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  1. Not sure for SL maths, but for the concepts in HL math, I always thought Khanacademy helped to explain the fundamentals clearly. Of course, doing every question in the textbook and learning through your mistakes is also good!
  2. There are now three pictures of Shemar Moore on this page. I now officially declare this the best page on IBSurvival.
  3. I think tattoos can be nice. It absolutely depends on the eye of the beholder, and it is the same as makeup, clothes, accessories etc, in the sense that it can be as trashy as you want it to be. I've got a tattoo around my left thigh, about halfway between my knee and my hip - its one of those tattoos that look like thorns twirled around a piece of string. It's slender and sexy and I think its just hot. I've also got one below my left shoulder blade, of a little birdy, which looks like its about to escape from my back. I like to look at it every now and then, its an instant pick-me-up. It also happens to look good in backless dresses! My boyfriend has a tattoo on his forearm that says, "I am what I am". It takes up most of his forearm. He's not a degenerate by any means - he's doing his MMath at Cambridge, Trinity college. Only thing I feel qualified to tell you is to put some thought into what you're gonna get inked onto your skin. It's not a non-reversible process, but its painful and costs a lot of money.
  4. I think you absolutely hit it spot on with 1). "Friend jealousy" is all too common - and indeed fixable once you realise that you can hangout with other fun people too.
  5. ASTRONAUT! Large dog or small dog (as a pet)?
  6. Only for assignments and IAs. We were told to never use laptops for notes and stuff cause its way less useful than actually making and writing out your own notes. We also didn't use laptops in class because it's really rude to be doing something else while your teacher is talking, don't you think so?
  7. Wingardium Leviosa
  8. Just saw this thread! I think guys and girls can totally be just friends, but it is important to note that your friends can be hot too and sometimes the mind just wanders, you know? Are you telling me if you are hanging out with this guy: You wouldn't every now and then think about riding that chocolate train all the way to Willy Wonka's factory, and doing it like the Oompa Loompas do it? Don't lie to yourself. The fact remains though, that we have a certain amount of rationality, and we recognise that this person may not be a match for us, romantically. In other words, guys and girls can be friends, but doesn't mean there can't be bits of appreciation for each others' bums sometimes
  9. Ideally, the college you apply to should not affect your chance to obtain an interview. Check what colleges you like, instead. Even if I apply for a college which is very popular? (Like trinity, king's) Hi there, I asked a few people I know in camb, and this is what they got back to me with: Cambridge colleges are a bit more autonomous than Oxford colleges. That is, their criteria for selection tends to be a bit more "college-specific" that Oxford's. In other words, there is more room for college choice to affect your chances. Different colleges have different interview procedures - for the same course, some colleges might require written work, some may want a standardized test (eg TSA), etc. Check this out on their page, and play to your strengths. A much higher percentage of camb applicants than oxford applicants get interviewed. That's just their policy. This is more of an FYI. Most important bit of advice - be aware that while applying to a supremely oversubscribed college may not directly affect your chances of getting in, it means you are more likely to get a college that you don't want (through pooling).
  10. I certainly missed IB a lot. Some reasons: Loads of fun in school every day getting into bits of trouble here and there blatantly ogling the boys on the football team during their practice putting up music and drama productions impromptu let's-bash-IB sessions Having a clear way to score (good IAs + good exams which are over 75% = 7), as well as markschemes for everything Being too tired on a friday night to club, after school and EE writing, and so going to a bar to have a drink, sitting and chatting with friends till 3 am. Laughing at the crowd who did go to the club, and are currently puking on the street. The freedom to say what you think, in essay answers. So long as it is argued properly, it gets you tons of marks. And of course, the matchmaker that is HL Maths. "Oh hey Michael, do you get differential equations at all? Maybe you could show me after school? " Perhaps what I miss most about the IB is the feeling of being an idiotic teenager. Now I'm just an idiotic adult.
