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  1. I've taken french since my freshman year, 2009 and every year since then. I am in SL at the moment, and am doing perfectly fine. But, I've put forth a bit of work to get as good as I am. Depending on your personal level, you could do HL. My teacher is preparing us for paper 1 and 2 on an HL curriculum and it is very hard. However, I am perfectly prepared for SL and have a predicted 6. If you do HL, be prepared.
  2. Since your EE is in history, I would pick a definitive time period and stick to it. It will keep you focused and will make sure you don't go over 4000. That being said, it could be to your advantage WWI, at least a bit. Be careful that this does not turn into a biology paper. When organizing your EE, give background information and then narrow it down. Essentially, you should start kinda broad and then get more and more specific. This will make sure that your essay is comprehensible.
  3. I'm writing on this topic right now actually. My final copy is due tomorrow and I procrastinated horribly. The way that I was advised to go about this is by using human sciences, ethics, religion and such as a counter claim. In almost every topic that my class has discussed, I didn't really have an opinion, I basically was on the fence about anything. In my essay, I have talked about how in natural science and math, you need evidence but as the areas of knowledge become more subjective, they require less and less tangible evidence. By tangible evidence, I mean something that without a doubt proves a claim to be either true or false. It would also help if you had a very strict definition of evidence so that you can rule out what is or is not evidence.
  4. HelenaJade

    4 HLs?

    I don't suggest that you take both HL chem and bio. I'm in HL chemistry and while I'm really good at it, I wouldn't want ot do that and HL biology, they offer both at my school. And with the amount of memorization required in both I don't think that it would be smart. I also take IB visual arts SLA and I like to think that I do really well in there. But, you have to write. A lot. For each artwork, you need a minimum of 20 IWB pages. Not to mention, you may not be very inspired for a while and it's hard to do a good CONCEPTUAL artwork on something you don't feel; it's also really hard to write as much as you need to. In SLA, we have to submit 12 artworks ( you can submit at least 8 but they grade you really hard) and 30 pages from our IWB. I'm findin it difficult to choose because I have so much and you'd have a lot more in HL. I recommend that you just do 3 HL's.
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