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  1. ib-dying

    Retake, which grade counts?

    i think you're allowed to re-sit up to three times and they take your highest mark however, remember that everytime you sit them you're basically losing half a year, don't think melbourne is the only choice or that this is the only way to get in!
  2. ib-dying

    IB courses you wish you hadn't taken, but did/do

    wish i didn't do physics!
  3. ib-dying

    SL Physics nov 2013

    i thought paper 2 section A was a lot harder than other years but section B was okay, i did question 4, seems like not many people did it? paper 1 was okay, i just really hope i didn't make too many mistakes and paper 3 i did options A and B... i'm not really sure about those, paper 3 is the weakpoint for me
  4. ib-dying

    Eco HL November Exams

    Paper 1 was okay and so was paper 2 except I didn't really like the articles, espcially the trade ones didn't give much choice in my opinion. Paper 3 TOTALLY threw me off. It was so much harder than May and since there are basically no practice exams for it, it was so unexpected
  5. ib-dying

    Significance of Music in A Street Car Named Desire

    Varsouviana and the polka represent Blanche and her old pre-civil war, Southern ideals. She is part of the old Southern ideals where blacks and immigrants generally were not accepted in society. The blues represents Stanley and the fact that he is sexual and it is the new style of music. Stanley is part of the new wave of immigrants in the USA. Then there's the Paper Doll and another song but I'm not sure what to really say about that... sorry!
  6. ib-dying

    Which HL to drop, Chem or Math?

    I do both at the moment and personally I find the theory in maths easier but exam questions harder and the chem theory harder but exam questions easier. I guess it's what you prefer but personally I would drop HL chem if I had the option.
  7. ib-dying

    Is this a CAS project?

    it can't really be a project though unless it involved action or service too?
  8. ib-dying

    Starting IB next year, any advice on my courses?

    HL biology is also a lot of memorisation and from what I see from other people doing HL French, it's not too bad as long as you're willing to try to expand your vocabulary in every way possible due to the literature component of it and the harsher mark schemes.
  9. ib-dying


    do you do HL maths? if so, the chi-squared distribution or the goodness of fit test is in option A statistics and probability. the steps are basically: 1. state null and alternative hypotheses 2. test statistic 3. find the distribution 4. p-value or critical region 5. accept or reject the null hypothesis if you haven't done it, which i'm assuming you haven't you will not get any of that but take a look in your textbook it will make it clear
  10. You could say something about how Blanche always wears white especially in the first scene when she arrives wearing white to feign her purity and innocence. Apart from that I'm not really sure sorry! Tell me if you come up with something though
  11. ib-dying

    Physics SL vs. Chem SL

    I do Physics SL and Chemistry HL and I find physics pretty difficult to get my head around in some topics! Just the way you go about calculations. However, I guess the same goes for the calculation topics in chemistry too...
  12. ib-dying

    Your Favorite IB Class

    sounds weird but maths HL only because my teacher is the bomb
  13. ib-dying

    Calculator for SL Math

    my school uses the ti-nspire non-cas it will seriously burn a hole in your pocket
  14. ib-dying

    Does your school offer PE class in Grade11&12?

    noope and thank goodness for it

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