  11. x I think I've made a pretty good example of how IB ignores religious activities. I did not mean to go to the Mosque for worshipping, there are various type of worshipping such as donating money to poor people as I stated above. Please explain how that activity cannot be counted as a service for CAS. I also didn't say anything about IB preventing people to state their ideas, but it affects people's ideas by the curricula it specifies for the diploma. People may not want to be dictated to write a TOK essay on the prescribed titles rather than a topic they choose by themselves. Thus, it would even enable further freedom of speech if that's what we desire. I'm sorry - how is donating money to poor people a form of "worship"? It honestly just sounds like you're bummed out about not being able to involve religion in CAS, so you're trying to find "service" activities people normally do, finding religious groups that do it too (eg. sunday youth church groups), then claiming it is worship, therefore a religious activity, and since IB doesn't recognise it as so, it is clearly an academic fascist that doesn't allows you to think about god. Allow me to explain with a simple example. If you give free tuition to underprivileged kids as part of a youth church group activity (lots of them do this in Singapore), your service activity is called giving free tuition to underprivileged kids. Religion has nothing to do with it - and why should it? What would you put in your CAS reflection? "Today, I taught children Pythagoras' theorem. It brought me closer to god". Do you see the problem here? It would be the exact same thing if you are giving free tuition as part of your local politician's program to increase literacy rates. Religious group, political groups, etc are all irrelevant. I suspect the reason why academic programs generally try to exclude religion is that once you introduce it, the inevitable process of "you can't question faith" starts. I highly suggest you get that stick out of your bum.
  12. I feel like I should add a bit of balance to this conversation. There seems to be a bit of a sense that guys tend to ogle, be perverts, "only interested in girls' bodies", etc. Of course if the guy is good looking, all these labels mysteriously vanish and they're replaced with the likes of "intense" and "dark". There also seems to be a slight "holier than thou" mentality from girls. Apparently we don't ever ogle, or think filthy things while looking at a guy. Oh I think I am staring at that hot guy: I must be checking out his rippling personality. Give me a break. I don't think we love watching Chris Hemsworth wave his hammer around because he's such a good actor. Don't tell me at least one of you has not totally creeped on a hot guy's instagram/facebook. Guys objectify girls. They're thinking of what you look like bent over. Girls objectify guys. We're thinking of what your abs taste like. Appreciation of beauty? Sure, call it whatever you want. DISCLAIMER READ THIS PLEASE YOU PEOPLE: I am NOT talking about situations where one is physically harmed or something serious is done against his/her will.
  13. I never had proper tuition, but I did get my boyfriend to go through some of the HL maths stuff with me On the other hand, I have provided tuition for kids in my school after I finished my IB. Mainly for students who just weren't doing well in school. I think that while many teenagers falsely believe that not giving a crap in school makes them look cool, lots of them also want to do well. It doesn't make them bad kids, they're just being teenagers. So, I helped them out initially by being their after-school teacher, and slowly as their attitude improved, more as a "come to me with your questions" teacher, if that makes sense. Tuition can also help to boost a student's self confidence. There are many who just give up at a subject, thinking they're bad at it, after a few nasty tests. Teaching them the next few chapters carefully helps them score better in subsequent tests, and after that, voila, they've got their confidence back!
  14. Any universities in particular you're looking at? What your coordinator is saying about experience has been also told to my school by my admissions counsellor. So i'm assuming there must be some amount of truth to it. However, a quick google search of some unis offering Biomedical science says otherwise: Imperial college London: http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/ugprospectus/facultiesanddepartments/medicine/biomedicalscience/entryrequirements Oxford: http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/courses-listing/biomedical-sciences From my experience of the UCAS application process, universities generally state what they want to see. There's no "hidden meaning" behind what they want. Since these websites don't quite mention anything about work experience, I'm forced to think it's less of a requirement than something you can use to show your passion and motivation for your subject through. I'd imagine this would be advantageous in your personal statement. Since you say you can't get work experience, it might be worth demonstrating your interest in the subject through some other way. Perhaps you could discuss some biology or chemistry experiments you undertook by yourself (nothing to do with the IB), consulting your teachers. You should discuss what you learnt from these experiments. Not just the results, but more about the process of experimenting, about the subject, etc. It would be great if your teachers mentioned it in your reference too! It's also important that you state in your PS why you were unable to get work experience, although this might be better mentioned by your teacher, who's reference I think universities take more seriously than personal statements