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  1. Hi, you could consider the implications that the theme of the American dream has on the characterisation or the plot of a play or novel. for example, in death of a salesman how willy's strong ambition to achieve the American dream caused a rift in his relationship with Biff because well, he wanted Biff to achieve the dream for him. You could also discuss how not achieving the american dream accounts for willy's downfall ultimately which could be explored through the plot. this is the only play that i have analysed. you could also look at streetcar named desire though i do not know to what extent the theme is explored. try and keep the RQ focused so you can go more in depth while conducting your analysis. good luck
  2. Thank you so much! I was also wondering what the historical aspect of the criteria needs to be mentioned as part 3. I think its 1,500 words but i don't know what needs to be written thanks again
  3. IB considers musical theatre to be a separate component altogether. I know this cause i wanted to do an IPP on it but I was not allowed. You can have music through your PPP if you wish to
  4. Hi so my theatre PPP in due in a few days and my teacher has no idea how to go about it. I have read a few samples and my stimuli is DNA of human beings. It would be really nice if someone could tell me how exactly one has to go about a PPP. I'm freaking out at this moment cause I don't really know what to do. thanks
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