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  1. Ib_slave

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    For the global temperature question, I'm pretty sure it's A -> increase in detritus from melting of permafrost. Don't really remember the translation question sorry
  2. Ib_slave

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    Yup platyhelminthes = flat worm
  3. Ib_slave

    Case Study 2010

    Can anyone share their evaluation of the 3 different options for N-Pharma?
  4. Ib_slave

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    I applied to the College of Arts and Sciences as an international financial aid candidate so my chances are actually pretty slim. But it can't hurt to hope haha Thanks! I'm actually a Canadian citizen as well so I'm hoping that'll help me out scholarship-wise
  5. Ib_slave

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    I posted mine (if that makes any difference haha)
  6. Ib_slave

    Discussion of Uni Offers 2010

    Anyone get uni offers yet from UK, US, etc? Since people are hesitant to post without other people posting theirs first, I may as well put my college list SAT I: CR 690, M 670, W 710 SAT II: Maths II 760, Biology M 750 IB Predicted: 43/45 Applied to: University of Pennsylvania Cornell University Johns Hopkins University Duke University Northwestern University University of Chicago Brandeis University University of British Columbia National University of Singapore If anyone feels like chancing me, please do.
  7. Ib_slave

    Business IA Help

    Sounds a bit like the sample IA "Should Oamps Insurance Brokers (OIB) expand its operations into the Shanghai market in the short-medium term." You can use that for reference, it's in the IBsurvival files. Don't try to copy the whole format word per word though, try to make it your own somehow...
  8. Ib_slave

    May 2008 Statistics

    Diploma statistics for May '08
  9. I was thinking of comparing the treatment of justice between Solzhenitsyn's "A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" and Camus' "The Outsider/Stranger" but I'm guessing that I would be better off using the topic of 'authority' or 'freedom' since they're a bit more broad... What do you think? This is for WL1 by the way
  10. Would this be a good topic to write about? Or is it a dead-end subject?
  11. Ib_slave

    Getting in to Harvard

    And I know a guy who got into Harvard... who lied on his application. Quite stupid of him to announce to the world what he did though Can't universities check if you are lying? If they can't, isn't it very possible to make up extracurricular activities on your application and make yourself look really good? Don't even think about it haha it's sooo not worth it if you get caught!
  12. Ib_slave

    Singapore Universities

    The sad thing is I know around 3 people who've gotten into at least 1 of the 3 unis. 3 of them did our local Filipino curriculum - one got admitted to SMU business and the other to SMU economics. While the last person was awarded the ASEAN scholarship and went to NUS... So I would've been better off at a local school than I am now at an international school?!!
  13. Ib_slave

    Singapore Universities

    Wow that sucks... May I ask what course you and your friend applied for? Maybe it was a tad more selective than others?
  14. Ib_slave

    Singapore Universities

    I read from another topic in this forum that the National University of Singapore is biased against IB, favoring the A-levels instead. Is this still true up to now? Also what grade out of 42 should I be aiming for if I am to apply for law or economics either at National University of Singapore or Singapore Management University? Any insights and suggestions will be appreciated.
  15. I don't exactly have a very clear idea on what tension is and where it exists in the novel. Does it mean the same thing as conflict? Any help will be great. Thanks!

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