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  1. saritaoel

    Best class moments

    Wow everyone's best class memories are hilarious! My most memorable class moments would be the times when we would all revolt against a teacher for assigning us an unjust assignment or giving us a test out of nowhere...one time we actually stormed into my our geometry teacher's room and all started yelling at the same time and eventually left yelling without even talking to him! He got the message though and postponed the test, good times! I guess the best moment would be during graduation ceremony though, which I CANNOT wait for any longer!!!
  2. saritaoel

    Art :D

    Wow, I think I'm late but since its your theme... Check out Marc Chagall if you haven't. Most of his paintings relate to love! They feature his wife as a bride. This is the official website: www.chagallpaintings.org He's my favorite artist... Hope I've helped. I'm very interested in your theme! It's hard to pull it off, but I'm sure you have.
  3. My school requires 50 service hours for our American diploma over the course of the four years of high school. For the IB CAS hours, however, at least 15 hours for Creativity, Action, and Service have to be completed each year for the two years. We don't need 360 hours! But the IB 150 hours is the only requirements needed. If we go beyond the 50 hours in each section then it counts towards our high school diploma service hours. In response to your last question; I don't know why other schools don't follow the IB quota. Maybe it counts towards the school's own diploma (non-IB) hours required for each student to complete? I have no idea!
  4. saritaoel

    If I Want To Study Medicine...

    Yeah it definitely is! I loove biology because I can see whatever I study in the everyday world! But the chemistry aspect is a bit more difficult because of its abstract-ness like you said. Right now we're taking the chemistry of life section of the syllabus and its not so bad, but I'm taking HL Chemistry as well and I'm not enjoying that at all. I guess I'll have to see when I start studying pre-med! Thanks to everyone else who responded to my question!
  5. saritaoel

    Revision course this summer?

    I've done Pre-IB in Stanford. I made a lot of new friends and for once was independant. And I'm still in touch with them. I took an SAT course which helped a LOT as it is not offered at my school.. Basically for the sciences (chemistry and biology) it didn't help much because thereweren't those "tricks" that can help you - its just syllabus, whereas in HL English I'm ahead of my class and am constantly getting the highest in my commentaries.. All in all, it' a good experience. But I would not do mid -- once is definitely enough!
  6. Service, service, service.. I'm generally a creative person and unintentionally collect creativity hours by doing very simple tasks such as designing posters, t-shirts, being in the play, in the art club etc. And action hours are less aggravating than service because you can also collect them unintentionally. I mean skiing? I got 20 hours from just skiing, and 20 from tennis and the rest from once again, being in the play (lots of dancing) Service is like AHHHHHH! You can't be independant and it feels like servitude.
  7. saritaoel

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    Btw, we share 4 classes at the same level (Biology, math, art and english) and my social is economics at HL too and my French at SL. Your texts are actually really good! It's so sad i'm craving others' texts. I'd love Love in in the Time of cholera, 1984 Anna Karenina etc. as my texts. How are they going? Btw, we share
  8. saritaoel

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    LOL, whats worse than Oedipus is ANTIGONE! And that's whatI just finished, along with Othello (Which actually, I like somewhat.) We're also doing the Stranger/Outsider, but I liked that too (already read it in French) We did Wuthering Heights and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which are both also very depresseing but I liked also. What's worst is Antigone -- hated it.. This semester we're going to read One Day in the Life of Ivan Desinovich, Uncle Vanya and the Stranger. I just realized our texts are not depressing at all . Thank you for that revelation!
  9. saritaoel

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    Honestly, I really shouldn't be replying to this topic because I've only had 2 classes of TOK so far. HOWEVER, I'm really enjoying it, so its a YAY for me. It's a bit challenging in terms of going beyond what we know and questioning our knowledge, but its really interesting. I hope I have the same outlook on the class next year, maybe I'll re-post my thoughts class then!
  10. We use New York Times articles all the time. http://www.nytimes.com/?excamp=GGGNnewyork...-new_york_times The articles are always really good. i don't know if you've ever used it before, but the info is always straightforward. Goodluck
  11. saritaoel

    CAS - is my school too strict?

    What?? for us, we have the 8 learning outcomes and you have to correspond them to your hours. So ofcourse they benefit you. For example, one is learned to work collabarticely, another learned eladership skills. As for the whole 20 hour thing -- yeah, we have that too. The're really strict about it. i'm in the play and I get 100 hours (thats a hell of a lot dedication), and I can only get 20. What I'm gonna do though is try to divide it into creativity, action (lots of dancing, its GREASE btw:P), and service (providing a performance.) It does work out that way. You know, CAS is very beneficial. I actually enjoy it.
  12. saritaoel

    Film as EE / EE on film?

    I've never seen someone actually do a film for their EE but your topic sounds interesting! I guess if you're already good at film and filmmaking you don't need a qualified supervisor. I'd make sure of the criteria and how they grade films instead of essays. I'd love to do a film instead of a long and boring essay, but I wouldn't know how to even start! haha. Good luck!
  13. saritaoel

    ahh the drama..the competition

    IB is extremely competitive my goodness. In our grade there are 20 students doing the diploma programme, and they're all really smart people. Theyre like VULTURES watching your every move, making sure they do better. And you know what - they get me all hyped up to compete too! As if the whole point is to beat out your friends. Whatever, our grade is too nerdy. They all have big expectations. Grrr!
  14. saritaoel

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    My worst case scenario so far has been my hard drive crashing. This is what happened: The night it crashed my partner and I recorded video clips of ourselves for our french project; it was a telejournal about our school. That night, after recording, re-recording, editing and clipping, I opened my computer to find that "no operating system could be found." I didn't think much of it and went to sleep because I didn't know what it meant! I woke up the next day and opened it to find the same message! I freaked out and went all around the city trying to find someone who might fix it but every time someone looked at it they told me everything was gone. This occurred 2 days before the french project was due. BUT, everything worked out because some clips were still saved on the camera's memory and we re-recorded. I'm still in mourning over all the things that were lost in my hard drive

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