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  1. I'm not sure what gave our adivsors the brilliant idea to come up with a biology theme and expect all the sciences to draw something from that, but whatever. My group has the following topic, any input is appreciated: The affect of the pollution in the water on the stone skippage. The place used to be a landfill, so we're going to test samples of the polluted water for various chemicals and such, and compare it to that of water from another source. I think surface tension will be measured as well. Then video the arc of the stone's path.
  2. cashinapig

    Can you qualify a ToK Essay?

    also, can you use second-person tense when writing the paper, or does it have to be all third-person?
  3. We're doing a practice essay in class, and I was just wondering if it was okay to qualify. Here's our practice topic: Statistics can be very helpful in providing a powerful interpretation of reality but also can be used to distort our understanding. Discuss some of the ways in which statistics can be used or misused in different Areas of Knowledge to assist and mislead us, and how we can determine whether to accept the statistical evidence that is presented to us.
  4. cashinapig


    So, even if I went along the lines above, it'd still overlap into the arts? i could, of course, generalize it to all moslem influences.
  5. cashinapig


    Well, I was thinking how it was used by society to further the lines of extravagance during the [Crusades of the] Middle Ages, since that's around the time of the earliest usages of pointed arches in European architecture.
  6. cashinapig


    I THINK so. It's a Moslem influence, so I can tie that to other aspects of architecture, even. Write about how it contributed to the need for extravagance.
  7. cashinapig


    So if I choose society, it should be safer?
  8. cashinapig


    I'm having tons of trouble coming up with a good extended essay topic in various subjects, so I'm turning to History =P I'd just like some input on this idea: The influence of pointed arches on [architecture/society/art] in Europe ^^might be a little broad, but depending on which of the three I choose, I'll narrow down "Europe" into something more specific, maybe? I'm thinking about what accompanied the idea of arches in that time, and developments from it.. Any input is awesome. Thanks =)
  9. cashinapig

    Physics vs. Maths vs. History

    My main idea I'd like to roll with is arches. I can do a maths paper on the construction of arches - irrational numbers were considered god's number, therefore they were used in calculating. also the maths uses in creating the dome from the different types or physics- explaining the strengths of arches can only be done conceptually, it's the effect of gravity. also, the idea and how it works when the idea came about to build a double-bubble dome [two conjoined domes], from two domes that had to be free-standing in its parts as well as its whole. or history- following pointed dome through history and it's reason for introduction and usage in european architecure ANY comments are welcome. keep in mind- my physics teacher doesn't exist. we have a stand-in to tide us over in the hopes that we might find an actual physics teacher in time for our IB exams. so no REAL source to go to. However, there are other teachers at nearby schools that I can contact.
  10. cashinapig

    EE idea.. input greatly appreciated

    biochem, that was actually really helpful. Thanks! =) as far as asking a senior, however, my class is the first graduating IB class at my school, so I have no-one above me to go to.
  11. cashinapig

    EE idea.. input greatly appreciated

    I've got a general idea of the criteria for math, and little-to-none for physics. I'd prefer to write this for math, since I can talk about anti-Euclidean geometry and proportions of the arches and such.
  12. I've been having a hard time coming up with a good research question, having been shot down multiple times by various teachers. The current one I've been brainstorming is basically an evaluation of arches-- pointed, curved, and flat. (I got the idea from the book Pillars of the Earth). I was thinking that I could explain mathematically and analyze why Moslem-style arches are more efficient than curved ones. Going into some prelim research, however, I got a source that says the way to understand arches is conceptually, rather than mathematically, which I guess is also a good EE topic (.. keeping in mind that my current Physics teacher is barely qualified and does not understand anything IB-related). Decent topic? Any input would be awesome, thanks =)

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