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  1. rainbow

    French B HL

    What do you guys think about the French B HL exam?? I thought the texts in paper 1 were reasonably understandable especially the literary one. I usually struggle to understand them, but the ones in the exam were ok. The essay titles on Paper 2 were pretty tough in my opinion. When I opened the paper I had to giggle when I saw the chickens...400 words on chickens in a cage?? Definitely don't have enough vocab on farming When I saw Sartre's quote "L'enfer, c'est les autres" I was wondering if I m sitting an A language exam. seriously how can they expect someone to write a philosophy essay after 5 years of learning french? my vocab is far too limited for that. In the end I chose the interview with a guy who just returned from an island and his first impression of modern society. I actually enjoyed that essay. Which essays did you choose?
  2. rainbow

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    TZ2 I did not like the questions in section B especially because for most of the 8 mark question I could only write something for about 5 marks. Paper 1 wasn't too bad. Oh well biology is over, no point in worrying about answers!!
  3. rainbow

    How do you study best for biology?

    http://www.sumanasinc.com/webcontent/animations/biology.html this web page is absolutely fantastic!! gonna watch lots of animations tonight. Good luck everyone for tomorrow!!
  4. Does the IB mark you down for spelling mistakes in subjects other than languages such as History? When I'm under time pressure I make some stupid spelling mistakes. I am quite worried that I'll lose marks.
  5. rainbow

    History HL Papers 1 & 2 -- May 2010

    Uhh... the question about conditions of a state was for a left-wing leader. The right-wing question was regarding the ideologies and support for the leader. Europe is timezone 2 and America TZ 1, right? So questions were sligthly different.
  6. rainbow

    History HL Papers 1 & 2 -- May 2010

    I thought history was not too bad. There were plenty of do able essay questions on papers 2. I did the one about why germany lost world war 1 and the circumstances leading to a right wing leader and I chose Hitler. For the second one I analysed the relative importance of the great depression, political weakness of weimar, resentment of T of V helping hitler rise to power and what he did to exploit the factors...I hope that's what they want for circumstances wasn't quite sure. Paper 1 about Abyssinian crisis was also ok. Actually I did not think that the format was different - the usual OPVL, similarities and differences, cartoon, nothing unexpected in my oppinion. I just finished in time, always struggle with time menagement. Thank God history is over!!!
  7. rainbow

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    I recall the name Cornelia Funke, what has she written? Ich liebe Cornelia Funke , ihre Bücher sind einfach klasse . Es sind zwar eher kinder Bücher , aber das ist kein Grund sie nicht zulesen . Also sie hat zum beispiel die triology Tintenherz , Tintenblut,Tinentod geschrieben und Herr der Diebe ...wie gesagt ihre Bücher sind sehr empfehlenswert!
  8. rainbow

    Stereotype the Person Above You.

    you eat frog legs and snails whilst holding a baguette and you are going nowhere without a beret .
  9. rainbow

    Maths Studies' acceptance in UK

    That isn't entirely true . In my school nearly everyone is doing maths studies and still every year maths studies people get accepted for Oxbridge.
  10. rainbow

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    You have to read books in german B ?? we don't read books in french B.
  11. rainbow

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Also hier sind ein paar deutsche Redewendungen , die mir gerade so einfallen . Manche sind nützlicher als andere und ihr könnt nicht alle in euren schriftlichen examen benützen.Aber ich denke , dass es ganz nützlich ist , ein paar deutsche Redewendungen zu kennen , weil diese ein große Rolle in unserer Alltagssprache spielen und auch oft in texten benutzt werden. > die Kirche im Dorf lassen (leave the church in the village) meaning : not go too far, not get carried away > nach Strich und Faden meaning: (in a) good and proper (manner) > Das passt wie die Faust aufs Auge. meaning: It's all wrong. It's out of place. It clashes. (colours) > fix und fertig sein meaning: to be at the end of one's rope/tether, to be all in/exhausted > ins Fettnäpfchen treten ("to step into the grease bowl") meaning: to put one's foot in it, put one's foot in one's mouth, commit a faux pas > ein Haar in der Suppe ("hair in the soup") Meaning : something to quibble/moan/complain about; a fly in the ointment Examples: "Er findet immer ein Haar in der Suppe." (He always finds something to complain about/a fly in the ointment.) - "Das ist das einzige Haar in der Suppe." (That's the only fly in the ointment.) > jmdn durch den Kakao ziehen ("to drag s.o. through the cocoa") meaning: to make fun of s.o., to ridicule s.o. 'Hals über Kopf' (neck over head) meaning: in a bad hurry 'Wo drückt der Schuh?' ("Where does the shoe pinch?") meaning: 'What's the trouble?' ' 'für die Katz sein' lit: 'to be for the cat,' meaning:'to be a waste of time.' aus einer Mücke einen Elefanten machen' (to make an elephant out of a mosquito meaning:'to make a mountain out of a molehill' 'Ich habe die Nase voll ' meaning: I 've had enough 'Ich stehe auf dem schlauch '(I'm standing on a tube) meaning: I dont know what's going on Naja, ich gaube das ist genug fürs Erste .
  12. rainbow

    Group 4 project topics

    we have been given the topic : confectionary...we are currently working on it. I think it is kind of fun , but it makes you eating many sweets=) However , we are going to present our topic in front of teachers,parents and new IB students ...I feel pity for everyone who is listening, that must be so boring .
  13. rainbow

    english WL1

    Thanks a lot !!
  14. rainbow

    Heinemann or Course Companion?

    Don't buy the course Companion for maths . 1) There are so many errors in the questions 2) it contains more TOK than maths.(that's maybe a bit exaggerated 3) the topics aren't describe detailed enough 4) and presented in a totally confusing way. so I would strongly advice not to buy the course companion for maths but the biology one is quite useful.
  15. rainbow

    French Extended Essay

    I'm doing my extended essay in french B and I'm far away from being bilingual.The Ib doesnt mark you on your language,of coures it has to be comprehensible , but it doesnt has to be in perfect french.As long as it is analytical and following the syllabus , you will get good marks. in may class , 3 people are doing EE in french B and no one is close to be fluent in french . So if you enjoy french , do it .

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