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  1. heartworthy

    Sample WLII essays

    5 Sample WL2b Assignments--Creative Pieces 4 Sample WL2c Assignments
  2. heartworthy

    Amusing websites to waste time on! :)

    Yess FML is the best :] I'm currently on page 95. It just makes my life seem a little bit better in comparison
  3. heartworthy

    Good Historical Investigation Sources

    I'm doing my Historical Investigation on the 2002 coup d'etat in Venezuela and main feed of sources comes from newspapers--not the most reliable. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on finding some better sources. It's hard because it's relatively recent and most sources are going to have some kind of bias.
  4. heartworthy

    New 2009 Syllabus

    [quote name='Hyperbole' post='38262' date='Feb 26 2009, 02:30 PM']I'm not familiar with the old syllabus, but we were given an old exam paper to practise on before our mock exams, and the differences were pretty significant. I'm in SL, but did HL last year, so there were several things on the practice exam that I had heard of, but forgotten; soo many things were moved from the SL syllabus to the HL syllabus in the change. I don't know which level you're doing, but I think there are some things removed from the HL syllabus too, so I think you'll benefit from getting a wider knowledge of chemistry. On the other hand, you may spend time on unuseful things instead of concentrating on the concepts you really need to know. Perhaps you could ask your teacher to give you copies of the new syllabus? Or maybe get the study guide for the 2009 syllabus; it's extremely good, and I'm hardly using anything else for my revision. (There are a couple of weaknesses and topics it doesn't go through properly, I reckon, but in general it's excellent. Plus it's completely revised to fit the new syllabus.)[/quote] where can i get this study guide you speak of o_O
  5. heartworthy

    Commonly Misspelled Words

    for some reason i always spell tongue, tounge. yay dyslexia (yet another word I often mispell)!!
  6. heartworthy

    New 2009 Syllabus

    My teacher uses all her lectures, notes, quizzes, etc. from the old chemistry syllabus. She has a copy of the new one for 2009, but doesn't use it or even look at it. I'm pretty sure she's just teaching us the same stuff she's taught in previous years off the old syllabus. My question is, will this hurt my class? Does anyone know of the major additions and deletions to the 2009 syllabus compared to the older one?
  7. heartworthy


    Question 1 is just a matter of choosing something that interests you. There are ethical considerations in almost any study, but a prominent one that comes to mind is the milgram experiment [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment[/url] where the psychological effect on the subjects still existed even after they were debriefed about the purpose of the experiment. For question 2, the limitatons for the cognitive perspective are on the Psych syllabus, but the easiest is that mental processes can be studied scientifically. The idea that cognitive psychology came about when computers were becoming popular and uses the computer-model for behavior plays a lot into this. Question 3 is asking for some issue like aggression, altruism, conformity, prejudice, etc. All you have to do is find a research study that backs the cause of that issue from one perspective, and then another study suggesting a different cause for that issue from a different perspective. For example, an HL answer to this question if you choose altruism could be the biological perspective's idea of hamilton's rule and use a animal altruism research study (like ants, bees, and wasps all exhibit altruism). Then from humanistic, baston's empathy-altruism theory supported with research.
  8. It's senior year, second semester, and I'm counting down the days until graduation. However, the class I'm stressing over is English. For the colleges I've applied to, I have to get 6 or 7 on the HL English IB exam to earn any credits. Truthfully, I'm just wondering how much I can slack off to still earn that but I am a little stressed because both of my World Lit papers were written the night before and are not high quality. If anyone has taken the test already, could you explain what scores you got and the effort you put in the class to get them? Or if you know anything about Paper 1 and would like to explain because I have no idea and it's worth 50%!! thanks in advance
  9. heartworthy

    A question on English A1 EE-Faulkner

    The main thing is that you have enough elements in the short stories to compare in relation to your focused topic, when you decide what that will be. Most of the people I know who compared literary works for their EE did them on different authors and were then able to talk about the effect of the culture and time in which the authors wrote their works. Since you're using the same author, you won't have as much to talk about in that respect.
  10. heartworthy

    Versus AP Calc AB

    Okay, so I'm in IB Math Methods SL and my teacher keeps telling us how it's very similar to AP Calculus AB. I'm wondering if I've taken the IB class would I be able to get a decent grade on the AP Calc test without a lot of studying? Anyone tried this before?
  11. heartworthy

