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  1. JourneyTo

    Weird and Wonderful

    The IB profile dictates that we have to be risk-takers.so what is the most outrageous/wacky/crazy thing you've done for CAS? Mine would have to be when i put on tights and flamboyent striped socks for rehearsals for the school talent show and then was sent on an errand around campus while still dressed like that. All for creativity hours.
  2. JourneyTo

    Good Non-Fiction Reads?

    I highly recommend The Whisperers and Natasha's Dance, both by Orlando Figes. The Whisperers is a history of private life in Stalin's Russia, built on interviews and oral history. Natasha's Dance is a cultural history of russia, but what really stands out about it is the way he organized it; rather than do it chrologically, he categorized it by the different aspects of russian culture. His writing also just flows: they read almost like narratives.
  3. JourneyTo

    IB Biology HL and SAT II Biology E/M?

    Not to disagree, but the averages for Molecular are actually higher than for Ecologocal: Biology - Ecological: 593 Biology - Molecular: 630 I'm not sure how much of an indication this is of how difficult or how not difficult it is, just thought it was worth noting. As for what to pick, I think it depends on what you want to study. What you like more is also a factor, as you're more apt to score higher if you like the material than if you don't
  4. Working on newspapers/newsleters is definitely a creativity activity. That's how most of the kids in my group get their creativitydone. I edit the school paper and that alone acts as a creativity activity.
  5. JourneyTo

    History of a certain genre of music?

    If you relate it to an event or time period, you could categorize it as a history EE. Otherwise, I'd recommend you just slot it under music.For example, if you have an interest in Russian music, you can decide you want to link it to Stalin's policies, it'd fall under History, because you'd be writing on how the policies affected the development of music or such.
  6. JourneyTo

    Heinemann or Course Companion?

    I highly advise you get ahold of the Heinneman. The HL bio one is on my school's list and I just think it's fantastic. The material isn't too wordy that it's a headache to read and it isn't so conicse that everything just goes over your head. What's also nice is the answers in the back- they pretty much mirror an IB mark scheme- it essentially includes all the possible answers versus one universal one. plus, the heinneman has online links to free extra material. I haven't made heavy use of it, but it's still a plus!
  7. JourneyTo

    For bookworms and bibliophiles...

    I strongly recommend 'The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon. It's told so vividly and the characters are so well fleshed out that it's nothing short of engrossing. Plus the plot is unpredictable and not completely linear, resulting in late nights kept up reading when I should've been sleeping or studying. It was my first" genre' novel (or the first genre novel that I've read that I'm aware is a genre novel) and I'm not disappointed. It's bascially about these two cousins, one a New Yorker and the other an immigrant Jew fresh off the boat from Prague, set in the 1930's to start. They try to make it big in the comic industry and the book basically tells how things proceed. There's alot to do with stage magic and Jewish mythology as well.
  8. JourneyTo

    How tall are you?

    I'm a bit on the average size for a female of my age, 5'6.
  9. JourneyTo

    Lucky clothes and charms in exams

    I've never done this per ce, but I do tend to prefer to under-dress rather than overdress in external exam settings- the cold just makes me more aware and alert; when it's warm I just get plain drowsy and can't conenctrate on anything. On the subject of lucky charms.....My mom has this alarm clock she's had since my brother was born, about 10 years now, a small Casio and I brought that into my IGCSE exams with me to help me keep track of time.That and the plastic baggie that acted as my pencil case throughout that month. But they're not really lucky charms as I see it, but rather symbols that motivate me.
  10. JourneyTo

    IB Girls and Guys

    I don't do any of these things myself but i don't condemn it in others. I mean, there's probably one case in which i did get pissed off at an under-age drinker and that was only because of the way he went about it. People's lives are their own and if i expect you to keep your nose out of me and my opinions, i better , at the leats, offer my own courtesies to others. I think the only case in which I would interfere with someone else's choice is suicide- I lost a friend to it and i'm a bit skewed there. I know it's slightly hypocritical, but that is the only case.
  11. JourneyTo

    How many TOK papers are you going to/did you write?

    We're planning to do 2 or 3 (not including our actual TOK essay), including one done over summer break. Our teacher does remind us though that his door is always open concerning our own personal practice essays.
  12. JourneyTo

    IB test!?!

    Do tons of review problems and make notes of the basic overall topics. And practice papers.those are essential. Also, for every topic, look at all the different kinds of problems they can give you.For example, in differentiation, they can give you a problem with a function and a graph and have you figure out the maximum and then they can give you a ball thrown in the air and an equation and you have to figure out the maximum height .Tthey're essentially the same thing- listing all the ways both mentally and in your notes can help you on the day of the exam concerning panic and freak-outs, also buying you more time.
  13. JourneyTo

    Why isn't there a Biology Study Guide 2009?

    Is that the one by the IB graduate?
  14. I'm doing Chemistry SL, but I'm coursing it at HL and this is going to sound completely strange, but I find the course companion acceptable for the SL work, but sub-standard when it comes to the HL stuff- whenever i'm studying for my HL tests, it always isn't enough, but with my SL stuff, i find it more than sufficient. The study guide (not the OSC one) published by oxford is OK, clear, but the same problem with the course companion's still there.
  15. JourneyTo


    I would like to point out that the king of Saudi Arabia,Abdullah, just appointed their first female minister. They are attempting to reform and not just in the area of women's rights: take the religous conference King Abdullah held at the UN in November and the Madrid conference which served as it's springboard. The thing is change can't be introduced too quickly- history shows us it never works out exactly as we plan.

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