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  1. I'm doing this topic as well and I find that Sapir-Whorf, Clockwork Orange, 1984, and other cliched stuff like that is too overused. DO you people have anything else that is unique? Well maybe you could aid in the acquisition of that idea... Isn't that what IB Survival is for?
  2. Abdominal Procrastinator

    History SL/HL Help

    I don't know if there are any IB history study guide other then the Oxford one. I haven't seen it, but how useful is it? And are there any books with all the syllabus in it? Cause what happens is that my teacher ends up giving use 20 year-old tattered books and flimsy handouts etc... and then we take notes while she lecture and then she gives us more handouts.
  3. Abdominal Procrastinator

    Number of History HL IA's

    We do one trial one in Year 1, and one in Year 2. However, we are not allowed to submit the first one we did.
  4. I used natural science and history. I talked about how emotion the other WOK's differed. (Mine wasn't very good.)
  5. Abdominal Procrastinator

    Use of notation and Terminology in IA

    I thought I would open a topic for any questions relating to general topic questions concerning notation and terminology in Math IAs. My question is what is the correct notation for minuscule numbers, e.g. 0.00000000000038127. Do you use sci notation or what?
  6. Abdominal Procrastinator

    French Reading Material

    I don't know about others, but I find learning specific vocabulary lists much better if you want to EXPAND YOUR VOCAB. Not your reading comphrension skills. I would recommend pre-translated (human of course) texts with a language your're fluent in, so it's much easier to comprehend. By the way, OUP is releasing a French B course companion, but thats in mid next year I think.
  7. Abdominal Procrastinator

    Learning how to drive?

    I don't think so, because you are getting credit (as in a driver's license). Also it wouldn't fall under any categories.
  8. Abdominal Procrastinator

    comparitive essay

    I like the character comparison, but also have you picked a specific topic?
  9. Abdominal Procrastinator

    What gift to get my physics teacher?

    If your teacher likes music, you can get the Einstein Theory of music. Or just get a hand written card and a box of chocolates. Plain and classic.
  10. Abdominal Procrastinator


    I think it's sort of like a wikipedia. Its not recommended to be cited on a paper, but rather browsed for background material and previewing material. Same with all the other study guides out there; my teachers do not recommend it and most likely they know the material there very well so they can tell whether you're leeching.
  11. Abdominal Procrastinator

    General Math Examination Tips

    Unless stated, limit your answers to 3 significant digits. And also, my recommendation is to skip any question you cannot answer at once (but budget enough time to come back to it), it doesn't detract from your focus on the exam.
  12. Abdominal Procrastinator

    Average Total of IB Scores

    Actually, they probably have all the private school privileges (tutors, time organizers, exam retakes, dedicated teachers), etc. And the children are rich and famous, and I assume should have a high initial level of education. By the way, this convo is going way off topic. Our school had an average score of 34.5, with highest score being 44 (I think and only 5% failing).
  13. Abdominal Procrastinator

    CAS Supervisors?

    At our school, practice cannot be counted as CAS, but performances, lessons, and other supervised activities count. And I believe that those proposed activities have to be something different from what you have previously done, (but most CAS coordinators approve related activities anyways).
  14. Abdominal Procrastinator

    Continent Wars

    EUR to NA Asia - 70 Europe - 33 Australia - 85 N. America - 119
  15. Abdominal Procrastinator


    First you can talk about the issue, then relate it to several TOK topics such as paradigm shift and the different types of knowledge and how it is acquired by different persons in the UAE and other parts of the world.

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