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  1. Hi drolek, I'm sure many people when reading your post, will get severely indignant and will want you to berate you for your thoughts on this. However, I'll try to provide my thoughts on each of your points, then you can make up your mind. I say thoughts and not answers because the points you raise are legitimately difficult problems with no clear answer in sight. This is an issue I myself have raised before. With the recent growth of social media, everyone with a camera can take videos and share them with a ton of people. So often, the videos are not of great quality in terms of content; and people being people, videos about poverty and disease become competitions of who can make the most jarring videos. Who can create videos with the most shock value; not shock value like watching the Exorcist, but by watching something like 12 years a slave (though that's very far from "someone with a camera"). You can take a look at the thousands of "social awareness" videos made by people, and you'll realize a ton of them have some self righteous teenager behind them, feeling superior to everyone else. This person is after the shock value, not the reality. This is one part of the problem. The other part of the problem is that people like you and I, have become desensitized to these videos. We have turned it into a genre, like horror, comedy, social justice and thriller. We fuel the need for increasingly dramatized and unrealistic videos. The original point of these videos were to show you what is happening, things you may not be aware of. That point has been lost; these videos recently focus on the plight of the little kid making matchsticks, his small hands bleeding. They bring you so close in, with emotional music and artistic shots; and you think to yourself: "oh man, we must end child labour". But you don't see that kid getting a small salary, and that same salary helping his family out, or even paying for his basic education. This is but a very, very simplified example, but you get my point. So yes, what you have noticed is absolutely right. Sometimes watching these videos make me think its a giant circle jerk for "informed" people. However, with all this said; we must also realize it is essential that these videos are made. Something is better than nothing. Out of a million people that these videos reach, maybe a 100 will become really committed to fixing the problems somehow. You may not be one of them; but the hope is that someone in your class is, and that the video played in class somehow truly reaches out to them. It's not a solution; but it educates and informs. You don't know what Africa is like until you go there and experience just a little bit of their life. You cannot comprehend the grimness of their reality. Are "service trips" from schools useless? I mean, we go there to serve and help, but after our service is done for the day, we go back to our comforts. We retreat to our hotel rooms, with wifi and water and a heater. Meanwhile the bricks in the well you just laid are loose - someone from the village has to go and fix them for you. Yes, you are being useless and a burden, really, but once again, the hope is that you develop as a person, and that a tiny percentage of people find it in their hearts to really commit to service. Providing them with goods is essential. Until the proverbial rod is invented, you have to give the man fish - else he dies. How would you provide basic medical supplies to a war torn, impoverished area if there are no hospitals nearby that are stocked, no spare vehicles, no one with any medical expertise, etc? Aid is essential - you can't get around it immediately. You're right in that it encourages dependency, but perhaps then its also on us to create a way for them to be sufficient. It's not a burden on us - we have infinitely more resources. Right, left and centre work in lovely european (and U.S.) goverments, where human rights are prized. I could explain why you must be severely mistaken on this point, but I think perhaps there might be a simpler way: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idi_Amin I was considering posting 20 links like that just to make my point - but I think if you google "dictator" you will get it anyway. I actually thought you had some very valid questions. Questions like that are essential; and when you answer them for yourself, compassion is essential too. A willingness to step into someone else's shoe is vital. I felt like I couldn't do this last year, and toured much of Asia and sub-saharan Africa. Reality is nothing like what the videos show you. There is a great deal more to their lives than the terrible conditions on the farm; the horrors they experience are also on a scale you cannot imagine. If you too want answers, take a step outside your comfort zone. See for yourself - and you'll have your answers.
  2. Not sure for SL maths, but for the concepts in HL math, I always thought Khanacademy helped to explain the fundamentals clearly. Of course, doing every question in the textbook and learning through your mistakes is also good!
  3. There are now three pictures of Shemar Moore on this page. I now officially declare this the best page on IBSurvival.
  4. I think tattoos can be nice. It absolutely depends on the eye of the beholder, and it is the same as makeup, clothes, accessories etc, in the sense that it can be as trashy as you want it to be. I've got a tattoo around my left thigh, about halfway between my knee and my hip - its one of those tattoos that look like thorns twirled around a piece of string. It's slender and sexy and I think its just hot. I've also got one below my left shoulder blade, of a little birdy, which looks like its about to escape from my back. I like to look at it every now and then, its an instant pick-me-up. It also happens to look good in backless dresses! My boyfriend has a tattoo on his forearm that says, "I am what I am". It takes up most of his forearm. He's not a degenerate by any means - he's doing his MMath at Cambridge, Trinity college. Only thing I feel qualified to tell you is to put some thought into what you're gonna get inked onto your skin. It's not a non-reversible process, but its painful and costs a lot of money.
