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  1. Thank you all for your replies!! I really do appreciate them. Anyways i decided to go with my courses unchanged, hopefully, and wish for the best! however math hl is still somewhat borderlined, i really do want to study the subject but if it means I can get a better grade in SL .. nevertheless thank you guyss!!
  2. Hi, my name is Eden (as from my user name ) i'm currently in the 10th grade and going to IB the coming year. My classes I chose so far is English A LIt - HL Math - HL Chem - HL ITGS - HL Mandarin - SL Biology - SL A little background about me, I'm what you usually call an average student. "A" averages in classes that matter (example, Math, Sciences, etc.) and like trolling in classes that doesn't usually matter (aka. electives) ... public school . My academic classes this year would be English 10 Chem 11 Biology 11 Physics 11 Psychology 12 Mandarin 10 Social Studies 10 and a lot of electives. *Before IB starts, i'll finish Math 12 in summer school. My average on these classes would be around 90. Would my next year IB courses be too difficult compared to the fact that some of my current courses are only 1-2 years ahead? I am a very hardworking individual, basically meaning i'm willing (and currently doing) to study all day if it means i'll get my work done and done well. I am interested in pursuing a science, mainly chemistry or biology, major. I love to learn, so a lot of work wouldn't harm me too much "hopefully". Bottom line is, should I go with 4 HL's, challenge myself and learn more OR go with 3 HL's and possibly get a better mark? Thank You guys so much for reading and responding ! :D Btw, Im like really tired and sleepy atm so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I made. Thanks!!!
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