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  1. InternationalBabe

    History IA

    It sounds good so far. The only suggestion I would have is to maybe make you question more specific by stating a specific country so for example, "How were women's contributions on the home front of Australia significant during World War 1?" So then for Part B you would go through, as you said, the role of women on the home front of Australia, and then in Part D you would explain HOW they were significant based on the information you gave in Part B (remember no new information can be given in Part D). Good luck!
  2. InternationalBabe

    Sample Type 1 IA

    Thank you!
  3. InternationalBabe

    IB HL Chem notes...ASAP

    OK I don't know how to upload the files though...
  4. InternationalBabe

    IB HL Chem notes...ASAP

    I have some that are pretty good, they cover atomic theory, electrochem, thermochem and rates, but not organic or any options. They're also not specifically IB. I don't know how to upload them because they're word documents, but if you know of a way I can send them to you and you want them let me know. Also the IB syllabus has everything you need to know so you can go over that and then just look up specific things in your textbook or on google. Good luck!
  5. InternationalBabe

    Sample Type 1 IA

    Hi does anyone have, or know where I can find a sample type 1 IA that got a high mark (preferably with the marking scheme). It cannot be Lacsap's Fractions though. Thank you!
  6. InternationalBabe

    History IA

    You might want to focus on either the space race or the nuclear arms race. 2000 words is really not a lot and it's always better to be too specific than too broad.
  7. InternationalBabe

    Does anyone have general tips on writing Math IAs (SL)?

    Ok thank you so much to everyone, I find IAs so weird to write, I'm happy they've changed the curriculum! And SurajM it's a type 1.
  8. Any general tips? Thank you
  9. InternationalBabe

    French exam tomorrow

    We just started ours today. If you have the IB text book for the course then there's stuff in the back. We did a practice one which helped. And maybe go over conjugation because you don't get a bescherelle.
  10. InternationalBabe

    french coursework

    Does anyone know whether we're supposed to use a personal voice in our preambule (a.k.a abstract/rationale) for example should I write "I will look at .... and then.... and then.... to..." Or this ______ (ex. article) will discuss..... and then..... and then.... to....? Thanks in advance! (hating being the first year through new curriculum!)

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