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  1. For my History IA I want to compare the Roaring Twenties/Lost Generation of the 20s and the Beat Generation of the 50s. They are very similar as they came about under the same circumstances - a world war. They were both counterculture and found similarities in music, literature, and alcohol/drugs. They both acted out against the restrictive societal norms of their day. The only major difference between the two is that the 20s was about spending money and living a lavish life and the 50s was about sort of going back to the basics and living a humbe life. This sort of lead me to the question, "How counterculture was the Beat Generation if it shared so many similarities with the Roaring Twenties/Lost Generation?" Can someone tell me if this is a good question? Any different ideas are great too! Please and thank you!
  2. I'm doing my IA on the correlation between gender and social media usage (time spent social networking every day). I am going to do a chi squared test for my first sophisticated process but need help finding a second one. Does a t-test count as a sophisticated process? PLEASE HELP!
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