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  1. pinkhoodie

    math survey

    Please help me do this survey for my math IA. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DWMLXT2 Thank you!
  2. pinkhoodie

    IA survey

    Please do my survey, it's only going to take a minute. Thank you! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TPTVJ9T
  3. pinkhoodie

    design tech IA survey

    I'm doing a design tech IA on building public monuments, and I need some people to answer the survey below. It'll just take a minute. Thank you! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VF6SR7P
  4. pinkhoodie


    Average: 0.288 Height: 159 cm Gender: Female 5+ hours: No Good luck (:
  5. pinkhoodie

    What's your favourite TV series?

    BIG BANG THEORY Friends The Voice Pretty Little Liars New Girl That's about it (:
  6. pinkhoodie

    Yum or Yuck

    yum (: peanut butter.
  7. pinkhoodie

    This or That!

    summer. tv or movies?
  8. pinkhoodie

    What music do you like?

    LIFEHOUSE . . . . . . that is all .
  9. pinkhoodie

    ESS IA need data, please fill out survey!

    http://myfootprint.org/en/your_results/?id=2699572 -Female -Yes Good luck (:
  10. pinkhoodie

    Math IA: 2-question survey!

    1) Language 2) Yes good luck with your IA (:
  11. pinkhoodie

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted, but the scores were bad. I wish there I have a theatre at home.
  12. pinkhoodie

    As an IB student what changes have you seen in yourselves?

    I learned that my time management skills are horrible. I often run out of time doing assessments and I am a procrastinator. I'd probably have to change that before I go to college
  13. pinkhoodie

    Subject Choice Help !

    Economics HL / Business & Management HL - I'm a B&M student, and I'm just going to tell you this - It includes a lot of memorising. There is a lot, A LOT, of content. My friends in economics find it easy even though they are in math SL. However, I think business will be more useful for me. Psychology HL / History HL - I've never been into history even in grade school, so this might be a little biased but I'd rather choose psychology. Biology SL / Physics SL - Physics involve a lot of math. It's not my best subject, so I'd take bio. But if you do like math, choose physics!
  14. pinkhoodie

    IB Myths: What have you learned after joining the program?

    ToK is easy and you will like it.
  15. pinkhoodie

    Yum or Yuck

    YUM. seaweed?

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