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  1. Chelleee

    Would you ever work in a different country?

    oh definitely, i can't imagine being an aussie based girl for the rest of my life haha i would probably prefer europe or countries which predominately speak english since that's all i can really speak in terms of career though, probably canada - heard that country is pretty chill and that pharmacists are treated like doctors there
  2. Chelleee

    Do you think too much?

    hmm i'm pretty sure everyone does it at some point just that some people do it more than others nowadays i find that i don't overthink things at all, if anything i'm UNDERthinking (if that's even possible) but i recall back in my IB days that i did a fair bit...pretty sure it's just because IB made my brain go into overdrive
  3. Chelleee

    Results for November 2009 Session

    hey asheee I'm in aust too and i just rang up QTAC (in Brisbane so i apply through the queensland one) they said that they get our IB results on the 4th so i think that's why your school can get it earlier than students but urgh its pretty close timing, our QTAC preference changes service closes at midnight on the 6th so i hope we can manage to get our results earlier
  4. Chelleee

    Self-Designed Labs

    hmm i only did 3 pracs in total for bio o-O our school stuffed up our course big time but we managed to get all IA's done *phew my first one was actually guided by my teacher as he pretty much said: your doing enzymes. here's some liver *hint hint nudge nudge so we designed it off that some people took initiative (by that i mean...google) and did they're pracs using pectanase etc because they couldn't stand mashing up liver to create liver juice the first time i did i got 12/18... and then the second one i got 16/18 forgot my last mark but it was better than 12 so i used that one it's easy to get partials but for complete they are absolutely aslkdjfaslkdfj about every tiny little thing so don't stress if you've still got time~ you'll get the hang of it p.s - originality won't get you higher marks
  5. i was talking to the grade 11's and they we're pretty confused with the new system they weren't sure how many hours they were meant to do either by the new system but for us, all we had to do was 50 hours of each so 150 hrs in total and we had a 40hr cap on each activity
  6. Chelleee

    What song are you listening to?

    fan - epik high 'cause i don't listen to white music
  7. Chelleee

    Studying Economics

    it all sounds a bit too vague for me...could you please make it a bit more specific or provide more details so i can understand exactly what your looking for? are you talking about market structure, demand, supply, equilibrium etc? and also what did you write to get the 5/10?
  8. Chelleee

    Your Favorite Word

    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious i kid i kid. hmmm...probably procrastination? since that seems to be my specialty atm. that or denial. both work well when you realise how screwed you are for the finals which are in two days
  9. Chelleee


    chinese/malaysian/i've been told i have thai blood in me as well but, born in aust w/ citizenship. considering i practically failed at learning mandarin...i'm pretty much considered to be whitewashed. completely whitewashed actually...
  10. Chelleee

    Chemistry and biology IAs

    aha this sounds so much like my school! they did exactly the same thing!! here's a brief outline of how our IA progress went: 1. end of IB1: # of chem pracs = 1, # of bio pracs = 1 2. term 3 of IB2: # of chem pracs = 1, # bio pracs = 2 this is when our teachers and coordinator started to freak out we got told to conduct pracs during our own spare time because our teachers were already struggling to finish the syllabus on time (btw we only just finished learning the syllabus for BOTH sciences) 3. holidays in between term 3 and 4: conducted at home and wrote up bio prac #3, had to come to school for a Chem IA day 4. first week of term 4: this is how it went with my chem teacher - WELCOME BACK! IA RESULTS NEED TO BE SENT IN THIS FRIDAY SO YOU NEED TO HAND ME 2 DESIGNS (first ones we've ever done) AND 2 DCP&CE pracs (something that we've only ever attempted...once) we JUST made it on time. you don't need to submit 6-7 lab reports for each subject! my portfolio for bio consisted of only TWO fully written lab reports (the one we did in IB1 didn't count since it wasn't even written according to the criteria) for chem, i submitted a total of 4 pracs with two covering the design criteria (it was seriously just an intro + design) and another two covering DCP and 2CE that was it. as long as you have results for 2 designs, 2 DCP and 2CE = your portfolio is done
  11. Chelleee

    Group 4 help!

    rather than picking something and trying to formulate a g4 project around it... how 'bout you take a concept and try match it to something? you'll probably find it alot easier to be honest. just a suggestion...
  12. Chelleee

    Group 4 Help: Environment!

    uhh realistically, you don't want to drag out your group 4 project over a long period of time. with your idea, how exactly did you plan to execute it? also can you please clarify what you mean by "amount of plankton" - do you mean amount of plankton present in the sample? amount of plankton ALIVE in the sample by the end of the experiment? starting with effect of temperature: as in did you plan to take water samples containing plankton from who knows where and then proceed to dump a couple on a hot plate and heat it up? (i'm being half sarcastic by the way...) water current speed: how do you plan to change this? remember you have to control as many variables as you possibly can -> treat this g4 project like an IA prac, you get marked for your use of equipment! i would probably ditch this idea since 1) i don't do physics, 2) it seems to hard to manipulate without changing a billion variables if i HAD to choose, i would go with the temperature one. you really want to go as simple as possible! when we did our group 4 (which was done last term in the time frame of a DAY since that's all our coordinator gave us), we purposely worked with PLANTS because they are clearly visible to the naked eye the only thing i would suggest is to rethink what exactly you plan to do (like a method/procedure) for both temperature and water currents rather than just coming up with a general topic. p.s - it just occurred to me, how exactly do you plan to record the "amount" of plankton?
  13. Chelleee

    what is a good option for Biology SL?

    serious?! we got stuck with Option D since our teacher chose it and it drives me NUTS! this option makes me want to shoot myself in the foot it's that bad how on earth did you manage to remember all the theories and differences between all the hominids? oh and in terms of easiest options for SL, i'd say option A. but remember that it's different for everyone so allocate some time to have a quick skim of each of the options. if there's something that interests you (even mildly), stick with it and go for that option - the more engaged you are, the more likely you are to actually retain the information otherwise, go with option A
  14. ... to the extent of my knowledge, i have never heard anything like that it sounds like a research project rather than an actual lab report as mentioned in the posts above, there is a required number of hours that ib students must spend doing practical work. in addition to that, you have to submit a portfolio that basically consists of some pracs covering: design, data collection and processing, conclusion and evaluation (i strongly suggest you pull out your group 4 syllabus to find out more details as well as the marking rubic) you can either submit full pracs or cover each section separately, the IB lets you do both (or at least our coordinator did) oh and introductions aren't actually marked in the criteria, but since our teachers insisted on having them, we just had to wrote them according to the teachers tastes (eg. bio = 1pg min; chem = 3 lines sufficed) p.s - your portfolio contributes to 24% of your final mark
  15. Chelleee

    First year of Eco

    YOU WILL BE FINE SO STOP FREAKING OUT i've never done any economics/business related subject in my entire life and i ended up choosing economics as my HL subject. you've got 2 years to learn the whole syllabus, honestly if you worked hard it is possible to learn the entire syllabus by yourself being the first batch of ibers to go through in my school, not only was economics something completely new to me, we also were the guinea pigs in terms of due dates, the criteria requirements etc. so if my class can manage then so can you

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