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  1. Most US universities require two letters of rec from teachers. Sometimes you can also submit a third letter of rec from a coach, tutor, etc.
  2. arigiz

    ess or biology

    I know that the scoring rubrics for SL Bio can be difficult-- they are very specific. However, I would assume that the ESS rubrics have a similar level of specificity. Bio was a difficult class, but as long as you study, you will do fine on the test because it is basically all memorization. I got a 7, and I studied a lot.
  3. arigiz

    Biology or ESS?

    I would also go with Bio. I took SL Bio this past year, and found it really interesting! Also, with the options that my class did, we ended up learning a lot of material that overlapped with the SL ESS class. There are so many interesting overlaps with other subjects that I discovered in bio, and I think that there are sometimes less in ESS.
  4. arigiz

    ess or biology

    I think that either way, you're going to be doing writing (it is IB after all), but Bio does have less writing than ESS. I took Bio-SL this past year, but many of my friends took ESS- SL. On the Bio exam, there is a multiple choice section, and there is only one extended response.
  5. Hi everyone! I am about to start writing my EE, but I am worried that my research question is too broad. My EE is on Economics, and currently my research question is: To what extent was the 2010 World Cup beneficial to the South African economy? I've read some things that say that it's better to focus on a specific region of the country rather than the whole macroeconomy. Is that true? Should I choose a specific region to focus on? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. arigiz

    Canadian Student Applying to UC

    I would contact the admissions offices at Cal (UC Berkeley) and UCLA. Since you're from a different country, you have different requirements in high school, and they probably will recognize that. There are links to contact the admissions offices here : http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/freshman/requirements/admission-by-exception/index.html Cal and UCLA are great schools, I'm going to apply to them as well. Good luck!
  7. Like Water for Chocolate Jane Eyre-- why is this book so long? I was literally skipping over large paragraphs while reading it because it was so redundant
  8. arigiz

    EE Help- Several topics/ Bio/ Econ

    You should definitely choose to do an EE in a subject that interests you. Otherwise, you'll be spending a bunch of time researching and writing about something that you don't care about! I'm doing an Economics EE, but I've heard that English EEs are also good as well. Good luck!
  9. arigiz

    IB SL Economics Exam Discussion

    Paper 1 #3 was about disinflation and inflation I think. I did 2 and 4 on Paper 1. I felt pretty confident about 2 but I think I could have done a bit better on 4. Paper 2 was pretty easy though; I did 1 and 4.

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