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  1. sarah:)

    Chemistry HL P1 and P2

    Paper 1 was really good. I'm happy with it.. the difficulty was similar to previous years. However, Paper 2 is a totally different story.. I'm really so disappointed .. I mean the November 2012 one was soooo easy in comparison to this years. I really hope the grade boundary is low.. Im actually disappointed because... chemistry paper 2 was my worst exam overall :| and I LOVE CHEMISTRY hmmm...anyone did ..question 7 of section B ... what ph did you get for the buffer solution 7(f) But hopefully.. paper 1 and 3 ... can help boost my mark .. :/
  2. sarah:)

    What is the minimum number of participants required?

    You have to have at least 20 participants. 7 is a very small sample. Therefore, the experiment you did wouldn't have as much reliability and validity. I guess you'll have to make up new "data" AHHAHA Good Luck.
  3. sarah:)

    Math SL November 2013

    I put a = 2 as a guess.. so hopefully I can get a mark :P Thanks DiegoA for the explanation just 4 marks it's alright.. there's still a chance for a seven hopefully.
  4. sarah:)

    Math SL paper 1

    The discriminant of the function had to be = 0. I got that it could be any number except +2. It was something like (k-2)(k-2)=0 If it has two values, then the discriminant has to be more than 0. Therefore, you have to find a range with +- 2 for the values The question said that the quadratic function had two different real roots. Therefore, the discriminant had to be >0. We all agree up to that point. Now, the original function was something along the lines of kx^2+(k+2)x+2. Which can be re-written as Ax^2+Bx+C. Therefore, the "B" value was (k+2). Given that the discriminant of a function is b^2-4ac, the discriminant resulted in another function, which had to be >0. The discriminant gave you the following: (k^2+4k+4)-(8k) which is k^2-4k+4. THAT function had to be OVER 0 for the ORIGINAL function to have two real roots. In numbers, (k-2)(k-2)>0 For the above equation to be true, k must be ANY number EXCEPT +2. Try it yourselves. That equation is true for any number except for +2 (yeah, you can even try with -2). (I used capitals for the sake of you understanding what I'm trying to express because its difficult to explain math by writting it). That being said, that was what I did on my exam, and if I am wrong in any point, please say so. -Diego Yes, discriminant had to be greater than 0. I understand that it's not +2 and also understand that it's any value greater than 2. However, how is it also less than two, like how'd you work out that part... just trial and error?
  5. PROCRASTINATION! if you overcome that.. then everything else is settled Good Luck! just try being organised... I've never suffered from little or no sleep during any time of the two years. really its not about how intelligent you are.. if you are organised.. then you'll breeze through IB. Try getting the internals out of the way as soon as possible.
  6. sarah:)

    How do you de-stress?

    I've got a problem.......... how do you stop overthinking about every silly mistake you've done in the exams?!?!?!? I'm starting to have nightmares.. literally.. God help me till the 4-5th of January.
  7. sarah:)

    Math SL November 2013

    I used the cosine rule to work out the angles (and the radius for both sectors was 7) and then calculated the length of the arc for each of the two sectors and added them .. to get 23 or something .. honestly I totally forgot the answer... it was in the twenties for sure.. but I forgot the exact value.... if you know the answer.. maybe it'll click again
  8. I put substrate concentration ... because decreasing the pH or temperature can increase enzyme activity ... if its beyond the optimum... Paper 1 was really easy, thankfully. Paper 2... the stats question was harder than 2012 (but it was still alright) .. but section B was HEAVEN! Overall, they were both very good papers all the best for your bio results
  9. THE ONLY ADVICE IVE GOT IS: READ!!!! the amount of stupid mistakes that you can do ... because of not reading the question properly especially when there's a range when sketching a graph .. or finding value/s of k for which a quadratic function has two EQUAL solutions or two DISTINCT solutions is insane. Whenever a question asks to write down... it's always either derived from calculator, previous working out or by simply getting it from the actual question When a question says HENCE... you ALWAYS have to use the previous answer or concept you got to obtain a new answer or prove a point (for example in probability proving whether the event is independent or mutual). Good luckkk
  10. sarah:)

    Math SL November 2013

    Yeah, Paper 1 was pretty good! I agree with all of you .. it was harder than previous years. Paper 2, however, was a bit more tricky... it tested our understanding of concepts.. we really had to know our stuff.. I got n=8 for the last question about probability too!! yay! for the vectors... I got from memory.. -1,0,-18 (something like that, I forgot) OVERALL. the ugliest question for me in both papers was question 7 of paper 2 (the semi-circle) the second-half of it.... didn't really make sense.... I just stared at that page for a good twenty minutes... hoping for something to click... but yeah ... no.. nothing. HOPE WE ALL DO WELL! GOOD LUCK FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL DOING EXAMS! and all you guys who've finished exams .. good luck with the results January 4-5 will be the scariest moment of our livesss..
  11. sarah:)

    Chemistry HL or English HL?

    Honestly, If you're devoted enough, you can teach yourself chemistry .. along with videos on youtube if unclear. English SL have an IOC too, don't they? and the IOC is not that bad.... trust me I was freaking out.... but the 10 minute went by so fast! Yeah, CHEMISTRY IS FOR YOU!
  12. sarah:)

    Chemistry HL or English HL?

    Well, I do both Chemistry HL and English HL. In terms of work load, Chemistry HL is much more than English HL. However, personally, I find Chemistry HL more enjoyable than English. You need to do a lot of practice for chemistry, in order to ace it! However, if you are naturally gifted or good at English, the workload in that case would be very minimal and so I would recommend English. In terms of the difference between chem sl and hl, Chemistry SL is 11 topics for the core, however HL is 11 + 9 topics (extensions to topics 2-10). There are areas that are a little tricky but with practice you'll be able to master them. Also for the options, you just have an extension part to the sl topics. Ideally, both subjects need practice! However, it really depends on which subject you'd think you would enjoy and perform better in. Best of Luck!
  13. sarah:)

    SL Paper 2 How many options?

    YES! for psychology SL.. you'll only need to learn one option in depth and consequently you'll be examined on that one option where you'll be given three essay choices from that option and you'll be expected to answer one of the three. GOOOD LUCK! the essay is worth 22 marks (25% of the overall ib psychology mark)
  14. sarah:)

    IB Chem IA design

    For the electrolytic cell, you can also change the voltage or the current (using a resistor) (in Amps) at (0.5, 0.8, 1.10, 1.40, 1.70, 2.00). From memory, I think you can also change the distance between the two half cells for a galvanic cell. ‎
  15. sarah:)

    IB Remark advice

    Yes, you should without doubt go for a remark, I as well did Arabic B (however HL), but I'm not intending to get a remark as I got mid. 6 (so sad, was predicted a 7) ... but other class mates are going for remarks, it's worth a shot.. all you need to do is pay one hundred dollars and if you hopefully get that seven.. the money is returned back to you. Written essays/assignment are interpreted differently from each examiner, therefore, if I were you I'd go for it! This year's Arabic Exam was a dramatic change! No one got 7 from our school, which is quite surprising as many sevens were expected! Good Luck!

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