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  1. sheida

    Chemistry - Hybridization

    We use three different books....Chemistry in Context, the IB book and some other book written by IB teachers. The IB book is really good but I don't like how it explained hybridization. Really? We learned sp3d and sp3d2 hybridization as well. They're not really more difficult than sp3 though. H20 is V-shaped because of it's non-bonding electrons. Hybridization isn't the only factor in determining the shape of a molecule. For every non-bonding pair you cut 2.5 degrees from what it's supposed to be based on hybrid. So like if the bond angles for H2O are supposed to be like tetrahedral 109.5, it becomes 104.5 since H2O has two non-bonding pairs. Hope that makes sense.
  2. sheida


    If you're really interested in Chem then take HL. But you should know that HL is much, much harder than SL. I take HL but since I have the IB Study Guide I can see which parts the SL don't study and it's like basically everything! lol I think Chem SL is even easier than Bio SL.
  3. sheida

    Your best subject?

    English HL and Bio HL....I'm pretty good in math, but I don't like it at all, which is why I spend most of class doodling on my desk
  4. I'm not Asian, but I'm absolutely obsessed with K-dramas. They're so good! *gasp* How can anyone find Dae Jang Geum too long or boring? It's my favorite K-drama! I love the main actress, Lee Young-Ae, and and actor, Ji Jin-Hee. They play their roles so perfectly! I watched the original version with English subtitles. I think it's more enjoyable than watching the dubbed version. I'm currently watching Dr. Heo Jun (they're showing it on Arirang, a Korean channel I have on my sat), which I admit is a little too long, but it's still really good. But the main character is married, which makes it less fun to watch Has anyone watched Emperor of the Sea (or something like that...don't remember the name..)? Is it any good? I don't know whether I should buy it or not
  5. sheida

    Canadian Universities

    I really want to go to University of Toronto because it's an awesome university plus I have family there. The only nag is the fact that you have to study two majors instead of the usual one
  6. Y'all are lucky that your school offers so many options for getting your CAS hours. My school does absolutely nothing! We have to do EVERYTHING by ourselves, and mostly outside of school. For Creativity I'm currently working on making a choir for Christmas, since our school doesn't have one (how sad is that? no choir...). For Action I'm doing horsebackriding, which is pretty fun although it make my muscles cramp up. And I'm facing a problem for service hours because there isn't much I can do at my school, so I have to somehow get an agreement to work at an orphanage or hospital or something...I'll probably end up doing that during summer.
  7. sheida

    Music Revision Ideas

    I wish our school offered Music HL or SL ...it's the only thing I'm really confident in
  8. sheida

    Maths topics that you just don't like

    I find series and functions really easy, but I absolutely hate geometry. We haven't even started on calculus yet, so I have no idea what surprises it will hold for me, but I'm guessing they will be very unpleasant...
  9. Math HL is MUCH harder than SL....plus you have an option if you take high, but you don't have any options with SL. Most Canadian universities don't accept Math Studies, but they're fine with Math SL.
  10. sheida

    Which Chemistry Options do you take?

    We're doing biochem for sure, since the entire class is also take Bio HL, and probably Organic
  11. sheida

    Chem HL or Biology HL

    Really??? I guess only till now it was easy....just great, I'm depressed even more now..
  12. sheida

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    You should watch the new Jane Eyre (BBC miniseries). I think they made it last year...it's REALLY good and sticks to the book. It's by far my favorite version
  13. sheida

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    We're studying P+P in class right now. I've watched both the BBC miniseries and the new version with Keira as well. I definitely liked the old one better....I really didn't like the casting in the new one. Keira was alright, but Mr. Darcy just acted shy instead of proud and Jane's character was not as developed in the movie as it is in the book. Lydia and Wickam were pretty good though
  14. sheida

    Chem HL or Biology HL

    Take whichever subject you feel more confident in. I took both Chem HL and Bio HL, but you might find that too stressful, esp with all the extra lab hours if you take high. Chem HL is MUCH harder than Chem SL, but Bio HL (I think..so far it is anyway..) is only somewhat harder than SL...just more memorizing

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