 'large and innocent' eyes. I am in desperate need of someone who can tell me what other descriptions there are... Thanks a lot for your response=)!!!!
  6. abel


    Hi there:) Do you mind sharing us your notes on this topic ?
  7. abel

    Practice IA help...

    [quote name='ibislife' post='41951' date='Mar 29 2009, 07:46 AM']Ok. First of all, you could sort out exactly what is meant by "aggression" here. You could of course ponder more on this, but I'm going to divide into two parts: (1) To make the decision to invade Poland, and (2) the actual military campaign. I mostly agree with you that appeasement facilitated Hitler. For both (1) and (2), an effective method would probably be to look at different historians' interpretations. This seems like a well-researched topic, so there should be tons of material. You will see what conclusion they ended up with, and why. Next, you will have to structure what you have found into sections. This should be done in some systematic way, such as theme-by-theme. For every section, you should bring up what different views you have found (quotes, indirect references, maps in appendix(?), . . .), and then analyze this. This must be done in an explicit manner, where you thoroughly explain how you reached your own conclusion. I'm by no means a WWII-expert, but these are the factors I can think about right now: [b]For (1):[/b][list] [*]The Nazi ideology (lebensraum, etc.) - Was an eventual attack inevitable? [*]Intelligence reports - Did Hitler know about British and French intentions? [*]Did he feel certain about above? "Why would they stop him over Poland, but not over Czechoslovaka?" What did Hitler's close subordinates think? Did that matter? [*]Many other things... [/list] [b]For (2):[/b][list] [*]How did appeasement affect the German and the Polish armies military strengths? How much stronger was Germany in 1939, as compared to earlier? [*]Motivation to resist - What did the Polish government know? [*]etc. [/list] This seems like a lengthy IA to me, but maybe I missinterpreted it. Good luck![/quote] Hi ibislife, thanks for your ideas which is highly helpful:)! I would like to know how you would define aggression and what sort of appeasements are considered as 'appeasement'? Thanks:)!
  8. abel

    Practice IA help...

    Dear all, Recently my teacher has given a practice IA to us and the topic is: Did appeasement facilitate or hinder Hitler's aggression on Poland in 1939? My initial thoughts are that it facilitated Hitler, but I need some guidance as to what sort of evidence I should be summarising. Could someone please suggest or give me some advice? Thanks a million!
  9. [quote name='Sheela' post='37380' date='Feb 19 2009, 11:45 PM']I am just not into History and I really do wonder: why did I chose this subject???? Ah well maybe becuase the other option was economics... Argh.. Well the question is: How much justification was there by the end of 1916 for the view of some millitary commanders that the war could only be decided on the Western Front? Does anybody have this book as well? (ISBN-13 978-0-00-717377-8 or ISBN-10 0-00-717377-6) It's called: EUROPE 1870 - 1991 by Terry Morris and Derrick Murphy I hate the First World War... And the Second as well .___. Stupid German History ! Maybe someone can give me a few tipps? Like what should I mention? Or shall I just write an Essay?[/quote] I presume you're the candidate for 2010 right? If so, you really don't have to know much for paper 1 apart from 1920-1936. In paper 1, you are marked out of 25 marks, only 4 (in the last question) requires knowledge of post-war period. basically it's about bsing.... but for paper 2 ,you do need to know all about hitler and causes of war... (those info are based on what my teacher told me...). To be honest, economics is easier than history in IB... since I take both
  10. [quote name='dixie4x42000' post='37056' date='Feb 16 2009, 08:40 PM']I have to write a commentary comparing the narrative techniques in Heart of Darkness and Wuthering Heights. I need to discuss things like why Joseph Conrad chooses not to name the narrator and why both authors use narrarators in their novles. Anything interesting that I should discuss? Ideas?[/quote] Maybe it'll help by thinking about 3rd person limited/unlimited omniscient view and how it helps to bring out the respective themes.
  11. abel


    hey guys, it's really impressive that you're learning mandarin:)! 你們最喜歡幹甚麼的?
  12. Do you mind providing the first question? It's kind of hard to do it without the firsto ne...

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