    DP and MYP program at a public high school

    [quote name='irenesme' post='36147' date='Feb 9 2009, 01:28 AM']The Diploma Program that I am currently in is located within a public high school located in what is considered a kind of "ghetto" in what is known as one the worst cities in the United States. Next year, however, they are thinking about expanding to include an MYP program within the high school. That would mean that there would be 6-12 graders coming from around the city to attend the IB program along with the 9-12 graders that are attending the public high school. The program is isolated from the regular program so if you take an IB class then you are full IB, and that has led to some animosity from the students in the regular programs toward IB students in general. Personally, I have never had any problems and love the IB program where it is at. I've never seen any IB students involved in fights or doing illegal activity. Yet, many parents are strongly objecting to putting the MYP program at my high school because of issues of the location, general safety, and fear that the younger students (6th and 7th graders) will be bullied by older students. Other arguments that have sprung up (which I don't really see any basis) is that the IB program gets a huge cut of the school district budget, that the teachers are racist, and that the program is a majority white (completely not true for example in my senior class of 32, there are only 4 white people). I was just wondering if anyone had any opinion about instituting an MYP program withing a public high school context. Good idea or bad?[/quote] My school is very similar to yours. The DP program is at the high school with the lowest standardized testing scores to help pull up the average because most of the general population of the school fails these tests. The downside is, of course, the IB kids are pretty much isolated within their special curriculum and the rest of the school doesn't particularly like the IB program. The IB kids use all the paper in the printers, they have the biggest backpacks, and no one ever asks them for a hall pass. Sadly much of it is a racial boundary since the IB kids represent a variety of racial, religious, and socio-economical backgrounds, while the rest of the school's population comes from the surrounding area which supports lower income families. The MYP program for the county is at a middle school, but it's in the exact same situation as the high school...it's one of the worst middle schools. Some parents won't let their kids be part of the IB program just because they feel the schools are too dangerous. It's sad, really.
  12. heartworthy

    Possible Biology IA labs?

    -One lab we did a test in different foodstuffs for amylase by swabbing a bit into petri dishes and adding a few drips of iodine. -Another we tested different salt water concentrations on the rate of photosynthesis of elodea plants. We cut off a stem and counted the bubbles that came out. -I think we did one on transpiration, but I can't remember how it worked. -There was a fermentation lab where we tested factors affecting fermentation so we put yeast into test tubes and attached water balloons to the tops as a way to masure carbon dioxide output. -Then we did a gross one using blended chicken liver and hydrogen peroxide. We tested how temperature affected the rate of reaction.
  13. heartworthy

    Bio EE =)

    [quote name='biochem' post='36282' date='Feb 9 2009, 10:48 PM']Topic: "The effect of temperature on the Bioluminence of the (Bioluminecent Fungi)" So might need a little more twikking, but that is the basic concept. Summary: Since Bioluminence is initiated by an enzyme, Lucrifase I believe, my thoughts are to develop an EE linking the effects of temperature on the growth, production and development of a Fungi I have yet to specify. not sure which one would be most feasible, since they are endemic to regions like Australia and Brazilian Rainforest. But my thought is since an enzyme initiates the reaction, I could make a connection or isolate the temperature at which the enzyme would denature and cause the fungi to stop producing light, impeding its production (since it is thought that the pores are dispersed during the night through various insects). So, the temperature goes up, the enzyme dies, the pores dont get dispersed and the already rare fungi faces another challenge in its harsh environment (wind limited to disperse pores, cause they are located on the ground, surrounding a plethora of other plants). Also, like most of you already know, there is an optimal temperature at which the enzyme reaction would fall best into. Another great connection to make. all of these links are appropriate in an EE correct? Isn't that what they want us to do, make these connections based on our research which leads to more questions/research? I am going to be measuring the temperature of course, at different intervals, mostly deviation from the local temperature where the fungi is found. So if it is 30*C locally, do 15*C 25*C - 30*C - 35*C, 60*C. Measuring light intensity using some precise measurement of Candela units. Is there anything else which I should be testing, I mean is everything so far sufficient. Someone brought up that its too narrow, but in actuality, the topic suits me cause I write 6,000 word essays for Chem Lab all the time without even paying attention, just pouring out my thoughts on paper. So with much focus and micromanaging, I am looking at a very developed EE I think. Please give me any of your thoughts, I would love to hear them. all help is appreciated :]][/quote] It sounds like you're really interested in this project which is great! I'm like you in that I can go on and on in science papers, too. I'm not familiar with the Bioluminecent Fungi...is it something that you can purchase in large quantities for your study? I would recommend talking to a college professor or some experimenter who has knowledge in this field--someone who would be a good judge of whether your experiment will be successful.
  14. heartworthy

    Chemistry: please help

    When adding (or subtracting) numbers, you add the uncertainties. So 5±0.1 + 4±0.1 = 9±0.2 To find the percent uncertainty, you would divide the uncertainty by the value and multiply by 100. So (0.2/9)*100 Hope this helps
  15. heartworthy

    If I Want To Study Medicine...

    I have pretty much the same problem. I love the biology aspect because it's so easily relatable to your own life. When it comes to chemistry, though, it's a different story because chemistry deals with topics that are much harder to apply than biology. Plus there is more memorization and abstract concepts that make it a bit more difficult and math-like. Is this what makes chemistry a turn off for you too?

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