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  1. Poor with a good family relationship Would you rather live for a thousand years, or live 10 separate normal lives
  2. Hi Just to clarify, I didn't stop with my creativity and service activities. I still continue those projects My question was whether it does matter if there are some gaps in my action activities (eg due to holidays or winterbreak). Or if I skip a training and then do it on a completely different day. It shouldn't really, as long as you're consistent with it and still do it. You won't get in trouble for doing action on a Tuesday of one week and a Wednesday of the other, what matters is that you actually do it And obviously winter break/ holidays is understandable, they're your school breaks and you're not a machine after all. When you write your CAS portfolio, you could put something along the lines of "once a week, for three whole semesters/terms" or forever how long you did the action for. I hope this helps!
  3. check the college board website, they should have a list of the exam dates this year
  4. If I recall correctly, I remember having around 7 IAs to do/complete, tok and EE towards the end of IB 1. Crazy times indeed!
  5. Thank you! Someone understands where I'm coming from I assume you're Muslim, right? You assumed correctly haha . haha, me too
  6. So I guess my purpose for this post is to say that it is you religious people who believe in god in the first place, so it is you who have to provide evidence for it. It's not the job of science to disprove all 'idiotic' theories in the world. Science is a method of discovering things, not a method to disprove things. To be honest, I think the discussion of god would have ended a long time ago if people just tried to look at the scientific evidence before their own eyes to see how many things the bible & the quran (& many other scriptures) contradict with the real-life evidence. So please people, you don't want to be a slave to your own imaginative being who's watching you right above your head, do you? What I don't understand is the modern notion that science and religion contradict. Many of our greatest physicists (including Isaac Newton), mathematicians and scientists were people of faith, and their discoveries only served to strengthen their faith. However, you brought up point that the Bible and the Quran contradict with scientific evidence. I for one have not read the bible, but I have to say that the Quran by no means contradicts scientific evidence and in fact contains many scientific miracles that I know feel compelled to list lol. 1) Islam is in support of the Big Bang theory and the idea that the Universe is constantly expanding. "And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it."(The Qur'an, 51:47) 20 One of the properties of seas that has only recently been discovered is related in a verse of the Qur'an as follows: "He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through."(The Qur'an, 55:19-20) This property of the seas, that they come together yet do not mingle with one another at all, has only very recently been discovered by oceanographers. Because of the physical force called "surface tension", the waters of neighbouring seas do not mix. Caused by the difference in the density of their waters, surface tension prevents them from mingling with one another, just as if a thin wall were between them. The interesting side to this is that during a period when people had no knowledge of physics, surface tension, or oceanography; this was revealed in the Qur'an. 3) We made every living thing from water? Will they not believe? (Quran 21:30) In this verse water is pointed out as the origin of all life, and what living beings consist mostly of. The fact that living things consist mostly of water was discovered only after the invention of the microscope. There are many many other verses containing topics ranging from geology to the human embryo to evolution in the Quran, a book revealed 1400 years ago. It could not have been possibly written by a man. The Quran is not designed to be a science textbook, but I suggest you look into it and try to find a single scientific contradiction , If you ask me, science is proof of God. Thank you! Someone understands where I'm coming from I assume you're Muslim, right?
  7. I suggest starting soon and pacing yourself, not full on revision right now but more intense later, and doing past papers often to ensure you haven't forgotten anything. You probably won't have finished the syllabus by now since it's early, but go over old content now so that when you're closer to exam time you only have the new content to worry about, which shouldn't be too much of a problem because it'll be fresh in your mind. The only thing I'll warn you about is something that happened to me, and that is overconfidence. Just because you're acing in class tests and getting good grades on class work does not mean that you don't have to revise for that subject. Because, as good as you may be in class, it does not mean that you won't find the exam difficult (as in my case). Sure, you may revise less for that subject, but at least do past papers because that is the key to being successful. I didn't start revising until later and I found myself cramming last minute revision, selectively revising certain topics etc. - I was a mess, and my grades reflected that (I was predicted 6s in all my HLs). Also, make sure you give each subject the revision time it deserves - don't focus on one subject and ignore the others, make sure you go through all of them properly. Last but not least, good luck!
  8. My school was pretty strict about class attendance. The only time I really saw people skipping classes (including me) was just before the exams when all we were doing in school was revision anyway. It depends on your school, although they should technically be giving you free sessions each week allocated for CAS because apparently it's some IB rule that IB students should be given time during the week to do CAS, but most people used them as extra study sessions in my school and did CAS in their own time. I don't suggest you skip class though, to be honest. You shouldn't take risks with the IB, because there's a lot of content and you don't want to be missing out while you're revising at home. Good Luck
  9. I know, I meant to say that. Sorry, wasnt thinking straight. EDIT: Huge rant/emotional outbreak coming out. So today after TOK, which was our last class for the day, I walked next to her and since she had been looking worn out of late, I asked her if everything was OK. At this point, another dude turns up. She tells me everything's fine and that she's just tired from school. Then she basically ignores me and playfully wacks this other dude on his head, and they start chatting. I walked away, and she didnt even say bye. I felt so ****ing bad. I mean it ****ing hurt, that he just sort of ignored me totally. I was so upset and feeling shattered. And now i doubt if I even have a ****ing chance. I mean what the hell, it seems like she doesnt even care. I am so ****ing upset, I'm thinking of working out harder, (excercise always makes me feel better), until she notices my muscles or something. I am feeling like a ****ing wreck thats been ****ing incinerated. I know that I should not let it define me and all that, but i just think that it's like she doesn't even think I'm a friend. I somehow think that the chances of her going with me to prom have just slipped into ****ing negatives. Thanks to whoever read this, and sorry about the language, i just burst today. Please stop. I'm not here to give you advice about how to get the girl of your dreams or whatnot, I'm just here to tell you to wake up a bit. You're revolving your life around trying to please this one girl, who may not even like you back. You're losing yourself here while trying to impress others. If you keep obsessing over how to get this girl and she rejects you, that rejection is going to hit hard and it's going to hurt. I'm not some kind of love guru or anything, this is just common sense. Live your life, and stop being consumed by ideas of whether she likes you or not. The most important thing now is to focus on your studies (I sound like a parent, I know), if your whole time is spent focusing on the girl then your grades are going to suffer. And lastly, don't make going to the gym a habit 'to impress girls' because some girls hate it when a guy tries to show off, make it a lifestyle choice to be healthy. Long story short, focus on your life and studies, and the right girl will come in her own time. My views may be different as I come from a religious background (the no dating sort), but I just thought I'd put my two cents in.
  10. Please reference something for your 'real life' examples, don't just use normal facts that everyone knows to support your argument. You have to research, and reference your examples. I've attached my tok essay (this isn't the final draft as I don't have access to it anymore - it's the one before, but there's hardly any difference), just to help understand how to structure your ideas and essay, as I received an A for TOK tok essay.pdf
  11. This made me laugh, I am an IB chemistry teacher, not a student! Haha sorry! I just wish I knew about your site when I had my exams back in May
  12. You're a life saver for people out there! Are you counting this for CAS? If not, you really should!
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