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  1. First of all, wow. It's been a long time since I posted on here...2 YEARS ago. And,...well, I'm applying early action to MIT in my junior year, and I've actually only deviated slightly from my 'plan' 2 years ago, so what do you guys think my chances of getting into MIT would be? I had originally planned on what I said earlier: math mostly, but what I've done is: CLASSES: freshman year: Maths SL (not allowed to take the exam) pre ib bio, english, spanish, AP/pre ib world history (5 on the AP), and AP env. (5 on the AP) sophomore year: Maths HL/AP BC calc (5 on AP, and 6/7 on IB) Physics SL (6/7 and 5 on AP) AP Euro (5) AP Eng Lang (4) span chem Junior year: IB Further Maths (predicted 7)-math just comes naturally;it just clicks automatically for me Physics HL (predicted 7)-our teacher is awesome and I LOVE physics AP Am history/IB History (first year HL) IB eng. HL (1st yr of it) IB span SL/AP span IB env. Systems (predicted 7, but I've taken it before...) And for extracurriculars: Brain Bowl, I'm in the top ten scorers in my state (FL), as of last year--no tournys yet INTEL science fair-placed 1st at regions last two years, and at states, planning on ISEF this year MAO-2nd year in calc, 5th year doing it, have never NOT placed =] InvenTeams-but my group is very dysfunctional USAMTS/AMC/AIME (hopefully get to go to USAMO this year) Student govt Unicef Teen Trendsetters Key Club Model UN-several comittee/conference distinctions Cross country JV Lacrosse track and field Varsity Swimming-I really like swimming And I coach the Math (MAO) team at one of the middle schools in my town (they always do well =])-I guess because I always looked up to my MAO coach the one year I had one SAT scores: 800 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 700 Writing SAT II's Physics 800 Maths 800 GPA: 5.0 (weighted) 4.0 (unweighted) Rank:1 of 365 (IB and rest) 1 of 150ish (IB only) What do you guys think my chances are of getting into MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Swarthmore, Princeton, and Yale? (those are the places I'm applying to) -MIT is def. my dream school still, but I know MIT only takes about 1300-1400 students a year, and is EXTREMELY difficult to get into/VERY selective... And what do you guys think I should do for safety/back-up schools? (oh, and btw, the only reason/part of the reason I'm applying this year as a junior, is because I'm out of math and physics--I've taken a couple of maths and physics classes at my local uni, and done quite a bit of lab work there, as well as at other univ's) My school is in the US top 20 schools list too btw. Does that help also?
  2. thinkgreen95

    Further Mathematics Book

    Is the cambridge one pink and says "Further Mathematics for the IB diploma" on the cover, by Hugh Neil and Douglas Quadling?
  3. thinkgreen95

    Study during summer and winter holidays

    Study and work hard the first half of break, get ALL of it done. Then review and rest the rest of the break. This has been working really well for me, and I am WAY ahead in all my classes right now so this is GREAT!!! And just FYI I am a sophomore but I'm taking nearly all HL classes and 1 SL class, and so far, my method works really well. Also, if this is really not a tempting idea, haha as I can well imagine, just remember when the rest of your friends are slaving away the last couple days of break just to barely scrape together all the work you'll be relaxing and all you'll have to worry about is remembering to put it all in your bag before you head back to school.
  4. thinkgreen95

    Medical Ethics - "Pillow Angel" Case

    Honestly, I think it was the parent's decision in this case. They are the one's taking care of her. While I do agree that it does feel wrong, it is actually far better as far as conserving her dignity goes in this case. Also, it does NOT violate her rights--there are legal codes and certain laws in place for such cases in which the patient is indeed unable to make his/her own decisions in which case the legal caretaker(s) will make the decision. For those of you saying it isn't legal, it would help to read the exact codes. It is legal, and what's more, if the doctors were ok with it, you can be sure that there isn't much of a chance of anything happening as a result of the treatment--no doctor is going to go out of their way to pursue an action or surgery or treatment which could result in them being sued for malpractice. The benefits would have had to VERY STRONGLY outweigh the risks and possible complications in order for them to even have considered the treatments.
  5. thinkgreen95

    Individuality is a Sin

    Honestly, I think your teacher is an immature narrow-minded person incapable of accepting or even considering other viewpoints as you already mentioned in great detail and using excellent phraseology (which is used properly btw). I agree. And I would also like to insert my opinion: If you are unwilling to consider and discuss viewpoints and ideas opposite to or in some way differing from your own viewpoint then it is likely because you are 1)unable to defend your own point in the first place, or 2)not certain of your own views (which is fine), 3)unwilling to admit anyone else could possibly be right, or 4)some combination of the previous three, or 5)narrow minded and incapable of such,etc., etc. Nice wording by the way. You should develop this into an essay on individualism, like one of Emerson or Thoreau's essays =]
  6. thinkgreen95

