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  1. CommeDesEnfants

    Requirements for a Scholarship to a Canadian University

    Don't know if you got an answer yet, but in Canada it depends on the school. UBC will generally give you $2,500 if you have somewhere in the mid-30s or above, I believe. McGill's scholarships are a lot more stingy; they want you to have a predicted of at least 41 out of 42 (yes, bonus points NOT included), plus you have to submit an application. The major scholarships tend to be renewable though, so it's worth it in the end.
  2. CommeDesEnfants

    IB credits at McGill

    Oh, really? I'm doing 4 courses this semester, but that's because there's a 17 credit limit for each semester. Since a lot of the 100-level freshman science courses are worth 4 credits instead of 3, I already have 15/16 credits for both semesters, so I can't fit anymore courses in. Hopefully they'll look at credits more than they do about the number of courses.
  3. CommeDesEnfants

    IB credits at McGill

    I had heard that IB students typically get 30 credits from McGill, thus pushing them into their U1/second year at the university. No, I am not talking about transfer credits. However, when I was looking at my unofficial transcript, it said that I only received 28. I called McGill, and somebody told me that "28 credits was already really good." Now, I know what you're thinking - "2 credits isn't that big of a deal." No, it really isn't, but it really could mean an extra course for me. Seeing as how my schedule's already looking to be quite jam-packed, I'll barely have time for this extra course over my next 3.5/4 years in Montreal. Anybody care to shed some light into this? Also, can I use my English/History credits as elective credits towards the 120 credits that I need in total for my major on top of the 28 I already have?
  4. CommeDesEnfants

    Mark Boundaries

    Anybody have the boundaries for TZ1?
  5. CommeDesEnfants

    Can you write an EE on a subject you aren't taking?

    An EE is going to be a bit of a challenge no matter what. Like slizzie said, if you have sufficient knowledge in the subject, then you could absolutely attempt it. However, if you're doing Psychology simply because it interests you, that may be a little risky. You'd also need to find a teacher who can properly supervise you, and if none of them teach psychology, their limitations may extend beyond simply not knowing the EE criteria and guidelines. Otherwise, you may be better off with another subject area.
  6. CommeDesEnfants

    What Grade Did You Get for Your EE?

    Got an A on mine in music for the musical effects of Schoenberg's "A Survivor From Warsaw." Considering how I never took IB Music and I really felt like I was knocking on wood with this one, I was pretty surprised.
  7. CommeDesEnfants

    May 2010 Official Results Thread

    English A1 HL - 6 French B SL - 7 [from last year] History of Europe HL - 7 Biology HL - 7 Mathematics SL - 7 Chemistry SL - 7 EE in Music - A TOK - C Total: 43 Hm, lower than my predicted. I wonder what happened to my TOK mark... I was kind of expecting English, though. Oh well, at least it's over!
  8. CommeDesEnfants

    Worst Fear in an Exam

  9. CommeDesEnfants

    Biology SL/HL help

    Is the descending limb of the loop of Henle permeable to ions? One of my sources says yes, some say slightly and one says not at all.
  10. CommeDesEnfants

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    (since SL and HL Chem Paper 3s are rather similar most years, I'll just post this here.) SL Paper 3, TZ1. Option B = HAHA, I WAS EPIC OWNED. Bye bye 5-6 marks... Figures, the one thing I didn't really study, the actual groups involved in tertiary structure, would be on there! I also didn't get the last deficiency for diseases; I knew beriberi and goitre, but I had NEVER heard of the last one. Apparently it was vitamin B3, but major darn there. What did people get for that iodine question? I got around 0.007 dm^3. Option D = much better, although I wasn't sure of the more effective antacid question. I converted the grams into moles and then multiplied by 2 for Mg(OH)2 to find the amount of HCl that it would neutralize, and it was still greater than 1g of AgHCO3, so I put Mg(OH)2. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like a lot of other members of my class did...
  11. CommeDesEnfants

    History HL Paper 3: History of Europe [May 2010]

    Oh, how much "analysis" did you really write for the first two? I kind of found it hard to be super analytical in a way that I was used to with compare/contrast..
  12. CommeDesEnfants

    marked down for spelling mistakes in history?

    The Lusitania? Frankly, spelling is my least concern - I'm doubtful that they'll even be able to read my writing!
  13. Certainly not for TZ1 - trust me. My chem teacher's said they've been anywhere from 76 to 82 in the past.
  14. CommeDesEnfants

    grade boundaries?

    They were 28/40 last year for our time zone. However, they tend to change from year to year depending on the difficulty of the exam (oh, they better)!
  15. CommeDesEnfants

    May 10 Chemistry Paper 1 & 2

    I just wrote the overall equation... Darn, I'm paranoid now. I wrote that they were both wrong because I2 didn't affect the rate. What a dumb question, though. Could've asked us on bond angles or something, but nooo.

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