  5. I think you absolutely hit it spot on with 1). "Friend jealousy" is all too common - and indeed fixable once you realise that you can hangout with other fun people too.
  6. Would TOEFL be recognised in the UK? or Is there a UK-version of TOEFL that I should take instead? Sometimes UK unis have really stupid requirements regarding english - even if you get a 7 in HL English Literature, if you're not British or a U.S. citizen, you obviously cannot speak the language. Your personal statement must have willed itself into existence. Now, if you do get an offer from UK universities, you might be asked for some "extra" verification of your language skills. The most common one I've seen is the IELTS, which I see a ton of people sit for at their local British Councils. If you have the TOEFL, or its much more convenient for you to take the TOEFL, you could just email the university and ask if they'll accept it. Of course, the first thing you should do, if you don't have IELTS or TOEFL, and if you get asked for one of those, is to email the university and and ask them exactly why the facts that you did your IB in english, and that you are predicted a pass in your english language IB exam (not English B I suppose), aren't enough to convince them you know the english language well enough.
  7. ASTRONAUT! Large dog or small dog (as a pet)?
  8. Only for assignments and IAs. We were told to never use laptops for notes and stuff cause its way less useful than actually making and writing out your own notes. We also didn't use laptops in class because it's really rude to be doing something else while your teacher is talking, don't you think so?
  9. The thing with Oxford is that they're looking for reasons to say no. While realistically, the subjects you mentioned might be hard (music HL was my most tedious HL), in terms of traditional academic subjects, the fact remains that Oxford is an ancient institution teaching traditionally academic courses and want to see traditionally academic subjects. If you go to Trinity College's (Cambridge) webpage, you'll see they have published a list of what subjects they recommend you take. However, I suspect Camb puts a bit more of an emphasis on this than Oxford. Here's the thing though - both oxford and camb want to attract the smartest people. Your A level in further mathematics means absolutely nothing in the way of actual preparation for a math degree at oxford, but it is an indication that you have some aptitude for math. Hence, if you are able to show them you are really, really smart and are suited for your chosen course, you could get in with HL Film, ITGS and Physical studies (?). How do you do this? Entrance test and interview. Especially with oxford, which requires an entrance test for almost every course. You can google this for yourself.
  10. Just saw this thread! I think guys and girls can totally be just friends, but it is important to note that your friends can be hot too and sometimes the mind just wanders, you know? Are you telling me if you are hanging out with this guy: You wouldn't every now and then think about riding that chocolate train all the way to Willy Wonka's factory, and doing it like the Oompa Loompas do it? Don't lie to yourself. The fact remains though, that we have a certain amount of rationality, and we recognise that this person may not be a match for us, romantically. In other words, guys and girls can be friends, but doesn't mean there can't be bits of appreciation for each others' bums sometimes
  11. As far as I know, you can do this in UCAS. IIRC you can put up to 10 different qualifications (including your pre-IB qualification, like GCSEs). A line explaining the extra A level, in your personal statement or (preferably) in your reference would be very much advised.
  12. yii yann

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Ideally, the college you apply to should not affect your chance to obtain an interview. Check what colleges you like, instead. Even if I apply for a college which is very popular? (Like trinity, king's) Hi there, I asked a few people I know in camb, and this is what they got back to me with: Cambridge colleges are a bit more autonomous than Oxford colleges. That is, their criteria for selection tends to be a bit more "college-specific" that Oxford's. In other words, there is more room for college choice to affect your chances. Different colleges have different interview procedures - for the same course, some colleges might require written work, some may want a standardized test (eg TSA), etc. Check this out on their page, and play to your strengths. A much higher percentage of camb applicants than oxford applicants get interviewed. That's just their policy. This is more of an FYI. Most important bit of advice - be aware that while applying to a supremely oversubscribed college may not directly affect your chances of getting in, it means you are more likely to get a college that you don't want (through pooling).
  13. I certainly missed IB a lot. Some reasons: Loads of fun in school every day getting into bits of trouble here and there blatantly ogling the boys on the football team during their practice putting up music and drama productions impromptu let's-bash-IB sessions Having a clear way to score (good IAs + good exams which are over 75% = 7), as well as markschemes for everything Being too tired on a friday night to club, after school and EE writing, and so going to a bar to have a drink, sitting and chatting with friends till 3 am. Laughing at the crowd who did go to the club, and are currently puking on the street. The freedom to say what you think, in essay answers. So long as it is argued properly, it gets you tons of marks. And of course, the matchmaker that is HL Maths. "Oh hey Michael, do you get differential equations at all? Maybe you could show me after school? " Perhaps what I miss most about the IB is the feeling of being an idiotic teenager. Now I'm just an idiotic adult.
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