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    I have to revise what I said before. I agree with you when you say that it does indeed depend on how nice or not you are, as well as how willing you are to try new and sometimes risky things. I only recently realized that I am actually well connected socially, which surprised me very much because I have a few very close friends that I am nearly always with, and a few less close but still good friends that I am also around. But apparently my definition of a friend is very stringent because many people view me as their friend (this discovery completely blew me away). So, I agree with you, at least partially, in that your acceptance does in part depend upon how nice you are, but I maintain that it is still very highly individualized--people originally, when looking at you for the first time and deciding whether they wish to invest the effort required to truly get to know you, look at what they might gain socially and academically from such an investment-and based on this as well as many other aspects which are very specific to the situation and the people involved, decide to be your friend. THis is, in my view, the essential indicator of your social standing, or at least one of the main components. Again, it is very HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED and SPECIFIC TO THE SITUATION.
  7. thinkgreen95


    Yay! I'm doing it too, but of course schoolwork comes first
  8. thinkgreen95

    Writers' Corner

    I saw all these posts and so I wrote a poem... Two strands of life once vibrant, now forgotten, grey wisps upon the green spirit lost, time past drifting sadly hinting meaning Entwined once, but gently separated cast adrift never to find that which was dearest side by side joy embodied apart,regretful grey what could have been, but never was what never was, but would have been fanciful flights whimsical pains o'er a bleak expanse regret filled land parting strands losing life sadly sighing goodbye goodbye goodbye I'm doing NaNoWriMo too! I have an idea and characters and general plot outlined, and have started writing it...just have to finish...
  9. thinkgreen95

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    I think happiness as related to intelligence depends on the individual, the circumstances, the environment, etc. etc. Really, it's very individualized. At my school, it's all very cliquish. Almost everyone who is in the IB at my school was either at Academies for the Sciences, Lyceums, or Cambridge programs for Middle school. So the cliques from then just carried on into high school. There is a LOT of social isolation, bickering, bragging, putting people down, etc. but there are some nice people as well. This might be my view because I'm one of those social outcasts (thanks to my intelligence lol)...but I guess it is very individualized.
  10. thinkgreen95

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    There have actually been studies done on this. They have found several different learning curves which suggest the following: Up until a certain level, those with a cetain level of pure talent are able to stay at the same level as or easily exceed that of those who simply apply themselves, with no work whatsoever. However, past that level, these naturally talented people must also apply themselves to stay on top or to keep ahead...however, they, for the most part, have to apply themselves to a lesser extent, and ...have a much easier time...in achieving marks or levels of equal or greater merit. That doesnt seem fair at all but that's just the way it happens to be. For an anecdotal piece of evidence, I'm a sophomore in Maths HL and I'm easily acing the class while my senior classmates are struggling (I'm not bragging, math just "clicks" for me). Then again, there are those in my class who study for hours and still barely make A's or B's. Sadly, life isnt fair. You have to work with what you have.
  11. thinkgreen95

    Crows dropping nut

    Well I just had this IA in January and I got a 18/20. I had it at 39 pgs single spaced...I got a point off for single spacing so essentially it was a 19/20. Just do an inverse variation function. It is pretty easy actually once you do it.
  12. thinkgreen95

    Body Mass Index

    I would actually suggest doing a quartic or cinctic polynomial as there are 3 inflection points just in the data given with the first point being an inflection.
  13. thinkgreen95

    Body Mass Index

    Roughly 20 pages cause my graphs were huge, but my teacher says that less than 10 pages can get you a very high mark as well. My last one was 39 pages long single spaced and around 80 pages double spaced but thats because I went way in depth. There were people with 20 page long papers who got really good scores too tho so it needent be quite that long
  14. thinkgreen95

    Body Mass Index

    BMI doesnt repeat but it does have many local mases and mins...you could rotate a cubic or quartic or even a cinctic so that it meets all of the generic maxes and mins which would represent the normal female cycles in cellulite gain just use tan2theta=B/A-C for radian measure of rotation and it should work out fine thats what I'm doing but this is only my second IA, but I got a 19 on my first one
  15. thinkgreen95

    history research paper ideas

    I picked a topic ," The impact of governmental problems in germany in early 1800s on the development of Marxism in how they affected the life of Karl Marx", but i can't find any way to write a good paper on this so my teacher wants me to pick a new topic, and i want something to do with communism. if u could help i would really appreciate it

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