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  1. JonathanL

    The last film you watched

    Film: The Anchorman When: Yesterday
  2. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    While I was working I thought about it and I know in Canada the government gives an amount of money to a program by the number of students and the problem is probably the money and I thought I could try with the others to raise money for the program and maybe revive it. I want to know what you think of it and your idea, thanks
  3. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    Not really, there is another program but you need to have like 90% in French. Even if I was good in French the deadline for the inscriptions is like tomorrow
  4. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    IB was the only way to go to an university outside of quebec
  5. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    I know it's not the end of the world, but the ****ty province I am currently living (province of Quebec) is ****ed up. The Quebec is full of separatist and they're so scared of the rest of Canada and U.S, all the pre-university programs are made that we can't leave Quebec and if we want to go to university we must stay in Quebec, so I will never be able to get the **** out of that socialist hole and realise my dreams.
  6. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    there's no AP in my ****ing ****ty province
  7. JonathanL

    IB cancelled

    WTF!!! I am so ****ing angry right now, I worked so hard to be accepted in the IB diploma, I was accepted, I was supposed to be in the IB diploma next year, I was so ****ing happy but the school called me tonight to tell me the IB program was cancelled. Not enough inscriptions !!! All my motivation is gone, I would almost like to drop out school (but I wont do it, I'm not retarded).
  8. I have writing exam tomorrow what should I do to be totally prepared
  9. JonathanL

    Need tips in french

    haha ok thanks:P
  10. JonathanL

    French SL - Oral Exam Tips?

    What is your oral about?
  11. JonathanL

    Need tips in french

    I meant writing, not handwriting sorry thank you
  12. I've recently been accepted in the IB program for next year... At one condition, I get more than 75% in writing (it's gonna be an opinion text 600 words). I'm especially bad in grammar, do you have any tips to improve my writing in french? I currently have an average of 57% in french My exam is next week.
  13. JonathanL

    Difference in physics HL SL

    thanks a lot
  14. JonathanL

    Difference in physics HL SL

    but what is the "more content" do u see M-theory, string theory... ?
  15. JonathanL

    Difference in physics HL SL

    Hi, I recently got accept in the IB diploma program, I will begin the program next year. But was looking at the courses and they don't offer Physics HL , only SL. Currently physics is my favorite class and I find it sad, but what is the difference between SL and HL? I really love physics, I would like to become physicist.

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